New Music: G-Unit “Who Do You Love”

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Snitching On Me?

Taking advantage of one the year’s hottest hottest records, 50, Banks, Kidd Kidd, Yayo and Buck show love by jumping on YG’s single for their latest freebie. Evidently, 50 has no love of SBOE nor Sha Money XL. New G-Unit mixtape and album coming later this year.

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  • Bettis

    The unit is back and here to stay!

    • bcro31

      They all killed this record.50 verse alone is straight fire.

  • Mylo

    I like that (puffy voice)


    They all fow so well over mustard beats…they should do a couple tracks with him

  • Free Slowbuck’s Chain!

    Niggas snitchin on me?
    Got a whole clique of em screamin’ SBOE
    Got damnit I dont see
    How a nigga fixed his mouth to say he’da made me

    • bcro31

      Nigga, his verse is incredible.

    • Free Slowbuck’s Chain!

      If they say they used to hold me down
      Then they know how I get down
      Bitch I keep that gun around me

      • splifffffffffff

        Love fif.. Cept someone did run up on and got em nine times.. Banks kills this shit

        • SHAQ FU

          fair enough but that was before be blew up and got money. since he got on in the game the only nigga to try anything was henchman and even he couldn’t touch fif.

  • Free Slowbuck’s Chain!


  • MastaGod

    i like that fif is responding on wax


    Anyone else see that Slowbucks mark snitched again this week? He posted a video of Chris Brown throwing up gang signs thinking it would make him look cool and affiliated… until TMZ picked it up and Brown got a whole lot of bad publicity. Everyone called Slow a snitch before he deleted it from his page.

    Artists need to watch themselves around that first 48 motherfucker.

    • Get Moneynigga

      Real shit…That boy slow for real…I’m glad 50 clowning his sucker ass…next it’s go be Yayo clowning him


        Sad thing is Nipsey Hussle is supposed to be some real LA crip but he’s co-signing the SNITCH BOYS…they must have paid him to rep. He can get it too though if he tries to get involved, same goes for Juelz.

        • Mylo

          Nipsey a crip but he ain’t active he on some black power shit… He even cool wit niggas who snitched from his hood if it didn’t affect him… But that’s this 2014 shit and these millennium thugs…

        • Get Moneynigga

          Oh yeah…I follow Juelz on IG and right after that shit jumped off at the Summer Jam he posted some shit like “that was some real fuck shit that they did” and within minutes he took it down…He don’t want it with 50…Banks cool with Juelz but 50 like his brotha and his 1st cuz with Juelz…Banks in the middle of all this shit becuz he was cool with SBOE

        • Yamzz

          Yea but I’m sure he cool wit slow on some business shit they from two different coasts

  • Get Moneynigga

    G Unit killin shit right now…they back on they Terminate On Site Beg For Mercy Body Snatchers track killin shit

  • DopeNative

    Mustard x GUNIT need to work more. This is FIRE!!! OMG

  • DiabolicalDessy

    buck is the mannn right now

  • Officer Slowcheese

    Slowbucks is a big weenie. Type of nigga who makes an instagram account for his fucking dog (true story). Type of grown man to use more emojis than a 16 year old girl.

  • Nas

    Niggas snitchin on fiddy


      same nigga snitched on chris breezy too. trying to get that boy sent back to the pen.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    GGGGGGGGGGGGGGUNIT back better then ever killing shit as promise kill slow bucks cause we hate snitchin ass niggas.

  • henrique

    dammmmmm this is fire.. SBOE are already over after that lol

  • @SkiYewNiverCity

    Damn RR dumb late this shit dropped after midnight lol but its still fire tho, told muhfuckas G-Unit reckin these wack nigga beats and making them worth something lol

  • Eastside BP

    50 always sounds good on Bay beats.

  • Erick

    Banks been suprisingly weak on all these freestyles Buck been killing everything

    • WeHeah

      Buck the hungriest

  • tha OG

    This shit go hard!!

  • Music Lover

    How many of you niggas actually own Slowbucks shirts are use to be fans of Slowbucks movement…. Can’t call a nigga a snitch on the internet are in a song if you use to support the brand. If he a snitch then you internet niggas a snitch too, cause you supported a snitch. Keep it real with yourself. Niggas switching up now? bandwagon ass dudes.


      I for one never owned 1 piece of ‘Slowbucks’ clothing in my life. I was never a fan of his movement. Snail logo is trash and he only got on by being a groupie ass nigga and begging rappers for photos in his cheap rags.

      I heard the name before but didn’t really know who they was was until he got robbed and ran to the law. So to answer your question NO I am not a snitch like Winslow and don’t know one person who ever supported that brand.

    • Music Lover

      Lets all be loyal to some snitches, we wouldn’t wanna be called out for switching up now. Better to just ride with the snitches!

    • NYC Shawty

      only people i know who ever worse that fugazi ass shit was getting it for free

  • walkerboy86

    This track now belongs to G-Unit

    • Mr. Real Talk

      Nigga stfu!!! Don’t nobody even know this shit dropped hahaha

  • snitching aint easy

    Let me get this straight….they took his kilo chain, his Daytona, the bands in his pocket, kicked him down the stairs in front of his girl & nobody died????? F#%^ing rappers! GTFOH – Shyne

  • The Incredible Creation
  • Mr. Real Talk

    Yo it’s so fucking funny seeing niggas create different accounts just so they can dick ride 50, but when the album drops, the nigga don’t sale shit!!!! Hahaha I’m calling bullshit.. Smh


      damn nigga its 33 comments on here and he sold 81 000, fuck kinda numbers was you expecting?

      • Mr. Real Talk

        At least 100k the first week!!! Nigga been out for a whole month is only at 81k??? Hahahaha

    • O.G

      What kind of mental problems do you have? You should seek help

    • walkerboy86

      Yo it’s so fucking funny seeing this guy on every site being VERY negative about anything related to 50 Cent lol, looks like your hurt. MiC


      on a scale of 1-10 how butthurt do you guy think Mr Real Talk is?… I’m going with 9 but it could go up later.

    • Mylo

      Nigga mad 50 getting support… I thought he was going to sell at least 100 k on a mixtape? U really mad Ross ain’t worth 9 figures huh? How he on a major and can’t even go gold…. If he was Indy he wouldn’t sell 30 k the first week… Robin thicke just sold 25k he flopped too?

      • Mr. Real Talk

        Yes, Robin Thicke flopped too!!!! How many times do I gotta tell you idiots this shit? Just cause other ppl flop, it still doesn’t take away from 50’s!!!! 47k is a fucking flop no matter how u put it and wtf you mean Rick Ross can’t go gold? Every album he dropped is gold!!! You clearly don’t know wtf you’re taking bout. And please stop calling AA a mixtape. If you only knew how stupid you sound saying that, you’re stop!!!!! First of all, a damn mixtape don’t get promoted on Good morning America, 106 & park & summer jam. Second of all, if it really was a mixtape, what piece of shit artist would do that to his fans? You haven’t dropped a cd in 5 years and when u do, it’s a fucking mixtape??? And y’all dumb asses is proud of that shit? Hahahaha smh

        • NYC Shawty

          Deeper than Rap is not gold, Mastermind is not gold and wont ever be. Thats 4/6 gold albums since 06 when all his peers were still going platinum. Great way to spend your friday night tho cuh.

  • This is the first 50 verse I have fxcked with for like 5 years

    • Dwight Stewart

      you been sleeping man he’s had some fire

    • Lord_Cezar


  • Zen Abdul-Rafi

    50 went in, enough said…

  • smoss44

    most overrated rap group in the history of rap groups honestly. 50s a legend but everyone else is shitty n overrated! kid kid? yayo? banks!? really? this what you like? FOH fake ass reunion 50 do everything for money he dont even like these dudes except kid kid, dont know why. you niggas is lame

    • mac DIESEL’s son

      “FOH fake ass reunion 50 do everything for money he dont even like these dudes except kid kid, dont know why. you niggas is lame”

      Bitch how the fuck do you know who he likes? These guys are like his brothers. Last time I checked he’s worth 9 figures… so he doesn’t have to do anything for money if he doesn’t want to… And how is remixing other peoples songs gonna make him anyn real paper when he has to split it up with the rest of Unit?

      • GetReal

        you really is mac diesel son cuz you a dick sucking faggot who just talks shit like him FOH pussy

        • smoss44

          ^^ like he said. you have no validation immediately seeing your cunt having name. Fuck you! and I really mean that you obvious dick sucking faggot you love attention

    • bcro31

      Stfu. 2003-2005 five Niggas from one crew went diamond twice, double plat, plat, gold. Never again in hip hop will you ever see that. These butthurt dipset fans have to get over it. That crew is dead.

      • Buc Nasty

        Yo don’t do Dipset like that. But it’s true the G-Unit run will never be repeated.

        • bcro31

          No disrespect, but Niggas have to stop rewriting history. Dipset had 3 Niggas that only dropped solo albums. Jim Jones has more solo albums then julez, something is wrong with that picture.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    This is refreshing to hear. FIF & G-UNIT keep making hot music.

  • Jake Zero

    So is that it now? We have to put up with Kidd Kidd forever?
    Dude is wack!

  • Snitching on Me? SCREAMIN SBOE

    Rappers still supporting the Snitchbucks movement and co-signing talking to the police, incriminating niggas to get them locked up, holding press conferences, dry snitching in interviews with Breakfast Club and telling TMZ that niggas took your chain but they can keep it…


  • realish

    I cant wait till 50 gets the balls again to diss ross n go toe to toe track for track so rosss can crush that nigga finally. ross was a beeaast when the 50 beef went down mmg vs guint letss goo

    • Anthony Kelley

      You can’t be serious with his wack ass. 50 put out two diss tracks during that time and Banks marked his fat ass for death and delusional ass fans still held on to his fat ass. That’s why he here, 50 started doing curly skits on that fool, Ross tracks were the wackiest disses ever. He called every New York station to make sure they would still held him down. Lucky Em didn’t decide to flatline his ass when he started to try to Bait him. It’s time for you lames to wake up. F Ross real talk

    • Occifer Ricky

      Ross would have been laughed out the game if that happened in the 90s but you kids are too soft now and don’t care about authenticity… thats why frauds and homos is running rap.

      • realish

        are you stupid listen to how u sound lika 3rd grader ross would have been laughed out the game? for being a co at 19?? having a regular job to feed your family??? shut the fuck up lol. if this was the 90s 50 cent woulda been laughed out the game!!! 50 cent snitched on preme that’s facts. certified snitch. everybody that disses 50 cent always says hes a snitch. why?

        • Free Gunplay’s Chain!

          bro he didnt even have a family to feed he was just a busta who got bullied in high school so he took a job making 10 an hour to boss niggas around and search their bootys for the drugs he raps about sellin

    • Free Gunplay’s Chain!

      Ross can’t crush shit! his team is full of pussies who won’t ride for him apart from Gunplay and we all saw how that worked out… hell half his team used to shit Ross and big up 50 until Ross cut the check.. (Rockie, Meek, Wale)

  • hostage

    On repeat and heading to tha whip … im gone !

  • Chronic

    Why couldn’t it just be 50, banks and buck on these remixes

    • Free Slowbuck’s Chain!


  • LookingAssNigga

    Man, when fifty get on them current beats he kills it way better than the original.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    50’s the King of Hip-Hop. Period. If u dont agree u can suck a dick