New Music: Troy Ave “Good Time”

good time


While we celebrate America’s born day, Troy Ave leaves his cares behind with a remake of Taana Gardner’s classic. The song will appear on his next LP Major Without A Deal. BSB Vol. 5 coming after.

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  • O.G


  • lon fgt


  • tha OG

    This shit is Dope!



      • Uncle Tom

        I listened to half your song then next thing I know I have a slight crack on my screen. I thought that was kind of weird but I paid it no mind, I continued listening to the rest of the song and I realized I was banging my head with my fucking phone as I was listening to your garbage. So thanks a lot faggot my phone is half way broken.

        • Theodore Pendergrass


        • radio raheem


        • Savimbi


      • Int’l J

        I’m gonna be completely honest. You should thank Uncle Tom to for hating. His comment was so damn funny thati had to check out your video and after further review. . . . It was dope! Plain and simple, it did leave me wanting more but at the same time some dope songs aren’t supposed to be long i.e. The Rockwilder by Red and Meth. Keep it up and let me know when the next visuals are released!

        • Uncle Tom

          Pay this 2 chin, 0 neck having ass nigga no mind. He’s a migos fan, garbage supports garbage. The fat on your face looks heavy and has left you looking forever sad. I almost feel bad for you nigga…cheer up, heres a like from yours truly.

          • Int’l J

            Thanks for the like you cartoon network ass dude. I have no reason to be sad. Life is too good plus buying a house, just got a raise, paid off the car, my girl just got a new job, took the fam down to Florida, about 5 months away from starting a business and got a chance at getting a higher paying job (fingers crossed). 2003 I was homeless and was unsure about myself so if pain and struggle is reflected thru my face then so be it. I’m saying all this not to brag but to say it ain’t all good but it ain’t all bad neither, but thru it alli got a lot to be thankful for. Do that’s why I don’t understand a boy like you hating on olé boy video and he out here doing something, he got a story to tell and you on the sidelines paying on everybody else downfall because you fraudulent. Be a man don’t hide behind a a cartoon of what people really think about you, show the world yourbitchassness. Be proud of what you are but at the same time uplift your people in other words grow up dude. By the way, I’ve survived South Carolina, Fayetteville NC, Atlanta Georgia, Bagram Afghanistan, and SE Washington DC. Which means in your native language of dumbass, I’ve been to far too let some keyboard assassin take me out….. CHUMP!

            Right on to the real, death to the fake!

          • Uncle Tom

            If you wanted to write essays you should have stayed in school lol no ones gonna read that long ass shit, fuck outta here!

          • Int’l J

            Lol, as long as others read it like a few have and they all hit me on the cool on some positive shit and showed love. Plus one anonymous individual I linked up and showed him how to get money even tho he dropped out of school, so if he follows my advice he’ll be making 70g’s plus benefits by time he’s 23. These are the things that I didn’t know at that age. It’s about spreading the love. Not responding a third time to some LAB ass nigga ( Local Ass Bitch) this is deeper than hate it’s uplifting my people. Peace Dude!

            By the way I don’t listen to the Migos, but that’s me. They got a big enough fan base that they need me nor you. Get up off them young dudes nuts you olé pedophile ass stan! Yeah I saw how many times you talked about them cats on your disqus page, smh!

          • GetReal

            LMAO i love how that other nigga comment made you shut the fuck up and reevaluate your pathetic ass life

          • Uncle Tom

            You sounds like his gay lover getting butt hurt from my comment for him. Take your fruity self somewhere else gay nigga

  • el jim chapo guzman

    this nigga wanna be fif so hard. he needs to sign with g-unit .

    • Dwight Stewart

      fif dont want to sign mini fif… especially since he cool with officer ricky and said 50 was wack for calling yayo and banks his hypemen.

  • smh

    troy ave remind me of a game cube idk why

    • REALLY23


  • The Incredible Creation

    ok, Curtis Jackson Jr. — i’m fuckin wit this…

  • areal1

    This dope BUT I think troy need 2 come with an original song 4 once seems like everything is a remake or update of another song no hate tho just constructive criticism cuz nowadays if voice ya unbiased opinion u a hater so I just wanna make that clear

  • Troy Average is the first rapper who will HAVE to get shot to have people fuck with him…. preferably in the hand he holds the Mic with

    • Cmon Son

      Lmaooo yo god I don’t want nobody shot but lmaooo

  • rapper2freedom


  • Cashless

    Look out Troy Ave… Them Shmurdas are comming and are about to kill your hype! #RealQuick #GunitBack #Shmoney #NewNYsound #NoWannabe50

  • Int’l J

    This Troy Ave shit wasn’t wack but it wasn’t the dopest either, I’m on the fence.

  • Amsterdam2014


  • Guest

    aaaaaaarrg ! damn son .. I’m off to tha ride !!! zoom zoom

  • Bootney Lee Farnsworth

    Hip-Hop’s future seems bleek.

  • Nickey38

    This is ok. No replay value at all. This the last time I’ll ever hear this again.

  • Afro Mendi

    Not bad.

  • yah yah yah trick

    troy ave has 15000 followers on his soundcloud

    bodega bamz has 35000 followers on his soundcloud

    pro era has 1.5 million followers on their sound cloud

    Now, while pro eras numbers are surprising, its clear that regardless of how much you all like to spoon feed us certain people, clearly the people have and continue to make up their own mind as to what is hot

    oh and fuck you ugly ass YN.

  • PhilLee8

    Months later, still don’t see what the hype is.

  • Uncle Tom

    These niggas on here spilling their life stories out to me smfh fuck your lives niggggaaa!

  • Shells

    Love this song