Bobby Shmurda Joins Meek Mill At KOD

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 11.05.36 AM

Hot Niggas.


Meek celebrated Independence Day yesterday at Miami’s King Of Diamonds. But instead of making it rain, he brought out Internet sensation Bobby Shmurda, for a performance of his breakout freestyle, “Hot Nigga“. Thanks to reposts on Vine and Instagram, his video is nearly at one million views. Shmoney dance to that.

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  • thislike

    Lol this that Jackpot Lloyd Banks beat, I like banks version much more idk whats the fuss with this dude Bobby Shmurda

    • Marcus Cook

      his energy prolly

  • Dwight Stewart

    they never should have gave black folk the internet.

    • L Train

      U can say that again!

  • b r z a


  • Cbiz

    mannnnn! this is huge for my hood! The 90z! proud of the young boy! #gs9

    • el jim chapo guzman

      What hood nigga?

  • banks

    Oh so 1 million paid youtube views and a cosign from a z list rapper and you get a look on rapradar smdh! hiphop sucks!

    • Worllg

      Not paid views, the vine of this has gone viral for over week now. The views has steady been going up due to that. This is all over the place due to social media.

      • banks

        ok so u know u can check the facts by putting the url in the youtube fake view tester online and look stupid yourself.Ofcourse worldstar helped but right before that they were 500k views on youtube foreal? I tell u what tho u can fake sales so lets wait for that cuz even chief keef does terrible in that department.

  • Epul

    The Ny Chief Keef..

    • Facts. All hype. No bars.

      • LuckyP

        true story, shits sad. niggas complain about the state of the game, when in all actuality they don’t want people that have potential longevity with this rap shit. they get hyped out over guys with records as such

  • tha OG

    Bobby is up next for NY

    • smoss44

      if so ny lost…

  • @SkiYewNiverCity

    They shouldve never gave niggas the internet smh

    • radio raheem

      we have less control than you think… smh

  • @SkiYewNiverCity

    This is why hip hop needs sub genres lol so shit like this can not be associated with the real shit smh

    • radio raheem


    • Vurbz Fenomeno

      facts…but the shit still gets me hype

    • Selorm Amuzu

      Sub-genres don’t do shit but make ppl feel better about the music their listening to, you are all still gonna make comparisons regardless

      • @SkiYewNiverCity

        Still needed tho sub genres would do us a big favor by seperating styles of rap. Like you dont hear hard rock and death metal on the same stations and hip hop needs to start implementing that.

        • Selorm Amuzu

          not really cos how would we separate hip-hop ? real hip-hop, fake hip-hop , conscious hip-hop, swag hip-hop, boom-gap hip hop and trap hip-hop ? At least with rock sub-genres, they have their own identity to even the dress-code, hip-hop is too interwined and blurred to even separate themselves

          • @SkiYewNiverCity

            You just answered your own question. You know what gangsta rap is, you know what crunk was, you know consious rap, you know what boom bap is. Itll be dumb easy to seperate the styles. They been doing it for years, its just hip hop as a whole is forced to be considered one type of music forced all on 1 radio station on tv channel. We hear mainstream hip hop all the time, and the way its sounds changed all the time because its not sub-genre specific. If subs cobtrolled the radio play guys who arent stars probably would at atleast get their due. And dont tell me gangsta rap, hipster rap and swag rap dont have clothing that represents them. Subs will save hip hop cause eventually it has to get away from catering to the younger audience all the time because ppl who grew up with hip hop are getting older too.

          • Selorm Amuzu

            Not really when a majority of rappers fall in more than 1 sub-genre, Kanye falls in more than one category, Ice Cube has been placed in more than 1 category, Jay has been placed in more than one category and yes I will tell you how some hip-hop clothing don’t exactly represent them cos Rakim was on a conscious tip with gold rings and chains and Slick-Rick was famous for his clothing style as much as his rapping style is each sub-genre of hip hop was not created by rappers but by fans to identity and make themselves feel important, it won’t save hip-hop in any form because it pigeonholes an artist and forces them to do a certain kind of hip-hop because the fans wouldn’t want them to deviate and in effect hinder them to get airplay cos ppl wouldn’t even demand those kind of artists on the radio. Also there are younger audiences who likes more than one sub-genre as much as the older audience aswell. There are too many vague variables to consider

          • @SkiYewNiverCity

            And you making something thats so simple complicted. You kno what typ of rap is what. It dont have to be the artist in particular. Michael Jackson was placed in different genres but you never hear all of his songs on 1 station. Its spread out becaues of the genres they rep. Thats what im saying. Kanyes maintream work gets played regardless but if hip hops sub genres were prominent we would probably end up getting a deep album cut might become a single just because the sub-genre allowed it. Play songs that match the criteria dont choose artist based on critea thats how sub genres has and always worked, and then u have artist that stick to strickly the sub they are in

  • GreenBergs

    pause…at the caption

  • titus tucker

    NY loves to say “They don’t support NY music..”

    Ny music blows up “THATS NOT NY MUSIC”

    • Cmon Son

      don’t make it an NY thing. Whenever music that doesn’t fully represent, even if it partially represents an area, people from that area are gonna be upset because everyone wants their region “properly represented”.

      Plus it’s dumb as fuck to support niggas simply because you share an area code. I’m proud of my home, doesn’t make me proud of everything coming out of my home.

  • radio raheem

    banks beat tho… nobody knows tho…. zzzzzzz lloyd banks – jackpot 012 shit… everybody all about hype son.. they sleep on real

    • Free Slowbuck’s Chain!

      i noticed that im like wtf is the big deal banks killed this shit years ago…

  • EBro

    These guys are good guinea pigs to see if the Industry is letting NyC cats on or its a conspiracy.If these guys get a deal and get a big pushy then the floodgates will open for a Newyork resurgence.But if this is some chicken noodle soup with a soda on the side type shit NYC is doomed.Because obviously we havent had a big,nas or new jay-z surface no where in site the mofo is like bigfoot out there somewhere just waiting in the wings or in jail.

  • NativeKing

    I’m from the south, but i’m still confused on why NY people don’t get behind their new artists man….just peep the hate…dudes like this and Asap Mob could be top of the game, but it seems like NY niggas are still waiting on perfection, another Jay or Nas, WHICH WILL NEVER COME…that shit’s over….but damn, support the ones out buzzing and maybe the south & west coast & drake wouldn’t be the ones killing….

    • insight3000bc

      lol smh NY has a few jay and nas’, your hoping its over for no reason, go get some pussy and stop sucking ny dick, drake isn’t killing any mics stay off the crack, no one in the south or west has bars like that so cut the bs

      • NativeKing

        no ones sucking ny dick dude, NO ONE IS COMING OUT OF NY LMAO….Your current biggest accomplishments are French Montana & Asap Rocky, WHO SOUND JUST LIKE SOUTHERN ARTISTS….

        No new NY niggas can sell an album….Shit, J. Cole from my homestate, came up there, shitted on the competition and is outselling each and every NY artist not named Jay-Z….

        and how can someone from NY make a “stay off the crack” joke lol…really?

        • insight3000bc

          man get some ambition about yourself, its really not that serious, go get some pussy, for real, your talking about radio rappers like french and asap cuz you don’t know better, j cole flopped on his first album so what competition did he shit on? your acting like he’s a platinum artist foh YOU DON’T HAVE TO LIE TO KICK IT, nicki minaj outsold j cole by a landslide so what are you saying, when did sales have anything to do with skills? j cole went gold, are you really hyped about a gold album? really

          your a dumbed down goof and a liar, i don’t blame you, record sales does not mean your nice, radio play does not mean you run rap, who did trinidad james punk? maino sonned that lil boy or did you already forget? stupid people like you need to focus on your own life, enhance your shit, stop thinking about ny not a damn person up here is thinking of north carolina, thats a fact

          • NativeKing

            You keep saying “go get some pussy” & ambition shit, BUT YOU’RE ON THE INTERNET TOO, REPLYING UNDER ME DOG….LOL TRYNA DOWN PLAY ME WHEN YOU’RE DOING THE EXACT SAME THING DOG…Except it’s worse, cause you engaged this whole convo….

            and nicki minaj is also essentially a southern artist lol…and If Cole’s debut gold album is a flop, what the hell is 95% of rap albums released?….It’s music, completely opinionated, so there’s no rubric to what’s good or not good, but numbers don’t lie…

          • insight3000bc

            your real slow, nicki minaj is also essentially a southern artist? fucking goof, your real dumbed down, sorry i even bothered to make a comment, carry on

      • Non Fiction Dixon

        All the lyrical rappers as of now are from the West coast right now!

    • We all one.

      Yo man, I’m from New York. Lots of valid points, I’m also from the hood young boy from as well. It’s a shame how ignorant people can get over a dispute it’s saddening. But enough digressing back to what you said, we need to support our artists indeed. Seem like we pride ourselves off of the crabs in the bucket mentality far too much it’s getting corny now. If you don’t like it don’t support it. If not help push it to the forefront whereas it can open more doors for the people who can potentially be ” Nas ” or ” Jay-Z ” .

      I just got some pussy too , FYI .

  • Mike Markidis

    Bobby shmurda is dudley from different strokes

  • Vurbz Fenomeno

    I can’t even front…the track gets me hype tho

  • Selorm Amuzu

    I swear a few years ago, there was a New New York movement with A$AP, FBZ , Pro-Era, Underachievers etc,etc…. I guess if your typical NY rapper don’t have G_Unit profile, niggas ain’t gonna support it *shrugs*

  • folks don’t buy albums and if they do its not rap the internet can make you famous with the right marketing plot this dude just got hot off a GIF and yeahhe got energy he 20 so all he has to do now is taken advantage of the situation..hey hip hop will never be the same.