New Music: Omarion x Shad Moss “Need That Love”

need that love

Got What’chu Need.

Over a MJ and LL sample, Maybach O reunites with the artist formerly known as Bow Wow, for their latest collaboration. You ready ladies?


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  • Michael Ibbett

    Trying to Sound like the weeknd? Thisdoesnt work over this beat, it sounds way off

    • BBIP5

      What exactly are you referring to when you say “trying to sound like The Weeknd”? Is it because Omarion uses a mellow cadence/tone? If so, he’s done this in previous songs before The Weeknd even came about. But regardless, I’m not hearing the relation on this southern (Atlanta) snap sounding track. Lol anyhow, it’s a decent song, & the vibe is smooth but I could have done without Bow’s verse.

      • Michael Ibbett

        Idk im not an omarion fan but he is sounding just like weeknd to me, his sonic “mannerisms” ” so to speak, his voice, approach, everything….idk how lady I my life or hey lover sound anything like an Atlanta snap track either though

        • BBIP5

          Excuse my lateness lol but the “Hey Lover” & “Lady In My Life” songs are only samples within an entirely new sounding track. The background vocals and the beat where snaps are heard, that is the “snap” sound that’s popular in Atlanta.

  • DonGPB

    Fuck whoever made these Social site, now everyone got their this that and the third,

  • ahiphopheadsince92

    Shad moss sound like a 6’4″ nigga. No way im callin bow wows 5’2″ ass shad moss foh.

  • The Rock says

    Take this down nd repost it as omarion nd bow wow, we dont know that nigga shad moss

    • BBIP5

      That joke is tired. We all know we’re going to continue to call him Bow Wow lol

  • L.O.


  • this is not bad.


    nice artwork. notice how shad’s tee makes nike check

  • Jeremy Conley

    Swang and a Swang and a Swang to the left…. oh wait.

  • The Incredible Creation

    shit cool.. “Bow Wow” was unneeded lol -_-