French Montana Previews Kanye Track


French Tease.

While on the BET Awards red carpet, French told MTV that he collaborated with Kanye West on “like five tracks” for their respective albums. In  thestudio last night, French played 15 second of one of the songs, which sounds like an Auto-Tune leftover from 808s & Heatbreak. Stay tuned.

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  • Peekay

    sounds awful, will suit French well

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller


      • @djicecold

        YOU KNOW IT! lol #PayolaDotCom

  • facts

    kanye next album gunna be trash like yeezus

    • Fresh360

      Gave yall prophecy on my 1st joint, and yall all lamed out…Aint understand it until the 2nd one came out…
      Yeezus is and will always be a GREAT album, just cause it didnt have sing along hooks or ABC wordplay don’t me it was garbage…

      • ilexx

        Shit was garbage bro.

        So it didn’t have ABC lyrics but did it have any thought provoking lyrics? Any quotables? Anything that made u want to rewind that and try to figure out the metaphor or double entendres? Shit doesn’t provoke anything….

        Then to top it off, who wants to hear Kanye screaming on tracks? I don’t know rap albums where niggaz is screaming in auto tune. Call the album anything u want to call it but don’t call it a good hip hop album. It certainly isn’t great and most of Kanye’s catolog is arguably great, so dats a disappointment.

        • Donn

          The sold out concerts, critical acclaim, plaques and views >>>>>> YOUR blog commenting opinion

          The people decide what they like and the majority have spoken

          • Dope

            Same can be said for Justin Bieber, Britney Spears etc.. doesn’t make their music good. Kanye fell off lately, and that’s noticeable.

          • GetReal

            they never got critical acclaim so try again

          • Mylo

            From who? Yeezus was not good period! The majority agree…. Only wack album…. Every artist good for one… Jay z, em, snoop,

          • Lester Nygaard

            Justin Bieber and Brittney Spears have critically acclaimed albums??? You sound so fucking dumb trying to pull shit out your ass to back up baseless opinions. Clock out, nigga.

          • ilexx

            If the majority have spoken then, the low sales mean what then?

            Or how about every user/customer ratings you will find for the album giving it 3’s, 3 1/2 at best out of 5?

            The “critics” were the only ppl fucking with that album, the people decided it was the worst Kanye album in the catalog by sales (singles+albums) and by consumer ratings/reviews.

            Think the majority isn’t really fucking with it but I will let you guys who think that by him experimenting and blending all these other genres you listen to means he is doing something innovative or groundbreaking in Hip Hop. He was making Yeezus for you guys anyway, so that’s cool.

          • king hoover

            yeezus sucks

        • BK James

          Yeezus had many thought provoking lyrics that had me rewinding and re-listening to get the full picture…notably ‘New Slaves’ and ‘Blood on the Leaves’ in that case. Tons of quotables throughout the album, even if they weren’t the sharpest metaphors. Something like his verse on ‘Hold My Liquor’ doesn’t have any punchlines or witty wordplay but is an emotional and well crafted verse that tells a cohesive tale far better than his peers seem capable of.

          And you ask who wants to hear Kanye screaming on tracks? People with diverse musical tastes. Screaming in music is nothing new, with countless examples in rock, punk and metal. You can say that you haven’t heard it done in hip hop before (though it has been done for sure) but that’s what makes Yeezus such a great hip hop album: it’s innovative and groundbreaking, going places no mainstream hip hop album has gone before while still maintaing the slick production and sonic fullness we’ve come to expect from Ye

          • ilexx

            Fam I hear you and based on what you said I can tell we don’t have similar tastes in music, which is fine. The fact that you pointed towards “rock, punk and metal” when you gave examples of screaming in music is exactly what I’m not fucking with, it reminds me of those genres and that’s certainly not what I am looking for in the hip hop I listen to.

            I have been a supporter of some of Kanye’s musical experiementations in the past. I liked Blood on the leaves too, I don’t think anybody really hates that. Of course I liked the reggae/dancehall influences on the album, not just in features but sonically, that was nice. But outside of that, there was a lot of noise on the album and it just lacked the lyrical potency needed for me to overlook the elements I didn’t like.

            As far as New Slaves being thought provoking, not really. And when u say that it makes me question if you know Kanye’s music how could u say anything he said on that song is thought provoking? The message of the song is potent and that’s as far as I will go, the lyrics were koolaid light. Lyrically I felt a lot of the lyrics were just on the surface and honestly weren’t that witty.

            I listened to Yeezus twice and then forced my self to give it a third listen and then I decided it wasn’t my cup of tea.

          • The Incredible Creation

            nice perspective… lemme know what u think of this dude 4thQu

        • Theodore Pendergrass

          What’s up with that auto tune bullsh*t? And the album was garbage. Nice post Fam.

          • Mr. Real Talk

            I bet you didn’t even listen to the album stfu!!!! Smh

          • Theodore Pendergrass

            Don’t listen to trash or insecure n*gg*s like you, D*ckR*der!!!!!

          • Mr. Real Talk

            Exactly didn’t even listen to it, but it’s trash smh and I’m the dick rider here? Hahahaha u little boys are idiot!!!!

          • Theodore Pendergrass

            Did i hurt your feeling, I’ve heard the whole album, and it’s just awful. Hope he file u on his income tax, cause you been a good little boy. SMH!

          • GetReal

            bro thats your opinion, cool, we also don’t give a fuck about it, and before you say i must have cared, don’t, i have no problem telling someone we don’t give a fuck about what they think, takes next to no effort

          • Theodore Pendergrass

            It’s just an opinion bro, nothin more, nothin less. U fellas take this comment section to serious. If everybody agree on everything it would be a perfect world.SMH!

          • GetReal

            as i said before your opinion is cool, but you’re obviously tryna force your opinion on someone who doesn’t even care to hear it due to the fact they liked the album, and you not liking it won’t change a thing, nothing being taken serious, I’m just commenting

          • Theodore Pendergrass

            No, my brother, I’m pretty sure my comment won’t change anybody mind. But seem like u wanna win this debate so Here it is. You won. We can agree to disagree.

          • GetReal

            Well said! Thanks for nothin’.

          • Theodore Pendergrass

            Didn’t mean it to be salty, It’s all good, enjoyed the debate.

        • Worldwide Underground

          ^ That!

        • ShitYouNeedToKnow

          Yeezus wasn’t his best but definitely a solid project. Nothing thought provoking? Try new slaves alone and think about how we kind of are the “new slaves”
          see that’s that privately owned prison get yo peace today. Aka they locking up black people to get paid. Kanye is a genius

  • Kingly_Caracter

    Serious question…How does this nigga remain relevant??? By all means I have the utmost respect for this dudes hustle and grind. I can never knock him for that gift. But to sell a polished turd every time is a feat in itself. Amazing…

    • Mylo

      dont trips he’s going to assist with making that whole movement disappear.

      • Kingly_Caracter

        LOL! I don’t mean to hate on the nigga…try my best not to do that. But musically…he is NOT gifted.

        • ilexx


    • Mr. Real Talk

      Cause he makes club bangers!!! Club bangers ain’t about word play or lyrics. People like to zone out and just have a good time. Nobody gonna be worried bout no lyrics when you got a drink in ur hand and a fat ass rubbing on you lol

      • walkerboy86

        lol 50 cents biggest hater is also a french montana fan smh

        • Mylo

          Nah bro he just dick ride MMG affiliates.. Nigga ain’t been shot since coke wave… Sold 45k on interscope… You know they bought half lmao…. Bets hold on to Khole nigga…

          • Mr. Real Talk

            This the same idiot that think I have multiple accounts. Maaaan shut ur ugly black ass up. I’m glad you’re wearing white in your picture cause we damn sure can’t see your face smh ole seal looking ass nigga!!! Hahahaha

          • Mylo

            Nigga u mad…I brought the homo out huh? What men do you find attractive… Nihga you look like a light skinned Kid Kid… And we know you use multiple accounts you fag!

          • GetReal

            just cuz he cooked your ass don’t make him gay, niggas quick to say something gay, nigga is you gay?

          • Mylo

            Lol I knew you would come with another account lmao…. Yea he cooked me… Lmao

          • GetReal

            my nigga i don’t know who the fuck that other cat is or care i just seen a nigga get grilled and his only rebuttal was “nigga you mad…i brought the homo out”, like are you not clever enough for a comeback?

          • Mr. Real Talk

            Hahaha exactly!!! When niggas don’t have anything else to say they play the gay card. That shit is so 5th grade smh

          • Mr. Real Talk

            U bought the homo out of me? Hahahaha Nigga do you know how homo that statement is? Smh u gotta come harder than that bro bro hahahaha

          • Mylo

            Now u checking for men face you a true homo…. Guarenteed on your best day you couldn’t get more bitches than me, can’t out squabble me and can’t out spend me….

          • Mr. Real Talk

            Nigga I’m a grown man! Lil games like who can get more bitches are played the fuck out. Grow up little child.

          • Mylo

            Grown man who calls men ugly… And black come on son…

        • Mr. Real Talk

          Hahaha you still mad I be shitting on you g unit fans!!!! Don’t be mad, just come with some facts next time & then maybe I won’t have to keep schooling you. Oh btw, name one person that’s still talking bout em g unit remixes that you so passionately proclaimed to be the comeback of the unit? How’s Animal Ambition doing? Hahaha RIP G Unit!!!!

      • Kingly_Caracter

        Word. I can understand that. I agree there is a time and a place. But to me…even from a club banger point of view he still sounds like trash. The beats on the other hand…usually are fire. Believe it or not, I too enjoy/need a dose of ignorant music every now and then. But bad is bad.


        Some people don’t have a fat-ass rubbing on them. Like that guy Mac measel.

  • TruthBeTold

    Seems like Hip-Hop/Rap is going through the cycle again , in terms of quality id compare it to the 2000 – 2004/6 transformation. Few dope albums , but a lottt of BS.

    IMO its a 5 year cycle.

    If all goes well, we should see some diverse change next year .

    or maybe im high.

    • Kingly_Caracter

      Praying for that to come back ASAP!!! I agree tho…it is a definite cycle. Honestly…I thought Kendrick was going to start it up again.

    • grammar girl

      you must be high, sir!

  • ilexx

    Not sure how much I like what this is sounding like but truth be told I don’t check for French like that. Honestly the best commercial shit I ever heard from French was shotcaller. And every single thing he has done featuring other rappers, they outshine dude. Right now French needs to drop his own hot songs cause once there is another feature, ppl aren’t even gonna see it as his song.

    I see him doing his best Max B impersonation recently though, hopefully that gives him more appeal.

  • ME

    That moment when French walks in the Kardashian home, sees Kanye….and screams nigga we made it…lmfao

    • smoss44

      he ain’t black, sorry to rain

      • ME


  • Donn

    WHY IS THIS HAPPENING!!!!!!!! Noooooooooooooooo . Is there no real nigga in that room to say hey guys, maybe this is cliche and might not be good music after we wake up somber tomorrow…

  • Evelyn

    the perks of dating a kardashian who’s sister is married to Mr. West.

  • Chain$

    Why did you use a picture of him wiith the ugly Kardashian??

    • lovehiphopdebate

      so khloe comes to you and say I wanna fuvk you turn her down if your a guy who has banged a lot of chicks you have smashed way worst chicks then khloe yall niggaz keep letting cthagod influence yall if you want remember he likes getting his ass ate by women. you crazy if you think khloe ugly

  • yamzz

    Ppl think the culture is moving forward because we aint talking about guns n shit no more but half this shit out is even more ignorant than that old shit we use to bump





  • leftover and throwaways is what ye gives these dudes if you not in the upper echelon of rap..that sounds like a throwaway

  • Damien Rome

    When I smell hate in a post, I know who posted it… the always fair and objective B.Dot (that was sarcasm).

  • Lester Nygaard

    Kanye giving him shitty songs on purpose for thinking he slick — fucking “Big Foot” Khloe for discounted Kanye beats.

  • The Incredible Creation
  • SSJ4 Vegito #ZSquad

    Sounds Like some fake Lil Durk

  • Kanye’s slowly writing himself off the books. Good for him.