New Music: Cozz “Knock The Hustle”


Piece Of My Mind.

After signing to Dreamville Records last month, Los Angeles rookie Cozz, showcases his diligence on this jazzy number producer by Que. Cozz And Effect coming soon.

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  • The Boy

    Dreamville > TDE

    • The Rock says

      U crazy, TDE got the best roster in the game, top to bottom

      • summertimer

        eh idk…ab souls album was decent and i stopped playin q’s like a week after it came out. jay rock hasnt done shit either. and kendrick has one album out…so relax before u start d ridin

        • The Rock says

          D Riding!?!?, r u stupid nigga, how a roster of J Cole (two average albums), Bas (no albums, average rapper), and this new nigga better than TDE, nd u left out Isaiah Rashad nd his project was tough, quiet down bitch boy, you don’t know what you’re talking about

          • watchuknow

            u dont know shit bitch ass nigga TDE is average right now
            and fuck u talkin about, bas got one album out plus a mixtaoe and average albums from jcole? now u just being stubborn or you were born stupid

          • The Rock says

            Know your role and shut your mouth, you’re obviously a Cole stan so there’s no point in arguing

          • Lmao

            ^^Lmao both you niggas sound v mad & hilarious. Called him a whole bitch ass nigga for having an opinion lmaooo

    • Cmon Son

      Said nobody ever

  • Bruh bruh

    its cool….time will tell if they become prolific or hit makers

  • Donn

    This kid got next. Finally. I thought Chance was gonna be the only one to make an impact. Kid is dope

  • el jim chapo guzman

    He hot but honestly I could hear drake in his flow.

  • JamesTheNiggaHatinDolphin

    This kid goes

  • summertimer

    nice track.