New Music: Future x Nicki Minaj “Rock Star”



A few months ago, Future revealed that this song wouldn’t appear on Honest because George Michael wouldn’t clear the “Careless Whisper” sample. But thanks to xxl, we have the final product produced by DJ Clue. Dance again to this.

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  • JiGgA>>>>>>

    Good idea they did not clear the sample

    • Real g

      Agreed I’m tired of Future…. He’s never been good in my eyes at all and albums r terrible… Can’t wait until future time is over in the near future

  • Booooo

  • walkerboy86

    lol i can image George Michael when he heard this. “WHAT IS THIS, IS THIS A JOKE, WHO IS THIS PERSON, NO FUCKING WAY”

  • smoss44

    Liked it! track “would’ve” been crazy

  • b r z a

    backlash from mainstream media for “Special Olympic” verse in 5 4 3 2 . . .

  • b r z a

    and this is terrible btw s/o to George Michael for not clearing the sample

  • Chronic

    I’m sorry, nicki is fuckin garbage

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Nicki represent as always beat fire, future is terrible. His run is over time for someone else to eat.

  • Esquire

    I guess Loso turned this down for the long awaited Loso’s Way 2