Trey Songz ‘Trigga’ Tops The Charts

trigga 1

Top Shooter.

History sure repeats itself for Trigga. Just a week after its debut, Trey’s sixth album, Trigga, has clocked topped the Billboard 200, earning him his second #1 debut. As far as numbers go, it moved 105,000. Congrats!


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  • Mylo

    105 on a major….

    • cain45

      that’s good in this era

      • Mylo

        True…. Robin thicke 25k

  • el jim chapo guzman

    I guess that good these days.

  • youngtune410

    Pretty good for someone who has stayed RnB and never went the pop route

  • bcl187

    Who cares the dude still sucks.

    • Sam Robilotta

      ppft dumb ass fukin comment, top of the charts but sucks, ok

  • Sam Robilotta

    This CD is so fukin good

  • Extra Domus

    amazing that selling 100k 1st week gets you top spot now. Not that I care but noticing the change…