New Music: Scarface x Akon “The Exit Plan”

the exit plan

Please Enter.

Scarface isn’t bowing out that easy. It’s a good thing too. Along with Akon, Facemob drops more street knowledge on his new cut produced by Cardiak. His Deeply Rooted coming soon.

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  • Mylo

    Another great rapper who won’t sell… But is he any less than a legend? Hell no

    • bcro31

      Agree. Scarface is hella underrated. Still play the fix to this day.

      • REALLY23

        ‘In Between Us’ is still dope af…

  • PTK

    killed it.

  • Michael Ibbett

    Sup with this akon hook though? Sounds pretty uninspired for the 2nd greatest rap hook singer of all time.

    • M1ND_0V3R_M4TT3R

      He should’ve got Devin the dude to sing the hook.

  • Sam Robilotta

    Scarface is a legend no doubt..but he needs to keep is mouth shut when he aint rappin. He sounds like a hating ass moron, this is one thing he said I remember, but I think he said other dumb shit too..

    About 3 good white rappers out making hits and it’s turing into WHITE music?

    Get your racist ass out of here. DHOMO

    • wow

      The problem with hip hop now is there is too much of it for
      the average person to appreciate. The
      backpackers hate the street music, the street dudes hate the conscious music,
      the east coast dudes think the south is dumb, the battle rap cats think the
      industry cats are not as lyrical as them, the og’s don’t like “white” rap, the
      kids think the og’s need to stop rapping.
      This whole shit needs to be broken up in to sub genre’s bcuz no one is
      correct. These are all opinions that are
      subjective. For example anybody in the streets would
      love this record because there is a subtext that we can relate to here but
      suburban sam may not. At this point all
      you see in these comment sections is a bunch of trolling. Let’s all just share hip hop.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Fuck that African nigga he done. Face that dude. Dope track the hook ass.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Let this be a lesson for you dope sellers take notes niggas. Face mobb

  • quaby

    Scarface went in but that akon hook is wack

  • Viva La Raza

    nothing short of amazing..

    thank God, Scarface still blessing the people.

  • wow

    This shit is mean as fuck boi….

  • The Incredible Creation

    Scarface the OG… & ya’ll gotta stop the Akon disrespect… he got hits lol the hook does sound a lil uninspired & lazy tho… *shrugs*