New Video: Crooked I “Struggle”


Drink Away The Pain.

We all go through our ups and downs. But instead of crying over spilled milk, Crooked I turns to the bottle in his black and white clip. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

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  • Repp

    Y’all faggot don’t comment on real dope shit like this huh? Smh..this dope

  • donniebrasko

    Crooked is the best rapper on the westcoast, there’s ABSOLUTELY no one close! NO ONE!

  • Viva La Raza

    from the Slaughter House mixtape…

    this song goes hard.

    Migos/Trinidad Lame/Lil Dirt/Cheef Sneeze
    gone right after they blow out the candles of their celebration cake…

    Crook..bars upon bars upon songs upon skill..

    mo’fuckers cant hang.

    • donniebrasko

      mentioning those lames in the same sentence as crooked alone is insulting!

  • B

    Meek Mill is a bitch… dude sucks at rap… I hope you read this stupid ass… what the first tape go? WOOD? haha. (oh and it did, I checked) Wale a real dude that cant rep your wack shit… to get shout outs, you shit actually has to be good…. no one is faking shout outs to you dude. get real. you just be yelling and shit… no substance whatsoever. Pac would be laughing at you dude, rolling in his grave if he heard about this fuck shit. You wouldnt even be around if BIG AND PAC was here, we all know it, so do you. You will never be respected by anyone with a 9-5 or career (McDonalds dont count) because your immature. like real rap, this is actually funny, I work at a car dealership and sell cars. gets trade-ins all the time. I found dreams and nightmares left in a whip, I put that shit in the junk drawer here at the dealership literally months ago. went in there the other day looking for scissors and saw it again. I took it out and asked a few people around me if they wanted it… I literally couldnt give it away. its fuckin worthless dawg, trash. you just black and yell a lot so some fuck niggas ride with you. 5 years from now, when labels are tired of loosing money off your dumbass, you will be preforming in small venues like afro-man and shit for the novelty factor. i’ll check for your loud ass when you come to HBG and come laugh at how overweight you got… hahaha. but Wale you took a L at the all-star game but your shit wwwwwwaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy better dawg. you letting these fools hold you back dude. oh and Meek, I threw that shit away brah before I even read this, thats why its so funny. thanks for the laugh… please come again… copy paste a bunch of times so this fuck nigga see

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Dope that’s what I call hip hop I could understand that shit right there.

  • Steady

    Best track from the tape, exquisite production

  • Free Agentz


  • alex chungu

    Too real…

  • Toni

    Came in here to see the comments, actually surprised not more people seem to be fuckin with Crook tho. #GodofThaWestCoast