Total Slaughter: Episode 4

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Round 4.

Episode 4:

Competing for the Total Slaughter undercard this Saturday, Big-T steps up to T-Rex while Daylyt takes on Dizaster.


Episode 3:

Still at the Slaughter studios in Brooklyn, Aye Verb dukes it out with Big T while T Rex goes against Marv Won.


Episode 2:

The battle continues with Daylyt taking on Aronsal, and Dizaster going up against Math Hoffa.


Episode 1:

Let’s get ready to rumble! Last week, FUSE premiered Eminem’s battle rap series Total Slaughter. In the first episode, watch as T-Rex and Cortez set things off in a grungy basement. Cortez could’ve been a contender.

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  • The Incredible Creation

    YouTube bullshittin’ -_-

  • Mr. Real Talk

    Damn even without the slip up Rex cooked Cortez

  • Jack Johnson

    Damn now this is wat music and battle rap needs… Gives the world something to look forward to

  • smoss44

    98% of battle rap lines are imaginary and some shit they will never do. Understand it’s significance but just can’t listen to niggas lie n shit, like most you niggas never seen a sawed off nor are you slicing heads. funny though

    • AJ

      Grow up g. This is purely entertainment. You watch movies right? Actors pretend to do all kinds of amazing feats or did you really believe Scarface was based off Al Pacino’s life story.

      • smoss44

        yea those are called actors… rappers pretend they are really real with it.

  • 4766231

    [grabs neck]

    He CHOKKEDD!!!!

  • Bighustle

    I must’ve rewatched this clip a dozen times since it premiered last week…the part where Rex slams his hat is the funniest shit to me…”you saw it off!!!” lmao

  • This show is so necessary. Salute to Shady. #HipHop #TIMELESS

    • GreenBergs

      im positive that hoffa didnt even bother watching this episode, this dude is probably distraught..

    • That Daylyt/Ars battle was a tie, Joe. Stop it.

      • MassConglom

        That Arsonal verse is recycled. He used those bars in another battle. Daylyt wins this one.

      • The #ShowDown will be fuckin EPIC this Saturday! #TIMELESS

    • I’m not here for stumbles & fumbles regardless of less time to memorize.

  • LP1087

    Prepared ass ni99a, fduck u lookin round the room for. He was preping his shiet on the ride there

  • Tristan

    This is senseless to me, a bunch of grown ass men false claiming and rapping about things they will never do!!!! This is not real life or music coming from them and if hip hop has showed us one thing, its that real music prevails… Killing a nigga dont make you real fam

  • GreenBergs

    4 minute battles geeZ?? really?? foh

  • Tristan

    Now a days all most rappers wanna talk about is money, bitches, drugs and killing people. This warrants zero respect from me and is actually degrading to the art of rap in my eyes

  • el jim chapo guzman

    T rex murdered that nigga. That nigga said my niggas run up in beer cans cause core light Lol lol

  • Judge Dredd

    B. Dot moderate and get these fucking crackas off the page…. Wtf they complaining for? This shit is battle rap white people…. it’s entertainment you fucking clitorises.

  • rex all day on that he came correct like the right answer..over at tweet @rackscarsass

  • Capuccino

    i was feelin cortez more before he choked, he gonna b back

  • STFU

    Rex did Cort dirty. He had it all planned out. He scared to lose to cort!

  • sway-z

    They kinda set Cortez up for that, but IMO, he’s the weakest one in the house as it is. The show is dope though, Smack and all them leagues need to go back to the grimy settings with no “Don Demarco’s” and all that shit, the best battle Smack put on is still Big T vs Tsu Surf in some sneaker store.

    On a side note, if Daylyt’s crazy ass is to be believed, the live finale show might mark the return of Slim Shady himself to the battle scene. I’ll get hype about that when I see it happen tho…

    • REALLY23

      don demarco shit is the wackest shit ever

    • Cmon Son

      I fuck with the Nas adlib though “It’s shit like that…It’s shit like that….It’s shit like that…”

  • joey did some bitch shyt

  • Zen Abdul-Rafi

    B.Dot are you going to post the next Url/Smack battle that drops or are you just posting this because Eminem’s name is on it and you dick riding?

    • Smoothg718

      Hmm good question. This was a good post though, I enjoyed it.

    • Michael Ibbett

      His manager got money in this site, as well as total slaughter I’d assume. Not to mention its on national television.

    • LuckyP

      money talks. you act like this site is really FAN driven

  • LP1087

    Spoken like a real rican Joell

  • GreenBergs

    how the fuck does a 3-1 vote go in favor of daylyt..??smh

  • Capuccino

    damn arsenal got robbed bar for bar he killed daylyt, budden caught feelings shit made me sick

  • bux

    joe is such a bitch ass man smh!

  • Louiev

    That Daylyt/Ars battle was a tie.

  • hoffa you needed to go through smooth with it and you would have easily beaten diz…arsonal you came a bit too tough you should have being cool and laid back like day but yeah buddens some what gave you the L.

  • hands

    is it me or does it seem like bad acting sometimes when these guys choke? is this thing scripted?

  • ThatGuy5th
  • Oceans22

    Joell need to slow down on that intro lol

  • Capuccino

    damn diz gave it 2 him thats on some real shit, he still my fav battle rapper hope u try the music out man ima deff cop ur album