Eminem Brings Out Dr. Dre At Wembley


Forgot About Dre?

Of course not. This evening, Eminem made history as the first rapper to headline London’s Wembley Stadium. During his set, he brought out the Doc for a medley.


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  • spliffjones

    sweet. i hope he raps like he did for 2 and a half minutes on that song with busta rhymes for the rest of his career.. he still got the ability I have no idea why he rap with that shouty punch line style instead of the smooth kill track rap

  • LP1087

    Every time they bring Dre out he does the same songs. C’mon now. Dig in the vault for the doctor yo

    • Dope

      He’s got like 4 songs that he does: Nothin but a G thang, Let me ride, Forgot about Dre and Next episode. Those are classics that everyone knows and for Dre it’s normal to do those songs since he isn’t a performer and only does a few of these guest appearances every once in a while.

  • Two of my favs… here’s my latest…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETIlQ9_HibE&feature=youtu.be

  • KoolGRap

    damn legend d.r.e good shit

  • Hussle

    video removed bruh

  • @SkiYewNiverCity

    Just remember 80,000 ppl went to see Slim perform for 90 mins. So the next time u think u wanna discredited eminem think about that

    • doads

      wembley holds 90,000 and he actually sold it out twice which means 180,000 people. no other rapper on earth past or present can do that.

  • the-Lebron-curse.

    We sure didn’t forget about Dre but Dre did forget about us.

    • Smoothg718

      How ? By choosing to make a lane for young black men and by setting a good example instead of just releasing an album ?

  • Von

    Ninety thousand… wow, just wow!

  • JaY-SoN

    Eminem does this easy in Ireland also. he sold out over 80,000 there in minutes too. he is far bigger in europe than he is in America. the only other rapper that can come close to doing such a thing there is Jay-z if hes lucky.

    • doads

      it’s 90,000 a night and he sold out wembley twice, 180,000 people… jay z wishes!

  • Smoothg718

    Em has great stage energy

  • Words can’t explain how much I envy that crowd. #LivingLegends #TIMELESS