Lil’ Kim Introduces Daughter Royal Reign

lil kim baby

Princess Bee.

Lil’ Kim celebrates her 40th birthday today by revealing her newborn daughter, Royal Reign, to the world. The close up photo was taken on the date of birth back on June 9th. This is Kimberly’s first child. Here’s what Big Momma said on her IG.

Thank U to all my fans #TeamLilKim #KillerBees #Beehive & friends for the Birthday love. I Love U guys so much and we will be together soon again. On my Birthday I want to share something special with U all…. The greatest gift I have ever received. My princess, Royal !!!!! This is her first picture on the day she was born. It was life changing and I want to share a small piece of my pride and joy with U on my special day today!!! Love U 🙂 🙂 !!!! #HappyBirthdayLilKim #Royal #Reign #RoyalReign #TeamCancer

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  • Jake435

    Is it just me or dose that baby look white!?

    • Michael Ibbett

      A lot/majority of newborns do…its normal. a lot of times you cant even tell the race at all right after delivery.

    • LuckyP

      i mean kim wasn’t the darkest woman. just as your spelling isn’t the best

      • radio raheem


  • el jim chapo guzman

    That’s the last bitch I’ll fuck in the industry. Bitch look like a wild cat.

    • ThaRealHater

      U Dont need to worry bout fucking Lil Kim. U never will.

      • el jim chapo guzman

        nigga she ain’t nobody anybody fuck her now days.

  • Chronic

    Royal reign? You gotta be fuckin kidding me. Why can’t people choose a normal fuckin name for their kids. It’s a human who’s gonna have to live their whole life with a stupid ass name…it’s not like your naming a fuckin dog

    • Dope

      Well.. names CAN be changed. Though I agree, some of these celebrities choose really dumb names and this is one of the worst I’ve seen.

    • Sam Robilotta

      yeah for real, it’s all about the celeb not the kid, Seriously, is lil kim thinking about herself or the kid when she picked that fukin redicoulous name, come oon

  • ay for real she didnt call that fuckin baby royal reign though? “royal dinners ready! “royal stop that!” nah FOH

  • true story no lie

    Look like a trick baby from a white man.

  • ThinkOutsideTheBox

    Lil Kim’s daughter looks like she came out hating. LOL look at that stank face

  • she’s pretty baby queen b