Jay Electronica Brings Out Jay Z At BK Hip-Hop Fest

jay elect-jay z

Militant Minded.


The Farrakhan of Rap made a triumphant return to Brooklyn this afternoon at the annual Hip Hop Festival. After bringing out Mac Miller, Talib Kweli, and J.Cole, Hov blessed the stage for a performance of “Young Gifted & Black”, “We Made It”, “Shiny Suit Theory” , and “Public Service Announcement”.

Photo: Robert Adam Mayer

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  • nenad

    Soooooo when’s the album dropping? lol

    • detox might come out before it..none of my business tho..if it does come out i better be beyond classic.

    • Goten

      Neveruary 31st

    • polopolo1

      May 35th

  • kingcassy

    so legendary, two of the greatest to ever grace a microphone.

  • Most people so fuckin worried about a damn video on their phone that they’re not even hype for or into the fuckin music. SMH So wack.

    Salute to the Gods. #TIMELESS

    • agreed. thankful that they did it though lol

      • hotasice

        especially that loser holding his phone in the lower left of the screen at 2:36. What a has been!

  • Chronic

    Electronica needs to drop that fuckin album bro

  • Hussle

    Yawnssssss… This nigga wont ever drop an album.

  • See(sic)

    Man Jay is sounding good… I’d be content with a Jay E x Jay Z collab EP before the album drops, that’d be insane!!

  • CabriniGreeny

    Rap was better when the 5% was at the forefront…

    • 1_Shot (IV)

      Peace to you CabriniGreeny statement is true indeed…the 5% lineage in Hiphop is crazy…from Big Daddy Kane to Rakim to Wu Tang the list keeps going, Jay Elec keeping that torch lit.

      • CabriniGreeny

        Peace brother…

    • Goten


    • DJ THA-RO

      Well said brother…well said

  • Imaginary Gnome

    Heh heh heh let’s go get some cubanos.

  • tha OG

    This nigga need to drop a album tho

  • wooord!!!

    i guess its cool to be flagging,,the universal flag,,,like its a fashion statement,,hmmm!! IJS!!,,damn things have changed,,

  • shaolinmaster

    Jay E. we need that album bro. Fuck the mainstream garbage…

  • Goten

    It’s funny cause Jay Z didn’t bring out Jay Electronica’s album. Keep in mind he got signed 5 years ago

    • ben stewart

      11/12/10 when he signed#factsonly

      • Goten

        Who cares if it was 2009 or 2010?? He still ain’t drop a album yet

    • SpaceGhost

      Electronica has said that Jay Z is not the cause of his album delay a million times. Stop trying to blame HOV. Yall said that same shit about J. Cole and he has dropped TWO albums. Jay Electronica has ALWAYS taken forever to release music. Just Blaze also said Jay-Z is not the hold up at all. It appears Electronica has a plan so let’s just give him the benefit of a doubt.

      • Goten

        Blah blah blah. Get out of your feelings lame nigga

        • SpaceGhost

          Get a job boy.

      • ben stewart


    • tipp0183

      because Elec was on drugs and all type of other shit according to his twiter rant he posted. That would explain why his album hasn’t dropped yet. Jay Z only does things that makes sense. They’re waiting for this turnup shit to blow over before they drop his album, too. #BetMoney

  • cA

    That first video is special.

  • IM730

    Tell me yall heard the nigga askin for tickets RIGHT AFTER HOV SET.. dude aint get off stage for 10 seconds and some family from Brooklyn lookin for a handout.. haha he must hate goin back.. sike nah… thats like.. you get succesful then everyone ya cousin..

    • ben stewart


  • LP1087

    Jay created bridges for when Bey give him the boot. U gotta go back to what you know, right ?……#don’thatemyopinion….ha !

  • poetic assasin

    Many people be yelling for artists to drop an album, then they bootleg it and say it was wack, then laugh at their sales and call it a flop.

  • IgnorantWisdom

    But Jay-elec wasnt fucking with a married white woman ? Lmfao

  • IgnorantWisdom

    Wasnt jay-e fucking a married white woman?! Lol

    He better be praying tho, im pretty sure thats a sin even for a 5%. Dont get me wrong idc if he was hitting that Uk punany but dont think its cool him out here in bow tie and everything.

    • Dwight Stewart

      i dont think they are married yet but he had a hand in breaking up her marriage

      • IgnorantWisdom

        He was fuckin with a married white woman, im not saying he is getting married to her

  • walkerboy86


  • The Incredible Creation

    so crazy that I just downloaded a “best of” Jay Elec the other day because i’m only familiar with a few songs.. definitely about to burn a copy for the whip so I can listen to it ASAP… maybe we’ll get that album this year tho o_O http://www.theincrediblecreation.com/

  • Ezylyfe

    Jayz and Electronic would make a good album togather

  • Real Dope Brother

    Droog >>>>> Jay Elec

  • they have good chemistry on stage.

  • fuck that nigga

    Fuck jay elect he lazy af selfish bastard

  • alex

    Hov’s presence changed the energy. It’s amazing to see such a reaction from the crowd.

  • Very solid look for Jay Eelct to bring out Hov in BK. And Hov is dope for doing that shit. I honestly wouldn’t have expected Jay to come out b/c he is on a big pedestal but he kept it G on this one. Salute.

  • tipp0183

    best rapper alive


    I heard “mr drizzy” btw