• DiFo CiTy

    Flocka going in! Squad!

  • Mr. Real Talk

    At least he’s admitting it!! Lolz

  • Killyoself Asap

    LOL we always known waka cant rap. Neither can gucci,scooter,young thug,rich homie,2 chainz,wayne,keef,montana…

    • There’s a hand full of niggaz like you but then there’s a shitload of people who don’t give a fuck. Why you niggaz always got other niggaz name’s in your mouth? let them niggaz rap how they wanna rap stop dictating what you perceive as wack, nobody gives a fuck honestly foo.

      • Tristan

        Brah if you dnt give a fuck shut the fuck up!! Lol hip hop need niggas like waka out and saying you don’t give a fuck shows you have no care for rap as a culture. So jus stick to listening to these wack ass rappers and let that man speak the truth!!!! Lmaoo

  • naw man waka in some way has step up at least he step up on these beats not bad at all.

  • will1

    You guys are fags wacka floppa sucks

  • Josh

    Nigga look like the I Am Legend virus

  • Trap

    Waka flocka is thee God of Trap and Rap and if you don’t feel him take a gun and aim it where the sun don’t shine