New Music: Consequence “Studio”

Consequence Bottle Girls Release Party

Locked In.

Consequence is back in the lab with another freestyle. This time, he tacks his vocals to ScHoolBoy Q’s latest single. Look out for Cons’ Movies On Demand 5 later this year.

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  • Zen Abdul-Rafi

    Unless hes trying to get in the boxing ring against Joe Budden. Nobody cares about this nigga.

  • tha OG

    That ass in the pic tho!!!!

  • Zen Abdul-Rafi

    Lol I got this nigga Con mad at me on twitter! @Zen_Abdul_Rafi

    • Josh

      Killed that nigga bruh lmao

    • kirk

      Dude I read your twitter and all you were doing is trolling. You are one of the reasons why rap is lame now. How about you have rapradar post your songs? By the way this studio remix is trash so don’t think I’m taking sides.

      • Zen Abdul-Rafi

        How was i trolling? do you know what trolling is? me saying NOBODY cares about this nigga is not trolling. look at the blog comments OBVIOUSLY i’m right nobody cares about this nigga. and yeah IM one of the reasons hip hop is dead. YOUR KIND is the reason why hip hop is dead.

      • Zen Abdul-Rafi

        I’ve actually met Cons and hes a mark.

      • Zen Abdul-Rafi

        I said the obvious and he responded back. Go some where with that soft shit. Trolling.. when a nigga aint dick riding its trolling now right? I would have been trolling if i said this nigga actually makes good music lol.

      • Cmon Son

        lol nigga got 5 comments in one post & he even on Twitter wit it proud that he got another man mad at him. Bless up tho

  • el jim chapo guzman

    The only shit good about this post is the bitch in the picture.

  • blackholesurfer

    what a nasty bitch in that photo. bitch has 40 inch thighs. nassstyyyy