New Video: Adrien Broner x Rick Ross “40”

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Don’t Quit Your Day Job.

While Adrien Broner awaits his next fight, he lives out his rap fantasies with Rick Ross in his new video. After a few listens, it ‘s probably best for The Problem to throw in the towel.

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    “He lives out his rap fantasies…” Really B.Dot? Majority of these rap niggas are FAKE especially Rick Ross that you guys promote all the time but I don’t see you saying “Has Rick Ross raps about his fictional lifestyle.” I don’t care what NOBODY says I think this is a good offering from a boxer and like the song especially when I first heard it. I know Rick Ross is a fraud but his music is good so I come back to listen. I think we should do the same for these rappers. You can’t tell me this play in the club you won’t be bobbin your head or enjoying yourself. Excuse the paragraph. LOL

  • Rob Lo

    Song is dope….Def not bad at all especially for a boxer….stop hating B.Dot and cleanse ur ears.

  • The Rock says

    I dont understand how these niggas dont understand how bad they are

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Adrien Broner need to stop rapping and focus on his boxing career. Ain’t no money in that rap shit compared to boxing.

  • Extra Domus

    SMH at Ross for even accepting this…not a good look

    • yesken

      im pretty sure he got paid a lot to do this!