Drake Announces New Album

Drake Performs At The Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam


Drake’s taking no breaks. After setting the tone this summer with “0-100”, Drizzy told Billboard that he’s already working on his fourth album, Views From The 6. No date has been announced, but as heard on the aforementioned song, he has his eyes set on spring 2015. Don’t call it a comeback season.

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  • LOL

    can’t hate on the guy’s work ethic, he’s reaching the top fast.

  • fox

    Drizzy’s in the zone. He’s determined to take over the game.

  • asmith0609

    Drake is the center of a lot of jokes, but dude puts in work. I respect he’s a real hip-hop head & studies the game

  • speexthetruth

    Who wants to bet Drake drops his album before Jay Electronica drops Act II?

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

      Jay Elect coming this year…i hope

    • the-Lebron-curse.

      I’ll take that bet bitch boy.

  • I know I’m speaking for the minority with this one but I really hope there’s at least 80%-90% rap on this album, I only like Drake when he rap over hard $#!+, I’m tired of that singy-in-my-feelings-soft $#!+, but aye, who am I to judge, what he does already is making him sell millions so no shade, just my personal opinion on what I like. *shrugs*

    • JamesTheNiggaHatingDolphin

      White people and women buy albums…They don’t want that hard shit. If you go to a Drake show, majority is White people and women. That’s his core audience. He has to make his album for those people if he wants good sales.

      That being said, I agree with you…I love the production on a lot of his shit but I get tired of the generic melodies and singing the same couple words over and over. I want to hear him rap his ass off.

      • Josh

        To say white people and women buy albums is ignorant. I buy albums to support the artist I listen to. Now when I buy Drake’s album? Hell no. But the albums I do buy I want them to go hard as fuck! I am white btw..

        • PTK

          STFU white people and women buy albums, numbers don’t lie. nigga named “josh” talmbout “that’s ignorant” and then goes on to say he buys albums. sit down.

          • Josh

            lol you aint worth arguing with

          • PTK

            thought i told you to go sit down.

        • JamesTheNiggaHatingDolphin

          Men lie, Women lie, Numbers don’t. I said a “Majority” of album sales come from white people and women. Of course there are exceptions, just like with anything else. Saying you’re white and that you buy albums only helps prove my point.

          To be super successful and have longevity, you have to make music in a way that appeals to more than one audience. Just rapping your ass off all the time is going to keep you in a box.

          These dude’s making music for the “streets” don’t sell albums because the “streets” don’t buy albums. You can’t sell something if no one’s buying. Business 101 ya bish.

          I went to a Tech N9ne concert a couple months ago and it was 95% white people. You think that’s an accident? No. Tech knows his market.

        • cain45

          drake does not need you to buy his album to sell

          • Josh

            And I know that, I’m just not a fan of his

      • Vurbz Fenomeno

        lol..where are you getting your bullshit stats from bruh….even Cam’ron said he’s feelin drake’s shit on the breakfast club…gtfoh with that bull

        • tipp0183

          lol at the Cam’ron co-sign. Cam’ron was definitely looking for a feature from Drake when he made that comment.

        • JamesTheNiggaHatingDolphin

          The same reason all these rappers dick ride Eminem…Co-signing the winning team and riding their coat tails is the only way these washed up cats stay relevant. If you think for a second that killa cam is still relevant and making that Drake money, seek help.

          • Vurbz Fenomeno

            Lol..jayz said the same thing..he’s not relevant?.. Gtfoh

      • tipp0183

        I thought that was the definition of selling-out in regards to your reasoning of why he singy-raps (not that i care). Why do we give passes to certain people and not to other?

        • JamesTheNiggaHatingDolphin

          That’s not a bad question. To some people, that is considered selling out. It’s really a case by case scenario. Drake gets a pass because he has made those type of records from the start. His formula has stayed consistent. Nelly would be a better definition of a sell out in my opinion. Country Grammar compared to his recent works are polar opposites. He is trying to attract an entirely different audience than what he started with.

    • writerstale619

      I feel you. Liked his 1st album. Now the he’s made his M’s give us one with rap; and stop dumbing himself down on purpose for one album.

    • onone

      Exactly! NWTS was the first Drake’s album I bought ’cause there are so many hard cuts in there. So, I hope he won’t bring all them OVO artists too much on this one.

    • Leo

      ‘Hard’ defines HONESTY & Drake music represents his life experiences, strengths & weakness = Hard coz writing about your truth is HARDEST. just dont get why some deluded hip hop fans prefer lies than the truth. None of these rappers who rap about guns or drugs experienced all those shit. Real people love Drake music & thats WHY he is successful & WILL LAST Forever

      • I could argue with you for days on this, but I think you’re taking what I said out of context a bit… Put it like this, 50 Cent released an album full of ‘hard’ $#!+ and it’s one of the best selling albums of the last decade. How’s that for a little insight?

      • Guest

        Really… “Sorry Mrs. Drizzy for so much art talk

        Silly me rappin’ ’bout shit that I really bought”

      • tipp0183

        Drake was never a thug so all the Nike gloves, black clothes and holding bats with a crew of niggas behind him is not his truth. Being on the set of Degrassi as a kid struggling to be a more successful actor is his truth and He would be respected more if he referenced that more. At the end of the day he makes great music, lets leave it there and not get too crazy. Drake is a fan of the genre and the vibe that comes with it. I can’t fault him for that.

      • Austin T

        He didn’t say anything close to that. He said he wants to hear rap, not that harmonizing shit. Which ain’t outta pocket for nigga that really likes rap. Don’t shame a nigga for talking against Drake lmao.

    • i actually like his r&b songs more

    • GreenBergs

      he better change that title though, no one knows what the fuck that means..

      • Hmm… If I were to take a wild guess, I would guess that ‘the 6’ is a train in New York, I remember Jennifer Lopez’s first album was called ‘On the 6’ and I think I remember her explaining that the title was based off of memories she had while she was on a train; the 6… I could be wrong, but ehh, that’s my guess.

        • GreenBergs

          Ummm, wat in the entire fuck does the 6 train where hoes on camera sucking dick on worldstar, have anything to with drake??

          • Lmfao, fxck if I know man, I’m just taking a guess, I don’t know if I’m right or not. XD I’m sure he’ll elaborate on it in the near future!

      • 2dipz

        416 is toronto’s area code

    • TheCamerounian

      Very very intelligent comment. So much respect. Ppl on here are too busy passing uneducated judgments .

    • Lester Nygaard

      thank goodness for itunes so you can just pick the songs you like off the album. the the last full albums i bought were Yeezus, Born Sinner, and My Name Is My Name.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    October very own about to his senior album drake will sell more then lil wayne Carter 5. My prediction drake will at list sell 200k first week.

    • Real

      Drake’s gonna do 500k+ easy

      • Yeah I agree… or 415k AT LEAST, one thing the haters and naysayers hate to admit about Drake is that there is no denying the guy has talent, and no one can take that from him! He has a pretty legit fanbase from all kinds of crowds; white people, black people, men, women, kids and etc. So him doing big numbers is always a given as long as he stays relevant.

      • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

        real quick. real fucking quick.

        • Michael Ibbett

          I read this comment seriously at the exact same time a car went by with that exact same part playing..crazy…so yeah, really quick

          • Brian B.Dot™ Miller


          • polopolo1

            What u think “album about nothing”? I know your not the biggest folarin fan but I think it’s a very intriguing concept to say the least, Seinfeild ain’t to be taken light

          • polopolo1

            This is so funny just to think about

        • choco prince

          how much u think Wayne gon sell?

      • el jim chapo guzman

        500 first week you stupid nigga I’ll put money on it nigga 200 r 235 first week.

        • The Rock says

          U stupid nigga drake gon do way more than that like 700k range

    • LA Tha Gawd™

      Nigga you sleep! Drake gon sell 600+ easy… This man the best rapper out right now. He the the leader of the new skool & nobody making records like him gee. You up here talking bout 200k like he J.Cole. Or Kendrick… Lol show Drizzy some respect wit the predictions man.

      • el jim chapo guzman

        Your downloading ass ain’t part of 600k you predict.

        • LA Tha Gawd™

          Your assuming ass is wrong too.. I buy all that nigga albums.

          • el jim chapo guzman

            Nigga you broke hit that download button.

      • Non Fiction Dixon

        Kendrick will sell more than Drake faggot ass the first week.

        • LA Tha Gawd™

          You can’t be sober posting some dumbass shit like that… I wish I knew you personally so could I could bet your foolish ass. I love taking the mentally ill money..

          • Non Fiction Dixon

            You must have slept with Drake when the OVO came to your city and saved his nut in a turkey baster. Your out your league thinking Drake will outsell an Aftermath artist!

          • LA Tha Gawd™

            He already did dumbass….. Ima let you be tho cause it’s obvious you need help. Ima leave it in god hands gee…

          • GetReal


      • the-Lebron-curse.

        Big Krit trick. Fuck these haters and fuck these hoes.

      • the-Lebron-curse.

        O and you misspelled god

      • Capuccino

        ight so he got the mainstream on his dick, but i kno for a fact he aint the best RAPPER out. just facts

      • Capuccino

        btw j cole did 439,000 first 3 weeks so he aint no bum

    • lovehiphopdebate

      200k first week man you crazy you think he trey songs, schoolboy q or mac miller some damn body don’t you?

  • JamesTheNiggaHatingDolphin

    Rather have a Cole album. COLE WHERE THE FUCK YOU AT?

    • el jim chapo guzman

      His fuckin dead.

  • JamesTheNiggaHatingDolphin

    FACT: Second part of 0-100 goes harder than the dumb downed 2 chainz inspired first part.

    • raj

      FACT: GUNIT’s remix of 0-100 was harder than any other version out there, including Drake’s.

      • lovehiphopdebate

        man foh man buck and yayo where hot garbage on that track

  • sam

    how does this dude work like got a fucking twin tho

  • veesky

    As long as it’s better than “Nothing was the Same.” Which I was honestly disappointed by. Still a fan tho’

    • Dan Karlin

      Take Care is currently his best album by a pretty big margin. I stopped listening to NWTS a week or two after it came out and haven’t touched it since, but I’ll still pop in Take Care from time to time.

      • noriega

        NWTS > 1000000 x TakeCare

  • LA Tha Gawd™

    Ain’t nobody touching this man… For all the ppl saying Kendrick of the leader new skool, KILL YASELF! Cause y’all don’t know ah dam thing about music. Drake leading this shit by a landslide..

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

      Drake’s def the “guy” right now. hard to disagree.

    • Non Fiction Dixon

      Stop sucking dick Kendrick is better than Drake and even Drake knows this! People still talk about GKMD to this day I dont anyone referencing any of Drake’s albums hes a dope artist but hes not fucking with Kendrick!

      • LA Tha Gawd™

        GKMC the best straight hip-hop album in years & it has a great story to it, Kendrick is the man.. He still ain’t touching drake tho gee… Ppl talk about Drake albums too my nigga.. Nothing was the same don’t get shouted out like Kendrick’s album but we all know what album did better commercially.

        • JE

          Look at you thinking album sales equate to good music. How cute

        • the-Lebron-curse.

          Section 80. Now shut the fuck up!

        • the-Lebron-curse.

          Where’s my tuna sandwhich?

        • Megamind

          You kinda of just proved people’s point as to WHY there is a dispute as to WHO is better…all in all, it’s a matter of taste but ART isn’t always about commerce/commercial viable….thus given the better ARTIST tag to Kendrick…but Drake is a BEAST…and I’m a fan of both…there is room for both to co-exist.

          I think Drake caught wind that Kendrick is coming in spring as well and want to set up a Kanye/50 showdown…this COULD be to his detriment…follow me on this so you understand. If they were to release albums on the same day or near each other, we all know the Drake would outsell Kendrick 1st week (although anything is possible!) However the twist would be the without a shadow of a doubt…Kendrick will have the more critically acclaimed project. Probably more insightful, topical and diverse in sound. No disrespect to Drizzy bc I’m a fan but we know his story and what he’s going to bring. He makes DOPE club/radio music…but ALL Drake’s complexities revolve around woman and life is deeper than that.

          All that I typed could be fodder…but if they have a close release date…these things will play out to the letter.

          Megamind out!

          • Capuccino

            facts bruh, that wud b a classic hiphop moment if they dropped the same day. when ppl argue bout who is actually better, they talking either numbers or lyrical content, drizzy having the numbers and kendrick havin the latter. it wud deff b interesting 2 see who wins that type of matchup… watch out tho j cole could b a wildcard in this discussion as well cus he got the substance like kendrick and has shown he can reach the mainstream like drizzy, he’s a dangerous sleeper…

    • McGlock

      don’t know a thing about music? FOH

  • yeah

    I hope this ones more experimental, onto what dude said saying he wanted to hear more hard shit, I do hope there’s some more cold hard core rapping, the whole ovo sound is completely unique on it’s own, but keeping it majority in house production (40 and the usual suspects) for three 3 straight albums seems like it should be time to take it up a notch, so I hope this album is in comparison to yeezy on graduation as far as production progression and level of a project.

  • walkerboy86


  • LA Tha Gawd™

    If you don’t like this man singing on his records don’t listen to it… #SimpleAsThat that man ain’t changing for y’all… Y’all act like the singing is bad or something. If every rapper could sing real good you think they wouldn’t be doing the same shit as Drake.

    • daman

      I like Drake’s rapping but he ain’t good at singing bro #SimpleAsThat Frank Ocean is good, Trey Songz is good, Miguel is good, John Legend is good but Drake ain’t good to me. He obviously can’t sing a lot of his songs live.

      • LA Tha Gawd™

        Well you are right about the singing live. I heard him do it before & it was straight but not good as him in the studio. But what I mean gee is it sound good. All his records with singing sounds good. He’s not off tune or nothing. Whether auto tune helps him or not the singing records are still dope gee.

    • Nut Lover

      Cool… But get off Drake’s dick bruh. You’re half of the comment section by yourself.

      • LA Tha Gawd™

        Man listen… This ah comment section right? This comment section about Drake right? Do you see ah limit on commenting anywhere on this page? Ey gee just ignore me if I’m bothering you. Drake my fav rapper & I love talking about music. Chill with the dick riding shit bruh lol.

        • GetReal

          don’t mind them they idolize a near 40 year old rapper who fell the fuck off and sold 50 k still rapping bout ignorant boring gangster shit

          • Nut Lover

            I don’t “idolize” anyone

      • Theodore Pendergrass


      • Changeclothz

        lmfao lol

  • LA Tha Gawd™

    @eljimchapoguzman is the dumbest person alive! This man say Drake only gon sell 200k his first week SMH. Thank Me Later- 440k Take Care-630 NWTS- 650… This man ain’t never come close to 200k his first week. Ol boy mentally ill….

  • The Incredible Creation
  • el jim chapo guzman

    Thank me later 447.000k first week. Take care 631.000 first week nothing was the same 658.000 first week. A lot of idiot on this site think them numbers suppose to go up.

    • LA Tha Gawd™

      Listen up bitch.. I was just estimating the sales, didn’t know them off the head. But all you did was clarify my point you piece of shit! Do you see anything close to 200k nigga?

      • el jim chapo guzman


  • b r z a

    meanwhile we are STILL waiting for a Jay Elect album

  • fuckthemainstream

    Drake is the epitome of what is wrong with hip hop. Its funny though because the majority (mainstream) fails to realize this. All of his material is him crying over women like a bitch. Drake knows it sells so he continues to create the same bullshit over and over.

  • lightskin niggas jumpin for joy in a circle with their hands interlocked right bout now lol jk but yeah i would like him to give the r n b shit a rest but it sells records so i doubt it

  • Rap Blog Alpha Male

    I can’t wait for the album. SPRING2015

  • yorapper

    Canada stay winning.

  • cannon

    sometimes when i look at drakes face i sit there and think…

    this is the dude running hiphop right now? but then I’m eventually like ” well 0-100 was dope tho….. ight nigga fuck it” *approved*

  • Rap Blog Alpha Male

    0 to 100 is a dope track man!





  • Gayke

    Who cares? Just another garbage R&B CD from him made for that ugly ass thot Rihoenna with some fake thug songs. Quit overhyping him. Y’all making yourselves look like sheeps.

  • bigwhitepenis817

    Looking at it objectively, the one thing holding Drake back from entering “the best of the best” discussion is that he does not have a classic album yet. Take Care was excellent. Nothing was the Same was pretty good. But nobody is going to argue that he has a classic under his belt. Thats the reason Kendrick is even still mentioned next Drake when disscusing “leaders of the new school”, and Kendrick hasn’t dropped an album in almost two years (for the record, I still think Drake is bigger RIGHT NOW, but all it takes is for Kendrick to drop another classic and he’ll be right back on top).

  • @aMagnumLifeBlog… my favorite rapper, i cant wait!




  • LookingAssNigga

    Drake is pulling a smart move here, he knows Kendrick is about to take over the game with another classic, so its only right Drake keeps his buzz up by casting a shadow over kendrick as casual fans will tune in to Drakes album and the media attention will be divided between the two instead of solely beaming on Kendrick.

    • hipster

      I totally agree with that.

  • drake featuring drake produce by drake lol..i wonder what the title means not like is regular titles for a album.

  • hipster

    Shout Out to Drake’s new Album coming. I know he’s gonna bring something New to Vibe too. Best Wishes.Check This Out….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9I41rqo_JM ~ Martin Manifesto

  • poetmm .

    People get mad at Drake when he raps but he was always singing. Whether you love him or hate him Drake is here to stay for a while so get use to it.