New Music: Cam’Ron Ft. Nicki Minaj x Yummy Bingham “So Bad”

so bad

Still Bad.

So bad would be an understatement. For Cam’s latest track, he pulls former Motown artist Yummy Bingham off the milk carton. As B.Dot would say, this is bad—as in, not good.

UPDATE: Two years later, Cam adds Nicki into the mix. Also included is a new Cam cut with Jim Jones and Hell Rell, “C.W.F.U.”


Cam’Ron Ft. Jim Jones x Hell Rell “C.W.F.U.”


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  • B.itch K.iller James

    When did Cam become totally soft and only make records for bitches?

  • actually it’s not bad for a chick song

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  • Collar Cali

    @_THERULER I agree. Not 4 Killa Cam tho ;/

  • Loaded

    yoooo…fuck j.cole


  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Get Her Some Cookies And Some…APPPLLEEEE JUIIICCCEEE.!!!

  • Feezoid

    i like this joant.. cam always make songs for da chicks! -#Feez

  • franky knucles

    co sign @the ruler, this tune is not that bad, it’s great! i was especting the worst after reading ‘big homie’ intro.. losing all credit by hating.. maybe just keep it by writing items on jay z how he did niggas in paris 30 times at the last show.. #most overrated #sell out journalism

  • hiphop554

    beat is hot, verse is hot, girl can sing. this song isnt bad at all it could be a hit. rapradar is bias as hell against cam’ron and dipset they never get love on here but camron/dipset always get love on 2dopeboyz, Nahright, if this was rick ross or jayz they would be sayin its the greatest record of all time. the same day ross’s mixtape was comin out cam ironically tweeted somethin about groupie dudes in the industry he was talkin about someone on this site….

  • Yet you guys upload it? I agree with everybody else in this comment section, it could be a hit for them ladies, reminds me of that era when Nelly and Ja Rule made songs for the ladies.

  • IIG

    I don’t fuck with Cam making songs like this, but damn the flow and wordplay is stronger than it’s been in a minute.

  • poetic assasin

    What are u guys listening to?

  • Sean M

    So RapRadar hates this song but posts up 2CHAINZ’ horrible songs and freestyles and interviews every day like he’s the second coming of B.I.G


    Stop being so biased.

  • john john

    For unique production checkout

  • get bucks

    Rap Radar we can agree to disagree, because I don’t think that this song is nearly as terrible as you guys are making it out to be. Is it a hit? No. Would it make a good album cut? Yes. Is Cam rhyming good on this track? Yes. Is Yummy singing good? Yes and the hook is decent. Is the beat dope? Not really…

    This is my favorite site, but ya’ll are ridin’ dick over here and it’s becoming noticeable. Roc Nation, MMG, Shady/Aftermath are the only artists who can’t do any wrong in ya’ll eyes…

    Stop it 5



  • berk

    Rap Radar stop hatin’ this is good, reminds me of a summer jam. Go that WAYYYYYY!!!!

  • Im not trying to disrespect because to be honest Elliott Wilson was the go to guy for hiphop journalism for a long time. But Rap Radar has been really showing how bias they can be for the last year or so.

    Man i cant stand Dipset, but to say this record with Camron and Yummy is bad but continue to post 2 Chainz, Gucci, Future, and a few others like they dont make terrible music is bananas, and very negligent at the same time.

    As a hiphop purest im really trying to understand why you guys are contributing to hiphop journalism the way you are. Everybody came down on Benzino and his bias behavior, but you guys are doing the exact same thing these days.

    Again this is not a bash Rap Radar post, this is just a long time supporter trying to understand what is going on with all the slanted Journalism.

    I cant front its very dis-heartening to read this foolishness.

  • GTFO

    This track is aight. RR shouldn’t be bashing this track at all. I agree with 2 Chainz getting shine off his wack verses on here a little too often. They must be cutting y’all a check. And if not, y’all get some type of benefit from doing so.

  • Pete from Harlem

    It’s not bad…it’s kinda good. I’m sure everyone would agree that it would have been better as a Yummy Bingham song with a feature from Cam’ron. Not the zone he’s in right now. Maybe that’s where the dislike comes from. Or maybe it is just genuine bias on Elliot Wilson’s part.

  • P Bateman

    yup its actually pretty dope. sorry big homie you’re off on this one.

  • LeeLee

    love this song,killa

  • KayandGee

    not bad

  • London

    If only camron could keep up and release more tracks like this and dipsh*t.. Killa is back y’all

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Killa cam dope track feed us more nigga.

  • Nas

    Big homie a dumbass for what he said haha cam keeping it OG

  • Epul

    Is it possible to be Camron’s biggest fan but never listened to anything after 2012?

  • Repp

    Track with Jim Ruga Rell fire….We both got a mac but his is a computer – Hell Rell

  • Holla

    Hell rell went the hell in on that second jawn..

  • bcl187

    Dude this song is dope! WTF Rap Radar Talkin bout! Sorry cause Cam don’t wear skinny jeans and doesn’t talk bout what MMG talk about all day! FOH!

  • $₱₳ṝ₭≳.

    I can show you 100 songs in recent posts that are EAR BLEEDERS …But this song isn’t bad though, its a cool joint / Nothing heavy on the soul just some real vibed out music….. I use to be on Yummy back in the day, she had a few joints!… Shame on you Elliot. Just post music & let the people comment … You’re in a professional seat as operator of this platform. STOP BEING CORNY!!!! (NUCCA)