J.Cole Brings ‘The Warm Up’ To Highline

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J.Cole continued to celebrate the 5th anniversary of his mixtape The Warm Up last night at NYC’s Highline Ballroom. After his fellow Dreamvillians, Bas & Coss warmed up the crowd, Cole recited a good chunk of the tape live.┬áVIBE has a few highlights. Can’t beat that for a buck.



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  • Alex

    He fucked up.

  • Hussle

    Classic mixtape!

  • el jim chapo guzman

    You hear the words that coming out of my mouth I never crack I keep a chopstick. South niggas will never come up with a line like that.

    • C’mon son

      ” You hear the words coming out my lips BASTARD I never crack I got that Chapstick”. Damn homie just use rap genius if u not sure

      • C’mon son

        And he’s from the south homie

      • Cmon Son

        Niggas biting the name smh

  • Laura’s Son

    Those Bars on Bas nigga we made it TOUCH, very good work

  • Shizuoka

    Drop some fucking music already starting to get bored with his catalog!!!