Joe Budden On Hollow Da Don Loss


Stop My Time.

Now that the dust has been settled, Joe Budden spoke on his loss to Hollow Da Don over the weekend at Total Slaughter. Conversing with angryfansradio, he says he wasn’t able to perform adequately due to technical difficulties. Later on, he addresses the boos and plans for Total Slaughter 2. Hopefully more established artists follow suit and join the fray.

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  • LP1087

    Could use the money didn’t really care about the backlash and ridicule. Pick a word, anyone is fitting for these type of situation

  • Zen Abdul-Rafi

    Yo @brianbdotmiller:disqus I gotta Salute you for this post. I’ve been fuckin with Angry Fan for almost a year now. Its nice to see the movement on Rap Radar.

    • lazerscope


    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

      Keep it up!

  • Coney

    Stop my time.

  • Zen Abdul-Rafi

    Make sure you niggas join ANGRYFAN MOVEMENT on facebook if you a fan of this battle rap culture.

  • $₱₳ṝ₭≳.

    This nigga still having mic problems … “YOO YOOO CAN YALL HEAR MEEE” Lmaooooooo!!!!!

  • Cmon Son

    Nigga took a cold loss & expects us to still pay for his washed music

    • A_Boogie

      Washed Music!!???…..Have you heard the New Slaughter House mixtape “House Rules”?….You must be fucking crazy!!!

    • huh?????

      So you’re not gonna check for his music cause he lost in a rap battle against a dude who does nothing but battle rap for a living????

      That’s like no longer watching Lebron cause he lost in a game of streetball. That’s retarded. If you like his shit, check it out. If you don’t then don’t.

      The battle rap and the music he makes have nothing to do with one another.

      • Cmon Son

        Nah that’s not what I said @ all, I said he expects us to pay for his washed music after he took a cold loss…meaning he wants niggas to pay for the “skills” that he just displayed are inferior to another nigga. Point being that’s terrible cross promotion, FOH with the nut hugging. Last Slaughterhouse mixtape made me sleepy

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Excuses excuses Hollow Da Don won it all stop it joe. Joe thought he was just out shine hollow.




    • the-Lebron-curse.

      Yooooo wack wiesel!!!!!!!

    • fuck this nigga

      U put dicks in ur mouth in ass in still no homo huh lol fuck u kotex nigga

    • jax

      I’m guessing this is a fake Mac Diesel, cause you only made 3 comments.

    • Michael Ibbett

      How the fuck did this get 5 likes

    • Jake Zero

      Good to see you’re proud of your gay roots my g.
      Hopefully you and B.Dot will be able to adopt.

  • IgnorantWisdom

    He at least accepted the challenge most rappers wouldn’t so u got to respect that.

    • disqus_5cf9fQAd3l

      And he held his own in the battle, too. Joe has a lot of courage cuz most rappers aint gonna do it AT ALL

    • Cmon Son

      LMAO so the fact that he “accepted the challenge” is what you niggas respect? Took a cold L & niggas still patting his back smh I mean I guess…

      • Did u see the battle dummy?

        • IgnorantWisdom

          I think not cuz it wasnt a cold L, Joe come out better than I expeted and he did better than hollow in the first round by far

        • Cmon Son

          I’m a dummy for saying the nigga who won, won? Internet, baby

          • Yes. Like I said, did you SEE the battle DUMMY? I’m not even a fan of Joe, I think he’s the weak link of SlaughterHouse but it wasn’t a cold L. He only lost cuz he bitched up at the end. He had the stronger bars.

          • Cmon Son

            Nah not at all & you agree he lost so what are you even cursing and getting hype about dweeb?

          • Cuz u actin like dude got washed & u ain’t even seen it. U just talkin on some hater simp shit. Ol wendy williams ass nigga

          • Cmon Son

            Nah I saw Joe take an L and get outclassed lyrically. It’s called an opinion, one that differs from yours, not hate simple nigga.

          • IgnorantWisdom

            Watch the battle and you will see hollow went to the most obvious targets when he started talking abou joe putting hands on Tahiry that shit was wack as fuck. If it was me in joe’s place I would probably lost my cool and beat him up on payperview so it wasnt a cold L was a disappointing win for Hollow

          • Cmon Son

            A disappointing win for Hollow? Whatever, my point was you niggas congratulating Joe on a LOSS. Keep doing that corny shit all you want, I’m only pointing out facts.

          • IgnorantWisdom

            Yeah man i tought he wouldo do better man to be sincere. I dont listen to budden maybe a couple slaughter joints, and i was kinda hoping to see hollow really give him a cold ass L for what i saw on his interview with ebro but nah he ratherd talk trash abou Paul Ronseberg and Eminem and some other bs as a whole i tought hollow would deliever but that was not the case. And watch the battle dude and i dint congratulate him on a loss i said i respect the fact that he accepted the challenge. Peace

          • Cmon Son

            Respect. Peace.

          • TrillTalk

            Whats wrong with congratulating niggaz for competing?

          • DUhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

            Lmfao that’s not even close to what you said you clown…

    • GreenBergs

      this whole shit is a conspiracy to ,make battle rap “bigger”

      • IgnorantWisdom

        But isnt that what Battle rap need? Bigger venues etc can bring big money to battle rappers

  • Fiyah

    I’m still not sure how Joe loss when he won the first 2 rounds & loss the 3rd. I’m sure he doesn’t care all that much, but…

  • Michael Ibbett

    Cant wait for pat stay in the 2nd season

  • NovaKaine

    Joe had one good bar each round laughed at his own jokes Ortiz and Crooked I laughing at Hollows bars and head at Joe

  • @djicecold

    So we should listen to 41 minutes of loser-excuses for content? WORD. brb

  • romney


  • Millz

    To me Joe won the first round hands down, the second round was up for grabs and both spit weak shit, and the third hollow grabbed it but overall a terrible battle. I thought Hollow was going to kill Joe but honestly he went harder against Lux.

  • Abomb925

    Joe aint beating any battle rapper. And he would have no chance actually whooping hollows ass on stage. Joe was almost as bad as canibus