New Video: Stalley “Feel The Bass”

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 4.38.07 PM

Cars Fly By.

While riding around with the thumping sound, Stalley’s sitting clean in his blurry visual. Good thing its the camera man and not the driver that’s not focused.

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    ……….MMG’S HOUSEKEEPER!!!! HA!!!!



    This song is a breath of fresh of air. Much better than that CRAP FROM G UNIT AND 50 CENT.



    • Michael Ibbett

      Has any rap album even went gold so far this year? Dont think so

      • Rick Ross

        niggas were clowning Ross for not going Gold but now 50 album has flopped everybody wanna use the no one goes gold anymore excuse. lmao yall niggas I swear

        • Michael Ibbett

          I didnt…and not saying “no-one even goes gold anymore”
          I was replying specifically to the; biggest flop of the YEAR comment…if hes the flop of the year, whats the opposite, or hit of the year? Not a single album went gold.

          • Rick Ross

            I weren’t exactly directing at you but if you go to Mastermind posts back from February/March people we’re sure Ross was gon’ flop and 50 would sell like Gold first week and now if you go AA posts from last month people are now complaining no one goes gold lol. and yeah its a different climate but you have to respect Ross for selling that much in such a climate considering how ignorant BO$$ raps are

          • Michael Ibbett

            Ross music is enjoyable sometimes, long string of hits….hes just the biggest correctional officer that ive seen thus far…and I didnt know people are saying that, I probably wouldn’t have mentioned it, if I knew it was a well known point lol

    • The Incredible Creation

      lol that was so uncalled for…

    • Mylo

      Damn mr real talk another account smfh.

  • Zen Abdul-Rafi

    I fuck with Stalley he makes that shit I can smoke and chill too.

  • MassConglom

    I don’t know who made that beat but that sh– sounds amazing.

    • Iamkristmas

      Blockbeattaz on the production bruh…Huntsville, al they do all of g side and kristmas’ production as well

      • MassConglom

        Dope-O-#Nomics…Im gon look these kids up my dude.

        • Iamkristmas

  • The Incredible Creation

    I can only assume that [in the back of his mind] he hates the fact that he signed with MMG lol ..what have they done for him lately? =/

    • Rick Ross

      You just showed yourself. What you mean what has BO$$ done for him, what has he done for himself!??? You think life is about handouts. BO$$ has done everything he can for dude but people just aint connecting with Stalley

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Another mmg trash.

    50 cent owns summer 2014. Animal Ambition in stores. If you love real hip hop if u have to buy it. It’s the best Rap albumof the year.

    • Rick Ross

      1. 50 Cent DOES not own summer hasn’t owned anything musically for like 10 years.
      2. Animal Ambition flop of the fxcken year and don’t give me that independent shit. The album was pure trash.
      3. MMG far from trash no other conglomerate is out selling us.
      4. BO$$

      • Mylo

        Lmao why is two of 50 joints in the top40 on iTunes yet I see know Ross? Lmao not even jay z…. AA probably made more profit then Ross shit…. No major promo just 50 using his other businesses for videos, promos, etc.

        • Rick Ross

          k. 1. Mastermind came out in early March, Ross would have to be white rapper to still be in the charts in mid July lol.
          2. Jay Z ain’t released a single in like a year wtf are you on about lmaoo
          3. No major promo bruh neither did Ross then. They both did the Hot97/Breakfast Club. Late night shows and to top it off 50 had that thing with Chelsea Lately for extra promo so fxck off with them excuses. The album flopped. Simple.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    mmg tax wright off.


    Stalley has yet to put out anything wack!!!! His shit is dope & bangs in the whip!!!! With any MMG/RICK RO$$ POST You already knew The 3 Stooges led by the

    • Free Gunplay’s Chain!

      sounds like you pay way too much attention to blog comments


        DAMN!!! I knew I forgot the 4th MMG hater…Welcome back “Free Dumbass’ Brain!!!!!!

  • Chris

    I swear yall sleepin on Stalley


    Stalley is on Fire in These Streets!!!!!!

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    I like the trip hop vibes