Bobby Shmurda Signs To Epic Records


Overnight Celebrity.

About a week ago, Bobby Shmurda’s video “Hot Nigga” cracked two million views on YouTube. Now the Brooklyn upstart has a signed a deal with Epic Records. Label A&R Sha Money XL, confirmed the deal earlier via Instagram.

Deal is done @bobby_shmurda #EPIC no one does the underdogs better then me. Brooklyn this 1 is for you!

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  • ferd

    so soon

  • chitlin coon

    salty ny fans stuck in the 90s…in 3…2….1…..

  • Carlos Danger

    that was fast so all i need is a real catch street single and a movement good for him

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

      Vine account first.

      • Carlos Danger

        that gif did him wonders.

    • Sheeesh

      Yes… thats ALL you need. If it was that easy to make a real catchy single and get a movement then you wouldn’t be down playing his success online. It ain’t easy to do so congrats to him.

      • Jake Zero

        Thank you!

        • IgnorantWisdom

          If ur a fan of him go watch his interview

  • IamRealTalk-BdotLivesWithDad


  • Free Agentz

    Man that was quick, congrats!!

  • Damien Rome

    Sha Money fucked up… Anyway Ima enjoy the next year and a half of hearing that mix of hard tracks and mediocre tracks Shmurda’s going to drop. I disagree with Charlemagne and Envy saying he should stay independent… this guy wouldn’t last long independent. Get that corporate SHMONEY! That dance kills tho.

  • Esquire

    Overrated, but anything’s possible with the help of Sha Money

    • Jake Zero

      No sir. That kid is the truth
      That’s not to say he’s a great lyricist or even a great rapper, but he is a complete package as opposed to a Troy Ave or any of these other newbies.

      Listen to the song Shmoney Dance. Listen to how wack it is… Until Bobby Shmurda comes in at the halfway point, then it becomes immensely watchable and listenable.

      The kid is dope and is exactly what NY needed. He reminds me of a young Buju Banton.

      • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

        Listen to Shmoney Dance. Listen to how wack it is… Until Shmurda comes in at the halfway point,

        Nah, it’s still wack at that point. And comparing him to Buju is such an incongruent comparison

        • Jake Zero

          You use the word incongruent and yet have no understanding of what it actually means brother. I’m not mac DIESEL. Fear not my opinion or my sexuality.

          You make multiple appearances as a representative of the culture yet your above comment shows how hideously misplaced you are within it.

          I didn’t at any point compare Bobby Shmurda to Buju Banton, I said that he REMINDS ME OF a young Buju Banton. And he does. Watch the makeshift video for Boom Bye Bye that has Buju walking the streets of Jamaica with his crew, or Terror Fabulous’ “Gangster’s Anthem”:

          Shmurda has that same Fresh.
          That dude is a complete package. NY needed that.

          • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

            email me ur address so, so i can mail u a dictionary. And what’s this “fear not my opinon or sexuality”? Sounds sus.

            U said he reminds u of Buju, so that right there IS a comparison. There’s tons of videos that are of the same archetype. I’ve seen this movie before. Hype sells. And thanks to vine, instagram, etc. it’s at an all time high.

          • Jake Zero

            “fear not my opinon or sexuality” pertaining to the dubious talkback exchanges you have with the gay/not gay mac DIESEL. Judging by his comment below, I think he’s straight today.

          • Kingly_Caracter

            This dud compared him to a legend for doing a basic music video…If thats the case. We are surrounded by legends…

          • THE REAL mac DIESEL


            DON’T HATE ON MY OPINION!!!!

          • Jake Zero

            How am I an idiot? I don’t understand… Are you gay today or not? What side of your personality are we dealing with today? I’m cool either way. I’m not homophobic in any way, shape or form.

          • Zen Abdul-Rafi

            One quick question, how is he the complete package and what “NY” needed when he raps like all those lil lost chiraq niggas?

          • wow

            I was wondering the same thing… complete package is such an overstatement…. Better than Troy ave? I’m no big Troy Ave fan but give the niga more credit… This Shmurda record is a freestyle to a lloyd banks beat… a freestyle in which the background vocals are off and borrowed from chief keef and co, the edits in the video are dumb too, drinks are spilling everywhere etc but the fact the editor didnt edit out the dance was the win. The one thing i hope that comes from this is that you can actually make moves out of nyc again…

          • Zen Abdul-Rafi

            Since when is it okay for a nigga ESPECIALLY from a whole different region to bite a sound this hard. I could understand if this dirty nigga was from Chicago cause this is their sound and what they do (Drill Music). but this nigga is from NEW YORK totally jacking Chicago shit and he gets rewarded for it.

          • Zen Abdul-Rafi

            This shit got me salty i ain’t gonna lie. I just hope this nigga atleast invests wisely and get his moms out the hood for good.

        • SKtheDon

          Don’t often agree with you B.Dot, but you’re right on point with this one. Shit is wack. He’ll be on the label a few years then broke again. If NY thinks this cat is going to “restore the feeling” I feel for them.

          • wow

            im in ny… we dont feel that way…

      • Kingly_Caracter

        …My nigga Buju??? The only thing this dude has in common with Buju is 1) Just as ugly and 2) His energy…Beyond that. No comparison. Legend vs pesant.

        • Jake Zero

          Why do people keep using the word comparison…
          I made NO comparison… I said he REMINDS ME OF. This statemenr shows how dumb B.Dot is.

          You said it in one; THE ENERGY! He reminds me of a young Buju. That jet black skinny face yardie, with his crew behind him and a hood banger. And by the way, when Buju came out, no one knew he was going to become the artist that he grew into. He had a few bangers, but with mad energy; Man Fi Dead, Batty Rider and talking about the same shit all the other artists were talking about on the same riddims. That’s hy I said he reminds me of a YOUNG BUJU!!!!!

          Lastly my Black Brother, you spelled “Character” wrong. Garnett will be very upset with you.

          • Kingly_Caracter


    • Epul

      Sha is overrated.. He got a few big records under his belt but none of that would have happened with out 50 cent.
      What has Sha done with Big Krit and Asher Roth? He signed 2 Chainz but 2 Chainz made his self hot with all those mixtapes.

      • Esquire

        According to the mass majority, people miss the GRODT sound which was heavily influenced by the production of Sha Money. Big K.R.I.T.’s album debuted at #1 on the hip hop charts, Chainz dropped two albums since Spend it caught fire and is still being heavily courted for features. As for Asher Roth I’ve never kept up with his career he’s irrelevant to me

  • Blackboy da goof

    How is this shit hot? why did he get a deal off of this? I’m not understanding…………..

  • Jeremy Conley

    Trinidad James #2, but you never know.

    • Jake Zero

      He ain’t. He is a complete package. He’s like a young dancehall DJ.
      His midichlorians are very high as opposed to Trinidad James, Troy Ave or even Joey Bada$$.

    • Michael Ibbett

      All gold everything for exceeds these songs young shmiddy has though

  • blackHippy

    its the niggas that act a fool when they get some cash that end up broke
    im sure jay z and nas had the tim dunkin face when they first got paid

  • fububaba

    This dude’s garbage! yall gonn see!!

  • Zen Abdul-Rafi

    If you like this song you’re a lost nigga.

    • GreenBergs

      dude stole a song and dudes is fallin for this bullshit, new york drill music is a fucking stupid idea thats only gonna lead to gangmembers doin shit on cam tryna b reckless like chi dudes. and gnna lead to pple gettin locked up..


    SHOUTOUT BOBBY SHMURDA! HE “RESTORING THAT NY FEEL!” – South been running the game and NY niggaz still tryna deny it?? … Ya man Shmurda even mentioned Boosie as his favorite. Where that NY feel go?? Word to B.I.G. – Things Done Changed!

    • Word to big he prolly in heaven rolling his good eye -_o lol WTF is goin on…

  • Everybody

    15 minutes and counting . . .

  • @SkiYewNiverCity

    Sha needs to be fired ASAP!!!

    • Michael Ibbett

      He wants to just be called shmoney XL from now on..the “a” was his slave letter be said..hes done with it..


  • Look everyone knows BO$$ loves to see another lil homie come out that life and get some real $$ but lol these labels must honestly be stupid they never learn from history do they? Cheif Keef, Trinidad James, Lil Reese etc etc. Just cos the internet liked one of their songs dont mean the guy can ACTUALLY make MUSIC!! I haven’t even heard an original song from dude but you never know man

  • The Rock says

    I swear I would be a better label exec than most of these niggas, they really don’t seem to understand what they’re doing

    • GreenBergs

      right like wait a song or two, geez

  • Sean Power

    smart of him to sign while he buzz and everyone talking about him, cant be mad at him if label dumb enough give him a big payout after a few week buzz that there dumb ass xxl may lose his job after this

  • Extra Domus

    ready to flop bro? LOL

  • IgnorantWisdom

    I cant hate the fact that he is capitalizing of his buzz, but i can hate on the Label cause there are ppl in theses streets making quality music and they cant get a break, ok the music is catchy is a internet hit but theyre validating the fact that u just need to go viral to get signed

    • Ill tell you what though, id rather be one of those struggling undeground emcees than be in his position. History has shown he will just fall face flat in a few weeks.

      • IgnorantWisdom

        Definitely. they will give him some money about 100gs and if he start ballin’ and etc he will be broke faster than he got signed. I really hope he invest some money to capitalize more of his buzz because we all know when the summers heat pass ppl wont be checking his music if theres no content in it

        • Not even just that bro, the dude hasn’t actually done any grind in the industry. He will be walking around with entitlement and the industry hates that plus he clearly can’t make MUSIC just raps lol!

          • IgnorantWisdom

            Yeah i can see what u saying, this labels are hungry for hits not real music thats fucking

      • Epul

        You remember Trinidad James right?

    • ghostofbiggie

      he is exactly that a nucca that doesn’t usually get a break soooo…….

      • IgnorantWisdom

        Really ? Huh

  • I love seeing young black men get good clean money and set up their future but we don’t need anymore young “niggas” wit mics making noise just because… Has long has bubble gum ever lasted… And shamoney is a culture vulture…

  • Michael Ibbett

    Iiiiiiit’s shhhmmurda….3.3.6
    Shmurda inked

    Gotta see thinkin shmurmin around all over the place now
    Jimmy shmimmel…David shletterman…Jimmy shmallon
    This shfuckin kid

  • tipp0183

    He didn’t listen to Charlemagne. They probably gave him a deal just to keep him quiet and keep him in pocket just incase the views turn into single sales. he’ll be dropped the moment his music flops.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    hip hop is dead.

  • Balla

    This dude is garbage, goes to show just about anyone can get a record deal





    • Jake Zero

      Remember this post in a year.
      The lil niglet is gonna be around for a while yet.

  • YahMamma

    Tax write off coming up

  • YahMamma

    NY’s Chief Keef

  • Izlar928

    Yo I’m about to get alot of niggas and do a dumb song I swear to god yo

  • realish

    Im not hating young blacck man at 20 just tryin to feed his family. the song and dance is catchy or it wouldnt be popular so its not garbagr like that. and how are yall juding off of one song??? sha money prob already hear his songs and seen that they were good thats y he signed him. And yall need to atart embracing ny music thts y it fell off in the first place

    • Kingly_Caracter

      I understand where you are coming from…but let’s be real. There’s nothing NY about this.

  • via @aMagnumLifeBlog

  • Orange Juice

    Yeah but, they will just drop him when he loses the hype, just like Epic did to Cash Out.

  • Bruh Bruh

    sick ass beat, I kept waiting for homie to go in but instead he sucked.
    another case of recycling everyone else’s lyrics.

    good job Sha, taxes are coming a year.
    Wasnt Uncle Murda signed to Epic?
    Shmurda, Murda….anyways

  • Kingly_Caracter

    Look…Honestly I’m happy for the lil nigga. He got to fulfill his dream. Bravo. But mother of God the boy is mediocre. Sounds like everyone else. Then the fact the he blew up over a 50+ yr old Jamaican dance…called “Skanking”…Using a southern beat. I guess everything eventually comes full circle. I hope he takes full advantage of his situation.

  • Kingly_Caracter

    NY needs to actually CREATE a NEW sound…THis is default.

  • Free Slowbuck’s Chain!

    Sha Money had to cut his losses with the Snitching Boyz On Everything after Slow ended their careers before it even got started with that press conference and investigation.

  • Epul

    Reminds me of the Trinidad James situation. People don’t like his song because it’s good, it’s because the video and track is so bad it’s almost like a parody.

  • Sha Money XL capitalizing off what’s HOT & not what’s #TIMELESS

    The End. Salute.

  • Get Moneynigga

    Bobby Shmurda iz Cheif Keef without the dreadz…Epic records is gonna rape this young nigga for this “Hot Nigga” single,they go take 85% of the profits and he become the next Trinidad James…Sha Money signed Trinidad James and raped him for so much money off 1 single “All Gold Everythang”…Now Bobby Shmurda is next,2 songs minimum and he will be forgotten by next spring…Trinidad James dropped “All Gold Everythang” in Dec of 2012…and everybody forgot this nigga by summer…6 months of fame

    • IgnorantWisdom

      Trinidad is singed to Def Jam nothing to with Sha Money i think.

  • Get Moneynigga

    A lot of y’all haven’t peep’d game…this nigga goin off Lloyd Banks “Jackpot” record that he dropped back in 012’…Banks murdered that shit,he never dropped a video for it being lazy and not pushin that record…the same shit 50 was talkin about,”Jackpot” would’ve been another “Beamer,Benz or Bentley” but Banks let this I’M FROM BK BUT I SOUND LIKE I’M FROM CHIRAQ ASS NIGGA get this beat and get a deal off of it…NY niggas take a L for this…If it’s not the SOUTH sound they stealing from,it’s CHIRAQ they tryin to steal from

  • smoke dungeon

    Sha Money know what he doing. he signing up all these ny niggas from the streets to keep them goons close to him. even if he leave epic he still ate some food off every advance he cut. Sha don’t give a fuck about the music. he a corporate hustla. he made deals in ATL, LA, NY, Miami. he got all his major markets covered.


      hes a culture vulture

  • James Dean

    There are people who work their craft to the bone and dont get heard but this guy gets a deal off of a vine….fuck outta here.

  • ghostofbiggie

    i don’t get it yall cry when a commercial act gets on and when a real emcee living the hip hop culture gets a deal you slam that be happy for that lil dude’s ticket off the block and give it up to him it’s a lot of nucca’s running round tryna do it and he was the goose that lay’d the golden egg don’t be so unhappy for peoples success no matter how they got it

    • 2 cents

      He’s ass

  • Sean Power

    his a NYC chief keef

  • Antonio Cesaro

    The dance poppin more than the song. This nigga rapped over Lloyd banks – JAckpot and run away with it.

  • steez hoe

    Weakest nigga ever he snitched on himself on this songwon’t be too long before the d.a starts listening then he’ll be a jail nigga