Kanye West Covers ‘GQ’

kanye GQ 2014

Fly Yeezy.

In leather pants and a peacoat, Kanye eases off the gold chains and keeps it simple for the August issue of Gentlemen’s Quarterly magazine. Yeezus rose.


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  • even looking at this nigga i feel obliged to tell him if its ralph or not

  • Free Kanye’s Manhood!

    Dress like a god? get the fuck outta here! If i believed in a god he wouldn’t dress like a homeless metrosexual.

    • Jake Zero


  • burr_guwop_burr

    I’ll be damn if i rock a V neck or a U neck

  • C. Dot

    ..I smell hate in the air…

  • fuck this nigga

    Son look suspect hands in his pockets like a bitch. Fuck this sellout

  • poetmm .

    1,2,3 here comes the hate

  • AJ turner

    Niggas hate on Kayne no matter what he does.. He doesn’t satisfy you niggas lol. I wasn’t a fan of the skirt or kilt or whatever he called that but this cover seems normal to me. Good fashion and down to earth (still a rich as fuck outfit lol) but he didn’t wear the skirt and dressed like a gentleman. Let the black man win.

    • Abe6772

      I think you’re the only person in this earth that thinks kanye is down to earth. In what way is he down? Plus, ppl hate on his for giving black ppl a bad name.

      • AJ turner

        When I said down to earth, I was talking about the outfit. How is he giving black people a bad name? Black people are giving black people a bad name. It’s us as a race.. So should we hate on every black person? Nah. He speaks his mind. He talented. He’s successful. He’s a dick sometimes but let people hate on you for making something better for yourself and you might turn out the same way.