New Music: Pusha T “No Flex Zone”

Milk Presents ADD52

Funk Flex.

The remixes are upon as. And now, Pusha T, excuse us, the new Hov, steps up to the plate with a closing verse. You already know they’re more to come.

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  • Jake Zero

    No Pusha. Nobody dwelling anywhere within the entire planet is calling you the new Hov. Nobody is even calling you the old Hov. As a matter of fact, the names Pusha T and Hov are in actual fact NEVER EVER mentioned in the same sentence… outside of right now.

    • Orange Juice

      Pusha T is completely better than Jay-Z, listen to My Name Is My Name than Magna Carta, and i think you’ll come to that conclusion also.

      • Jake Zero

        I know your name is Orange Juice but you have been drinking entirely too much Koo-Aid.

      • tipp0183

        Pusha is dope, HOV is the fishcale.

        • Jake Zero

          Hov is the greatest rapper of all time. Full stop.
          Sooner or later hip hop will acknowledge him as such.

          • true story no lie

            The greatest behind nas, black thought, big, scarface, pac, rakim. Success dont make u the greatest. Black album was hov last classic. In fact allure is better song then everything since that album

          • sean

            I love big but I’m sorry I need more than 2 albums to call him the greatest
            of all time, i can’t play the what if game both him pac never should us what
            they can do over a long period of year with all respect to everyone on that
            list the reason why jay-z take the title is because of hos constants Nas has had many years where he was nowhere
            to be seen the same with face, can you please give the list of black thought
            classic albums. Rakim is great no doubt but many Jay-z has move the hiphop industry forward

          • areal1

            What u r talkin about is exactly what he said fame doesn’t matter who cares if nas “face” wasn’t in the spotlight constantly he maintained his abilities BETTER than hov all these years even the most devout hov fans will tell u that so stop hov is the most accomplished but greatest rap artist is either nas or pac period

          • Jake Zero

            Hov is the GREATEST of all time. This fact is indisputable.
            It’s not about who is the BEST rapper, it is about the whole spectrum of rap/hip hop the culture. There is only ONE person standing… Jay Z.

            If I said to anyone who is the GREATEST BOXER of all time, 99% of us will all agree to Mohammed Ali. But Ali was by no means the BEST boxer of all time. There were many boxers before and after Ali with advanced skills inside the actual ring, but it is the whole spectrum of boxing why Ali takes the title, as even his opponents will attest.

            Jay Z is the Ali of our culture. Literally. There is no one that even comes close.

          • areal1

            Lmaoooo it sounds like your taking about Pac your comparing jayz to Ali the freedom fighter the activist?? Wasn’t Pac more closely aligned with those causes didn’t hov say basically he could be talib kweli but it didn’t make money so he couldn’t do it? Pac is hands down most influential damn near every rapper has some element of pac in his music or representation even hov has borrowed lyrics and songs from pac in 100 years people will talk about Pac because he made music 4 the world 2 be a better place not 2 make money. There are militias in war torn countries named after Pac just two weeks ago a Russian aide to the Russian president said fuck the us only thing he cared about in the us was pacs music I could go on and on but when it comes to goat rap artist hov ain’t in PACS stratosphere my nigga

          • Jake Zero

            When people call Pac a great rapper I can’t even have an intelligent discussion with them. Pac had 5 words in his vocabulary:
            and sometimes, the occasional “REMEMBER CATO” thrown in if we were lucky.

          • areal1

            Ok I thought i was talking to a logical grown man now u on some corny Internet troll shit ur opinion don’t even matter now debate over like cole said pac was like jesus nas wrote the Bible

          • Jake Zero

            If Pac was like Jesus, we ALL going to hell.
            We were never in a logical debate. You’re trying to tell me Pac is the greatest rapper of all time.

          • areal1

            Bruh just stop its sad ur “jokes” are wack u got a fuckin astronaut in ya avi I shoulda knew u was troll not a good one tho quit

          • Jake Zero

            You still here nigga? Go listen to Pac, root for Israel and STFU.

          • true story no lie

            Totally agree both of them touch ur soul heart in mind. Prolific lyrics original content. Dear mama, daughters, keep ur head up, if I ruled the world, hold your head, I can, project Window, black girl lost, nothing lasts forever, brendas got baby, Changes, life goes on etc hov dont make these type of songs that impact ppl forever. Nas in pac the greatest long live hip hop

          • areal1

            Exactly my nigga

          • true story no lie

            Big was incredible fuck if he had 2 albums. Those 2 albums are definition of classic. Pac catalog is full of classic’s in is nothing less then genius and inspirational. Face never had a wack album consistant since geto boys days. Nas made illmatic enough said. In black thought albums how bout u start at illadelph halflife. Andre 3000 isn’t solo artist in he 1 the greatest when it comes to skill. Skills top success when it come to the greatest talk. Thats just my opinion tho

        • Fresh360

          Aint even mad at this analogy, carry on…

    • basedgenie

      aye, stop trolling if you don’t know how to my g




  • Michael Ibbett

    Who’s song is this? And who is the widdle baby boy singing the hook.

    Keeping hearing remixes or something but Idk whats going on

  • PaperPlates Clothing

    Virginia All day. Mid-atlantic Champions.. Pusha-T is the new Hov on this side cousin

  • el jim chapo guzman

    pusha should find him another job cause hip hop ain’t working..

  • Gwarrior28

    KING PUSH kills this shit

  • Zen Abdul-Rafi

    I’m already tired of hearing remixes to this song.

  • wow

    This about to be the hottest record in the streets…

  • Rory

    Pusha talk the same shit for years now he the new Hov get him the fuck out of here

  • truth


  • Louiev

    Damn, that’s it?!?!?!

  • jay

    he wasnt saying he a better rapper, just talking about selling drugs. chill out.

  • ERIQ D.

    Pusha T somehow has a line for a year that is unexplainable. But son. HOV?

  • Siimply ImperfectPerfection