New Video: Hopsin “Illmind Of Hopsin 7”


Hot Head.

Baring the heat in the middle of nowhere, Hopsin lets his conscious be free in the seventh installment of his “Illmind Of Hopsin” series.

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  • Zen Abdul-Rafi

    I had to listen to this 2 times just to register a comment in my head…
    This shit right here my nigga is deep.

    • el jim chapo guzman

      Just cause he’s deep doesn’t mean that his nice.

      • Zen Abdul-Rafi

        spell check yoself.

        • el jim chapo guzman

          How much you charge for them spelling errors?

          • Zen Abdul-Rafi

            As much as the government assistance that you’re getting every month.

      • Zen Abdul-Rafi

        Nah. I never said i was a fan of Hopsin. I understand most of you niggas have bias ears and shit but this song is legit though.

  • RNS

    This ain’t something I’d bump everyday but it’s definitely not bad. I find it hard to hate on music when the lyrics contain pure honesty, dude isn’t scared to admit that he’s lost in terms of balancing his personal life with religion. Guess if it had some ratchet ass bitches and bottles poppin people would find it more appealing.

    • MrSkeezyMak


  • room2roam

    imo this shyt is amazing. best hip hop song i’ve heard in a min

  • t

    i dont get why people say hopsin isint nice

    he can rap thats why tech n9ne fucked with him in the first place

  • Joe Kerr

    I felt this same way a few years back…… Good shit Hop…..

    • t

      he to real for hip hop

      the heads will appreciate it but the average listener wont

      • JGrant


  • Chronic

    It was alright…but honestly I was having these thoughts at like 9, not 20 something

    • BEE

      he isnt rapping ur life story, he rappin his. hez havin dem thoughts now.

  • THE guest

    lmao sorry this shit is corny. technical skills are there but I just can’t take him seriously at all.

    • maybe grow up?

      • THE guest

        I don’t wanna grow up…I JUST WANNA HAVE FUN!!!!

  • mokhai

    no thats what you call music… check out

  • TeF

    I’m laughing at some of these geniuses in the comments, no, you weren’t having these thoughts at 9 with the same life experience you have now. This is one of the realest tracks I’ve heard because it’s a question of faith that many people have. I always feel like public figures use the name God and Thank him tongue in cheek while not really knowing if they mean it or not. There’s nothing sinful about wanting answers.

    • Chronic

      I literally had a conversation with my parents in 4th grade and explained to them how I thought the Bible was nothing but a storytell. Guess my parents just actually raised me to be self aware of my place in the world.

      • Chronic

        And honestly if you really still believe in any religion after age 16 I just consider you ignorant.

        • TeF

          At 9 years old, you don’t even know the full extent of existentialism, you have no idea what you are, why you’re on earth, and can barely process and accept the process of death, so how the fuck did you have a crisis of faith clown? You sound like the dickhead at parties that absolutely everyone hates, and if I had a week I couldn’t point out all the self-righteous pretentious bullshit you stated in your comments. The discord between atheist and religious believers is not that either one is smarter or dumber, it’s that both sides think they’re better, grow up. As smart as you think you are are, you know absolutely nothing about this universe and the full extent of what it is, science and religion have opposing views, but as a very young species living in a young galaxy that is part of a must more vast universe that neither science or religion have fully mapped, and may not ever be able to, there are still douches who think they know it all, stop smoking. Even your thought process itself consist of a firing of nerve centering and biological energy that you can’t even explain where it really first started on a base level and why, and with all of these questions unanswered about what we are, and how we first came to be even a minor organism, you still have the audacity to down these people for believing that it came from somewhere other than where you believe it came from, that’s wack to me, and it makes you a lot more ignorant than what you’re saying other people are. Grow up Son, the minute you realize you don’t know shit, you’ll start to learn something. Learn what you want, but respect other people’s right to believe what they want, because in the end none of us have all the answers.

          • Chronic

            Never did I bring “smartness” into this. And never did I say I fully understood everything. All I said big guy was that if you believe in a man-made religion you’re ignorant. And clearly my first 9 years alive were very different than yours.

          • Super Ghost

            That was the most intelligent thing I’ve read on a RR c-section in forever.
            Peace God.

        • TeF

          By the way, the sound of you being right is actually very quiet. Not one co-sign, so I guess you take that as you being smarter than everyone here huh? Smh, dummy.



  • jsmooth

    Different ppl go through these ideas and feelings at different times in their lives. Let the man express himself. He sure doesn’t need our approval.. I like the end, he brought it all together. From confusion to realizing we’re human.. trying to figure this life thing out.

  • cannon

    the devil has been working his ass off to make you not believe in him and hes been doing a great job but I always remembered “in later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons”. plus all these devil movies, devilish rap songs we choose to hypnotize are minds with…its starting to look like the end is near.

  • Carlos Danger

    this kid always have something to say can’t never front on him.

  • Everybody

    This guy wants to be Eminem so badly!