Floyd Mayweather Disses T.I. & Tiny

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Low Blow.

Money Mayweather is back on the campaign trail promoting his upcoming rematch with Marcos Maidana. At one of his press conferences, a spectator mentioned T.I. with the champ claiming he had sex with his wife, Tiny. Round 2? Back in May, T.I. confronted Mayweather about staying away from his ol’ lady.

UPDATE: Money talks.

At the press conference, I said “… he thinks I was f*cking his b*tch”. I DID NOT say “… I was f*cking his b*tch”. I’ve never been with Tiny sexually. I respect her situation and I thinks she’s a good person. I would never disrespect a marriage. #Mayhem on September 13th.

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  • fox

    Floyd is such a fuck-boy and this type of disrespectful shit needs to be dealt with. TI’s and Tiny’s kids gotta hear this coming out of his mouth. Smh.

    • smoss44

      nigga stfu soft ass, how much other dumb shit their kids already know. she tried to play him on the red carpet, that’s what the hoe get. control ya bitch

      • fox

        Soft? Lol smh. It’s a damn shame that this type of disrespectful shit is tolerated in society….but I guess that’s what happens you have a bunch of punks trying to act tough to impress other dudes.

        • jimj87

          well said
          it is all about impressing other dudes… what was Floyd saying at the beginning of the video ? “no homo, no homo”

        • splifffffffffhitts

          So I don;t see what Floyd did wrong.. Did he put something in her drink? Did he rape her? Nah.. He fucked that shit and she was an idiot and got herself caught posting on instagram.

          I mean Money aint do shit wrong. He did what we are born to do. FUck. She did what most hoes would do in that situation.. Fuck the man who made 50+ million dollars a year for the past 5-6 years.. Weren’t we all told you can’t change a hoe into a housewife??

          T.I. fell off after those gun arrests and he made pop music and it didn’t pan out so now he is back to semi hard shit that is wrapped up with all these poppy synths and shit on the beat and it don’t work..

          Floyd wins unless T.I. get at him like he should,, Even tho he should just drop Tiny.. Find a new one man that bitch been wrecked since day 1.

          • DUhhhh

            Your a clown..

      • mike_VIC_mensa

        man… someone need to pick up http://www.soundcloud.com/love_at_first_sound/madeofgold ASAP boi1da posted it

    • mike_VIC_mensa
  • jinsushi

    Y’all shoulda realized Floyd was a hoe ass nigga back when he was running wit 50. When them niggas was wit Ross baby moms and kids going shopping and shit y’all called them real niggas. Real niggas don’t move like that. Floyd been a fake ass rapper for a long ass time.

    • Mylo

      But Ross rocking with that nigga now so who’s real?

    • spliiffffhard

      What I hate people who can’t do what Floyd does(box, have sex with women, make moneY) so they just spew hate.. man 11 people liked what you said.. How many of those people know Ross is runnning with monye mayweather now?? Bunch of fuck boy shit.. If you can’t keep your girl on a leash and she wants to sample other dick than that is your own damn fault.. Also if the girl that you are married to is so stupid that she got herself caught on twitter by posting A FUCKING PICTURE OF HER DAUGHTER WITH MAYWEATHER… You should reconsider your life.. I wonder what Tiny has on T.I. that he stays with that trash. That is a hoe to a T

      • MikeUnbreakable Neely

        Yall hoes ass dudes talkin like thy jus been fukn nahhh bruhhhh he proli fukd once only cuz tip was out gettin it in floydddnee tht shithe took advantage #SnakeAssNigga but its life u niggas get off floyddd sack biychs not gettin paid tf

  • Davide Leroy

    didn’t he say he didn’t have sex with her. he said i don’t have sex with a married man’s wife.

  • PTK

    This whole situation is a lose/lose for Mayweather. Smh he just keeps playing himself.

  • john doodle

    nigga scared to fight pacman

    • Davide Leroy

      we ain’t scared to fight T.I.

    • tha OG

      True shit tha nigga be dogeing & Ducking Manny

  • bcro31

    This is not going to end well. This goes beyond boxing to the point where someone could get hurt.

    • true story no lie

      U right in rapradar promoting this fuck shit. This should be on tmz or another gossip site. I hate to see blacks personal issues instigated by the media. Thats why pac in big gone rip.

      • bcro31

        Its all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

  • AJ turner

    Floyd acting like he can’t get touched. That’s what happens when that type of money, praise and lifestyle gets thrown at you. Another example of a grown ass man who didn’t mature. Gotta love it when niggas feel like they’re above everybody and on top of that corny shit, The corniest part about it is that he said it to please a fan with a question. If you really was about that life, You would’ve made your own video talking about how you fucked his wife my nigga. You don’t say it in a room full of fuck boys to satisfy the fans and make ya self feel good at the same time.. Lost points with this one.

    • bcro31

      Your right. It came across as if he was happy about it.He said all of this with his kids right there next to him. Maybe he still isn’t over Miss Jackson leaving him for Nelly.

    • po boy

      j prince already had that nigga shook

      • Mylo

        When was this?

  • Guest

    nigga stfu how much other dumb shit their kids already know. she tried to play him on the red carpet, that’s what the hoe get. control ya bitch

  • smoss44

    niggas saying it’s a lose for may. How? this is entertainment, he got on this site by saying it right? right! will still earn 70 were’s the lost.

    • Yo

      you’re what I like to call an idiot nigga

      • bcro31

        Yep, Nigga was born in the 90’s. Lol.

    • PTK

      He’s an athlete not a comedian. He’s constantly making dumb decisions like putting millions on a debit card. He can’t fight forever. He has to create a brand that translates across cultures in order to become a jordan or a lebron. You talk about his $70 mill but imagine all the money he leaves on the table by being an asshole.

      • thatsrealMONEY

        70 mil for this new fight.. He has been making like 20+ mil per fight since he fought Ricky Hatton 4-5 years ago. He might be able to spend all that money but he will definitely be old and cracked by then

        • PTK

          Do people not learn from history? All athletes go broke, boxers go broke between fights. The fact that 50 had to incorporate his business and the fact that he keeps putting his hands on girls and him putting 100 mill in his checking account means he doesn’t have a clue. No business moves outside of boxing and afterparties.

          • you dont know shit

            he OWN over 100 MIllioN in COMMEriCAL Properties! FACTS!!!!!!!!

          • PTK

            I rest my case. One of the main reasons athletes go broke is because they dump their money into failed real estate investments #FactsOnly

  • true story no lie

    Love Floyd boxing but the man foul for that.u dnt disrespect a mans family. Niggaz feel bullets burn for that shit. We all know Floyd hit but keep it on the low. Thats what happens when u never been whooped before. Ass whooping is very humbling maybe his will come soon.

  • b r z a

    wow this is mad disrespectful

  • raj

    50 needs to call his boy…

    • Free Slowbuck’s Chain!

      thats not his boy no more and he been warning him not to play with tip. floyd dont wanna hear it i guess.

  • TheTruth

    T.I going back to jail boy!

  • Dre

    This nigga said I wud never mess with a man’s wife cause there’s no coming back from tht wen they first asked him about Tiny now this smfh…..shoot this nigga already man

  • the-Lebron-curse.

    Mayweather is gonna get what’s coming to him.

  • Michael Ibbett

    It seems like this was done solely out of disrespect, lets be real, why would a man of his status wanna fuck tiny? When you can pick dimes out of a hat?

  • It’s Just Music

    ridiculously disrespectful. jesus

  • dino

    Floyd money or not you don’t have hitters….you got bodyguards its a big difference bro….shouldn’t never did that my man….and I fuck with both of you guys…. I hope you make it to your fight bro hitters out weigh body guards….. #realtalk

    • Enlightened Jamison

      Actually Dino, and I’m not endorsing him acting like this, Floyd do have hitters. He already dodged a case where his hitters shot somebody in the face at the strip club a couple years back while he was there and they tried to sue him. Still no excuse for acting like this but yes, as a matter of fact, Floyd does move like that.

  • The Real Franchise

    You know theres a lot of rappers you could probably disrespect or fuck with and never have it come back on you, TIP is not one of those rappers, lol.

    • spliffffthissss

      Nah you hear that new music TIP been dropping?? Sounds like he forgot how to weigh coke and be on that shit that put him on. He tried the pop music game after KING and did well wih Paper Trail but since he fucked his mind with(what I have coined) Lil Wayne raps..all the dude did for a while was try to have hot songs with Aguilera Timberlake and so on and yadda yadda.. He did well but now people who used to buy his music pre KING don’t wanna fuck with it since they know its fuck shit.. He is just just hoping he can be the new juicy j and get on a hot beat and have a verse tween girls will eat up.<==== sadly this is what most that is pushed on us has become since white tween girls are the only ones who still buy music. i.e. iggy azeala has sold 4 plus million of the song fancy and is over 2/2,5 mil with that song with that super hot chick..

  • HotSun10

    “Floyd you can’t play with a man wife like that man” (50’s voice) lol

  • poetmm .

    Why would anyone admit they slept with Mrs. Peggy. she is the type of chick you take down when your main option is busy. LMAO

  • Ben

    Haha Floyds a foo!! Whats ti gonna do? Come on now…take the L tip

  • Ben

    In the words of Cam…control your baby mama b!!

  • Rumando

    2 types of men that I don’t respect a man who sleeps with a married woman and a man over 21 still bragging on his penis. Floyd is acting like a female all because Tiny avoided him at the BET awards. Like 50 said even a b*tch ass n*gga will kill you for messing with his families!!

  • Vurbz Fenomeno

    its all fun and games till T.I sends young dro to take care of Tiny and they find her in a pool of blood somewhere behind a chicken and waffles spot in atlanta with a hustle gang abbreviation carved into her chest…

  • LP1087

    Leonard the CEO couldn’t step in there. Just…..ear to ear w/ it. #YESMEN

  • .Trillion.

    this guy acts more like a rapper than a world champion sportsmen smh


    He doing this to hype up and promote the fight FOH

  • Flip007

    Y’all missed May’s clarification, huh? Can’t read people? Just wondering.

  • theOTHERandyitwaru

    Floyd is a pro wrestling heel acting dickish so people pay money to watch him get beat on ppv