Behind The Scenes: Jeezy “Me Ok”

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 11.00.33 PM

Trap Star.

Jeezy recently let the cameras roll down in the A for his next video. Until the final edit premieres, here’s a look of what went down on the set. Seen It All September 2.

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  • DJ Game

    Dope. I’ve been needing a new jeezy album.

  • Roosevelt hgh

    T.I. A straight up real nigga

  • Stanfield

    Hip hop is done

  • el jim chapo guzman

    can’t wait for the album to drop 80k first week.

  • veesky

    I’d rather see a video for, “Seen It All.” I hate when artists drop a dope single and then complete neglect it. At this point, it seems like he basically gave away what will arguably be one of the best tracks on the album


      or maybe he is just following his roll out plan

    • hostage

      a music video with Jay-Z ain’t gonna happen overnight

  • GroovyQ

    @B.Dot why is Rap Radar so biased?