Kanye West Discusses New Single & Album

kanye gq 2014

New Ish.

Although Kanye has a lot on his plate these days, don’t expect the music to suffer. In his GQ cover story, Ye discusses his new single entitled, “All Day” which he’s aiming to release this fall. Tuck your autumn in?

What does that mean in terms of putting the new record together? Do you want the pendulum to swing back and do something more pop, like Twisted Fantasy or Graduation?
I think just my usual pattern is like that. It’s like a pendulum. The pendulum gains momentum by swinging in the other direction. Even lyrically, I think about certain lines that I say on my new single, which is called “All Day,” that usually Jay would say, but Jay’s not on there. So I say, All day, nigga, it’s Ye, nigga. Shopping for the winter, it’s just May, nigga. Ball so hard, man, this shit cray, nigga. You ain’t getting money unless you got eight figures. Right? Jay would have said that. And then eventually I would have came in with, like, whatever I come in with. But the balance of a meal is that when people walk in, they want water first. People definitely weren’t getting water first on Yeezus. I do fight with myself to say, “Keep fighting.” But also, you know, you can’t win every single fight. It’s a long war, and if you’re out there trying to, like, blow up every single building, you won’t win the war.

What about the new record? How far away is that?
I don’t know, man. I hope I can get one of these songs out in the next couple of weeks, just to have something up and running. But I think most likely September. I go back and forth. Like, should it be September or should it be October? Should it be November? When Beyoncé was working on her last album, she took a while. I was thinking it could somehow come out in June, like Yeezus, and just kill it for the summer. But then I’m like, I have to work on Adidas and be with my child.

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  • Johnny Ryall

    The fans want the feeling of A Tribe Called Quest
    But all we got left is… NOTHING!

    • yo

      lol eat a dick dog

      • Johnny Ryall

        lol just my thoughts man, don’t get your Kanye Kilt in a bunch.

    • b r z a

      lol clever

  • ok

    Talking about nothing. Check out artoxication.com

  • … Meh …. What about action Bronson

  • Yeezy became the same person he hated

  • Vurbz Fenomeno

    incredible..there really is a thin line between love and hate…i used to love kanye and everything he stood for and now ..i can’t even stand to look at him.

    • Lester Nygaard

      That sounds like a female emotion I simply just can’t relate to. I could never hate someone I’ve never met and who’ve never wronged me, personally. But do you, I guess.

      • Vurbz Fenomeno

        I am. Thanx

  • Josh

    Yeezy season approaching! KTT we outchea

  • el jim chapo guzman

    This Kanye album will be awful as his last album kanye is not hungry anymore.

    • HeyBuddy

      If any of the 10 rappers right now on the radio can even make an album that comes close to Yeezus, I would believe you. But right now that isn’t the case.

  • yorapper

    The funny thing is when Kanye came out people didn’t understand him and now that people don’t understand him again, they hate him. Maybe in a few years you’ll understand, just like it took people a few years to understand Kanye’s music.

  • HeyBuddy

    I wonder if God Level will make this album. I’m curious to see how the entire song played out, but I have a feeling this album might be a combination of WTT and Graduation. Hopefully so.

    • 2 cents

      If God Level is any indication of what the albums gonna sound like it’s not gonna sound like WTT or Graduation, it’s gonna be the second coming of Yeezus unfortunately. When Yeezus 2 comes out that shit won’t be edgy and creative anymore, that sounds already played out. If this album sounds anything like his old albums we can all rejoice, that shit is timeless.

  • LOST


  • Coby

    Black Bruce Wayne should be his first single.

  • Guest


  • MadShot

    “All day, nigga, it’s Ye, nigga.
    Shopping for the winter, it’s just May, nigga. Ball so hard, man, this
    shit cray, nigga. You ain’t getting money unless you got eight figures.”

    Expect some deep and powerful lyrics on this album, boys. Ye will make you think.

  • Enock Saint Juste

    all i gotta say is…. ON SIGHT!!!

  • BEE

    This guy and the way he talks.

  • IgnorantWisdom

    Ye probably wont do nothing that we expecting or whatever he is saying on interviews

  • Allah

    I heard album already. Kim let me listen. It’s wack!

    • lovehiphopdebate


  • DUST or BUST

    yo he played some tracks that didn’t make Yeezus last year when he changed direction. All slap. Even if itshalf of the trow aways then we’re in for a treat.

  • Jake Zero

    Hey all KTT fans, are some of you gay on that board? I only ask that because we have a guy over here called ‘the real mac DIESEL’ and he’s gay. He really likes that kind of stuff apparently.