Kendrick Lamar Covers ‘Complex’

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No littering.

Writer’s block? Not quite. While we wait for Kendrick’s sophomore LP, he’s in deep thought on the cover of Complex. Excerpt below. Full article here.

The child of Compton is gearing up to release the follow-up to his highly acclaimed major label debut. How do you follow a classic? How do you make sure your album checks off all the boxes after you told everyone with a microphone to do better? Who knows. We just hope Kendrick knows. Associate Editor, Insanul Ahmed, believes he does. Kendrick welcomed Insanul, along with photographers Coleman and B+, to L.A. to share just what is going through his head as he prepares for this momentous occasion. We got to watch him work and see how he creates songs. Our takeaway? Despite what we think, Kendrick doesn’t seem all that stressed. Is King Kendrick ready to assume the throne?

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  • raphael

    good read

  • West West

    I don’t think Kendricks Album was a classic!

    I think it was very very good but I still have to skip Real and Poetic Justice. That’s my opinion. I liked Section80 more than GKMC! Good read tho!

    BUT in Spring 2015 Hip Hop will see Kendrick and Drake going at it! Same Date! Album vs Album! Sales vs Sales! Reviews vs Reviews! Hits vs Hits! Bars vs Bars! I am so ready!

    Cause this year is kinda dry Hip Hop wise.

  • The people who over-hype Kendrick kinda has me not as hype anymore as I used to be, but still looking forward to his next project though, good kid, m.A.A.d. city was tough!

  • yeah

    250-400 a verse….. holy fuckin shit man.

  • The Rock says

    Im usually not the type to rush niggas to drop a song, but DAMN!, him nd Cole gotta give us something

    • Oceans22

      Him & Cole cooking.
      Guarantee we gonna wakeup one morning to a collab with them two.
      Quiet tho lol

    • sway-z

      That’s the problem with music nowadays tho, it moves so fast niggas don’t even absorb the shit like they used to, so rappers keep releasing garbage every year to keep their fans satisfied with music that should’ve stayed dead on the cutting room floor.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Kendrick is a lazy rapper one album every five years. Kendrick Lamar should’ve been on his third album by now his not being consistent with his.

    • Gmillz

      Its OK to read the article bro. Don’t let all those words scare you.

      • el jim chapo guzman

        Smh do me a favor logoff.

    • elohim

      rappers that release albums too often usually do it cos of their contracts and not from passion. thats why these rappers wont be remembered in 20 years

      • el jim chapo guzman

        Jay z did it 10 summer’s straight and he still around.

  • Kid

    If y’all read this article, you would be mind blown. Just by reading the comments I can tell you didn’t. Stop hatin. You don’t get paid 250k – 400k a verse for nothing. Dude is a genius.

  • Moss Da Beast