• el jim chapo guzman

    This remixed came to late.

  • MMG Pleather

    stop pushing this old ass trash its not a hit it dont matter how many cops or snitch sympathizers you put on it trel

    • .Trillion.

      lol they put it at number 5 in the top 5 posts smh like its something special lol

  • The Incredible Creation

    he could have kept both of them off this remix smh… -_- http://toomanyfuckinrappers.tumblr.com/

  • Oddmund

    Ive been a huge fan of Rick Ross and MMG since BMF came out, I mean like HUGE fan. Ive been to concerts, bought albums and merch and all that stuff, but these days I can’t turn up to it, Im getting sick of this drug promoting bullshit they put out every fucking time. Its the same shit different toilet and wtf is up with being 30 years + and still being ignorant ass fuck? People gotta stop buy this nonsense and start paying attention to music that has good values. Sorry MMG, you lost it