New Music: T.I. x Victoria Monet “Stay”

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Stick Around.

If it’s cheaper to keep her, T.I.’s on bended knee with his new track released exclusively through Samsung’s Owner’s Hub. It’s unknown if this will appear on Paperwork, but it sounds too good to leave on the cutting room floor.

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  • Chris M

    Smooth shit.

  • BEE

    This guy really loves tiny.

  • Izlar928

    This shit is a hit straight up

  • Kevin Banks

    I want bad bitches only, I don’t want no mediocre, next minute… I swear I’ll get down on my knee for you.

    • BEE

      one for d radio, one is just personal. PS maybe he loves and will get down on his knees for the bad bitch?

      • NothingTruer

        nAH HE is just trying to find that new pop record. ain’t nothin poppin like KING for this motherfucker anymore. Fif showed he a snitch.. Flooyd fucked his bitch.. Now he just reaching for more and more pop records trying to regain that hit he did with justin timberlake and christina aguilera.. ain’t happening.. he can’t still that M.I.A. beat for swagger like us to get sale either.. Career OVER.. Fuck dude fell off so hard after the joint.. Thats the story of most sttreet legends tho.. Once they get sonned in jail they ain’t the same anymore.. When it comes to rappers its Ja Rule Shyne T.I. Wayne(he still sells because he has his fingers in the middle schools) so get this fuck boys off my screen I wish I knew they were ALL fake and lying before I started bumping this shit. I feel like Rap as a whole has been a lie since the late 90s

        • MikeUnbreakable Neely

          Bruhhh tf up make it make since pop or street trash tht kills the youth he still gne sell fohhh bum nd he be lying dude hush wer u live tf u bangin nigga plzzzz u have no fukn cred mus b broke

        • BEE

          T.I played himself and well…shit happens, i feel bad for him, but still i believe this record is personal, or at least combines personal w business which is what music is about really, I like T.I he don fucked up here and there but he still holding on, he got iggy. Ja rule’s career was killed by beef. Wayne will never be as dominating as he was but i dont think hez fell off yet he still selling, he still got the charts, he got drake and nicki, he got CV on the way w some buzz.

        • Kevin Banks

          Nas said it best, “HIP HOP IS DEAD”, but rap is thriving now, these niggas just lie, lie, lie it aint nothing to them it’s all about a dollar. We already know its just WWE for most of these major label artists, they have to follow the label’s agenda and make the type of songs requested otherwise their music will get shelved.

          People need to realize that the power is with the consumers of the product, the people who support the culture. If and when people stop buying the fake shit then the record labels will be forced to either shut down shop or adjust to the market, so the kind of artists we support and the type of music we want is what will come to the forefront.

          I can’t even listen to the radio these days all the music sounds like trash with the same beat and subject matter, songs just sound like commercials for products and 99% of the rappers on are trash! I get on Soundcloud and youtube and there’s thousands of way more talented artists talking about real shit people can actually relate to who deserve but never get that push the machine can give them. Music on radio these days is like you in the club 24 hours a day 7 days a week and granted some of these songs are great to hear when you faded out your mind but you don’t wanna hear that shit all the time or most of the time for that matter of fact.

          DJ’s need to get back in power and choose records not based on whether it’s a single or not but on the actual quality of the song, quality music sells albums, if you have a hot song people will only buy that song but will have no real interest in the rest of your work. These artists today are trying to sell singles instead of albums.

          In a nutshell that’s why we’re still stuck listening to 90’s music because in the mainstream label executives are dictating the music we hear instead of the Artists and the DJ’s and the next generation has grown up on shitty music that’s why all we hear now is a bunch of shit everywhere but it takes artists like K Dot and J Cole to change the game and get rappers back on their pen game spitting some truth in their bars. If you aint got choppers on deck its ok, it’s about your story and how well you can deliver it.

          We don’t need that fabricated shit.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Floyd dawg that bitch tiny the fuck out. That’s why ti hooked off on floyd at the burger spot.

    • MikeUnbreakable Neely

      Yo bitch proli cheat on u wit the cashiet at #Starbucks from all tht #Thotting she be doin the night b4 ol gay ass nigga

      • el jim chapo guzman

        nigga please go and kill youself.

  • PhilLee8

    Shit sound pretty dope.

  • The Incredible Creation

    zZzZzZz i like the hook, well the chicks part..

  • losa

    this song is really good