Busta Rhymes Splits From Cash Money

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Cashing Out.

After three years on Cash Money Records, Busta Rhymes reveals to Sway  that he’s parted ways from the label. He says there’s no hard feelings, but he left due to creative differences. Elsewhere in the interview, he speaks on his collabo with Eminem and Loaded Lux’s slight at Total Slaughter.



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  • It’s Just Music

    busta rhymes will be corny no matter what label he goes to.

    I really don’t get how this guy is considered a ‘legend’? He makes corny songs and raps fast.

    • Dupre

      You sound stupid

      • You can tell someone’s age if they think Busta ain’t a legend…that’s like these young kids saying Dr. J was wack

        • bcro31

          Pray for him. And the rest of the 90 babies.

          • Chronic

            As a 91er right here…not all 90s kids are ignorant of where hip hop came from.

          • yeah

            word, even this being the internet age, and everything you need to know about hip hop’s on here somewhere, and you dont even have to go to the record store, some kids just don’t do their homework and run their opinions like there’s some kind of credibility
            But thats just a point of view from a well versed kid from ’95

    • Graham Entwistle

      – “He makes corny songs and raps fast.” -> You more or less just admitted to never hearing any of Busta’s older work, since he used a much slower style (as was customary of hip-hop artists in the 90’s…) in his original albums. Sure, he still used the same crazy style in the actual delivery of his lyrics back then too, but if that’s why you find him corny, you’re calling a whole array of “legendary” artists from the 90’s, that used a similarly crazy style, corny as well (i.e. Ol’ Dirty Bastard, M.O.P., Onyx, Fu-Schnickens, etc. etc.) — Surely you wouldn’t call of those artists corny, would you? And even if that crazy style doesn’t appeal to you, you can’t completely disregard the fact that a lot of people actually DO enjoy (and are still enjoying…) Busta’s work. Just because you personally don’t enjoy an artist’s work, doesn’t mean that other people don’t esteem him as a hip-hop legend…
      – And no offense, but with your comment, you came off like you’ve only heard a few Busta Rhymes songs from like “2010 -> Now”, and tried making a judgement off of said few songs… – I mean nothing but peace and love, but ya gotta do your research before you debate whether or not an artist should or shouldn’t be considered a legend… -> Go listen through “The Coming”, “Anarchy”, “Extinction Level Event…” , etc. and then we’ll continue this conversation…

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

      com’on man.

      • The Ghost Of Black Jus

        Why even entertain that bullshit?? Young boys in this era say the dumbest shit.

    • 2dipz

      but all yall gotta accept what this comment says is correct as of now. He’s not legend Busta anymore he’s trying to sound like whats right now and catch wind. Whats legendary about that? I know updating with time but he’s too corny with it he’s not him

    • b r z a


    • The Rock says

      Im with you man that nigga aint all that, they hyping him

  • good i knew cash money jus wasnt for him when i first heard he signed with them

    • Elproblemo Djblast

      not for nothng but this is the third label he left, I feel he did great music for hip hop but he needs to let it go, or go on tour and do classics and have leaders of the new school make an appearance he’ll bank alot of money touring over seas

  • PakyedStan

    Pakyed is the GOAT tbh

  • Allah

    The greatest rapper I ever heard was this nigger named Aaron Charles Jackson…He’s doing 53 years in supermax now tho

  • timechange


  • Keith Eades

    Did he even drop an album under them?

    • tipp0183

      did he even drop a song?

      • Hekull

        yes he did

        • tipp0183

          Oh really, whats the name of it?

          • Smitty

            He dropped that Twerk song. Nicki was on the remix. Don’t worry if you forgot about it. It sucked.

          • tipp0183


    • cmonhomiewemajor

      yeah, but it was a Google Play only release

  • el jim chapo guzman

    cash money was never for busta rhymes, busta was being used over there as a tax wright off. about time he smell what the rock was cooking.

    • Louiev


  • Vurbz Fenomeno

    quit crying bus….it makes me cringe when the gods get butthurt about being dissed by mere mortals…the fact that loaded didn’t release that song means that he respected or feared busta enough not to. geez…so sensitive

    • Louiev

      Nah, like Mook said “he was wrong for making it”. Lux shouldn’t have made the track in the first place. & he and Busta were close friends. That’s why Busta was upset, you sound stupid calling him sensitive.

  • tipp0183

    Haha, they turned the background music ALL the way off when the Janet story started.

  • Louiev

    I never knew why he left Aftermath? He should’ve stayed.

    • GreenBergs

      and i suppose rakim should have stayed too..

      • Louiev


    • Dope

      Hmmm… could it be because you don’t get to release an album there?

      Go back a bit, look at the history of Aftermath with their ”secondary” artists and see how many of them have done anything while there. Aftermath was build around Dre, Em, 50 and Game. That’s how they worked, find a beast and unleash it. Of course, they could never replicate Em’s career or 50’s first album later on.

      But everyone else who was there in the meantime got no shine.

      • Louiev

        Busta did release an album on Aftermath, what are you talking about?

        • Dope

          I didn’t specifically say he didn’t release an album, just that he didn’t get the ”big name” treatment. He explained it himself when he left the label.

          ”When I realized that I wasn’t getting the things that I felt that I needed facilitated from the record company at the time…”

          As I said, go trough history of Aftermath and just put all the big names they had and dropped due to unadequate care and then you’ll understand why Busta, Rakim, Bishop Lamont etc.. should have left even earlier and get their shine (though Busta did get it better than anyone else on that ”sidekicks” list).

  • GreenBergs

    damn busta needa hit the gym again asap, what happened to that btw lmao..

  • Dope

    Oh what a surprise.. I am so surprised, man I would have NEVER seen this coming..