New Music: DJ Self Ft. Maino, Vado, Big Z, & Uncle Murda “I Be About It”


Show & Prove.

Rather than talk a good game, Power 105.1’s DJ Self has Maino, Vado, Uncle Murda and newcomer Big Z serve as his mouth piece. When it’s all said and done, we all have to put up or shut up.

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  • .Trillion.

    Tracks dope apart from the drums

  • It ain’t no DJ Khaled tho…

    • NYC Shawty

      thats actually a good thing.

  • onenutned

    new york lives in the south now…smh.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    what ever track maino on it always on some south shit.

  • Int’l J

    Like the pimp said, “quit hating the south” it’s New York own fault they ain’t selling. I’m from South Carolina and I remember when cats were on their game in NY. Dudes like BIG, OGC (where they at?), I remember that Vacant Lot CD was the shit, Rae and ghost, ODB first album Def Squad (Muddy Waters was the shit) CNN, Tragedy Khadafi, Mobb. Yall King JayZ made everything commercialized and backpack rappers and lyricists couldn’t keep up, plus the mixtape game died out. I remember once a year a shitload of mixtapes would be flooding my town and everybody would be on it. That was our connection to new artists. I still remember when X and Cam, Charli Baltimore came out like at the same time. I remember when LL response to Canibus came out, they were all mixtape exclusives for me. Only cat that stayed consistent in my opinion is Cormega.

    Just my two cents.