Kendrick Lamar & Drake Join J.Cole In L.A

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Cold World. mAAD City.

Jermaine brought his Dollar & A Dream tour to a close with two-sold out shows at L.A.’s Belasco Theater last night. After bringing out Drake, he kept the surprises going with the hometown hero, K.Dot. Three for a dollar? Can’t beat that.

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  • DaTruthWillSetUFree

    Only difference between these 3 niggas is one still living in the past…Cole I’m looking at you. We need more music….also you ain’t in college no more nigga.


    • DontHate

      How is Cole still living in the past and Kedrick the 1 always performing them old ass songs. He needs to give us some new music

    • Yamzz

      Yea if he was reaching for the mainstream audience then I’d agree but if you making music for your core fan base then you got to make songs that got you here….fck tryna keep up with the new sound

    • Word

      Cole gave us an album only a year ago. Kendrick hasn’t dropped one since 2012. And PLEASE tell the last College-centric song Cole has dropped? I’ll wait.

      • Chronic

        Not sure if you were trying to say 2 years is an eternity between albums…but it’s really pretty short of you go back and look at the majority or artists/bands

    • SmoothG718

      First off, you sound like a spoiled ass rap fan. The guy basically dropped two albums last year if you add up all the material from the 3 “Truly Yours” & all of a sudden he’s living in the past ? Not to mention him catering to his fans since this exact show was only a dollar for entry ?

      Secondly people like you beg for lots of music in a short time span but will be the first ones to bash it with negative comments when it drops. Great things take time let him work at his pace.

  • poetic assasin

    I usually agree but I have no problem with his strategy- his last album did well and he didn’t give away a lot of music between his 1st nd 2nd. If he dropped a lot people will say he is diluting his sound and doesn’t give people a chance to miss him.

  • The Rock says

    This the best videos yall niggas could get!?

  • PTK

    this trend of bringing out other artists at your show is getting played. i’d rather hear j cole spit over 0 to 100 live than hear aubrey perform the original. if the live show won’t provide something different might as well listen to the radio.

    • Dan Karlin

      Am I the only one who doesn’t think “0-100” is that great? I mean, forget the tiresome remixes. The song is basically an alternate take of “Started from the Bottom”, and is all subject matter Drake has touched on a million times already. I’m a fan of Drake’s, too, but that song is nothing to get all excited about.

      Sidenote: speaking of things that are getting played out, the whole ‘one song that’s actually two songs combined’ thing may want to be given a rest for a while.

      • PTK

        It’s not the song per se. It’s mostly the riff and the ad libs. His rhymes are nonsensical mushmouth as always mixed with a few hot lines. So the excitement is in what another rapper might do with it. I’m sick of the combo songs too.

  • Ryan

    Thes are the best vids I see drake had that bitch jumping it is wut it is he the great one

  • Non Fiction Dixon

    Cole is no longer in the discussion!

    • BEE

      dunno hu u been discussin w and wat topic uv bn discussin

      • Non Fiction Dixon

        Cole is boring and in the way! Kendrick & Drake!

        • Kevin Banks

          Cole is an intelligent rapper he may not be technically as good as Kendrick but his music has lasting power and he tells great stories though sometimes he makes too much music for the bitchez…. eh Drake aint no legend to me but he does have one or two good songs like the 2nd part of 0-100 and Wu Tang forever but he does get extremely corny at times

  • JamesTheNiggaHatingDolphin


  • Mylo

    Young cats I can actually rock with…

  • John Caruso

    “Kill dat talk” Boosie Badd Azz album # TD2CH Dropping Sep 23rd. about to be your new favorite rapper.thats if you got soul.

    • Louiev

      LMAOOO, nobody cares about Boosie nigga shut up.

  • Mikecooln