New Music: Troy Ave Ft. Young Lito x King Sevin “3005”


Back To The Future.

While Troy Ave puts the finishing touches on BSB Vol. 5, he and his cohorts address their haters over Childish Gambino’s single.

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  • jimjohnson

    this nigga horrible

  • He knows about the Troy Average comments loooooooool

  • bigfoot2011

    I’m starting to believe that Troy Ave is an experiment by an advertising company. They want to see if it’s possible to sell a mediocre product (Troy Ave) to the masses as long as u have the support of influential ppl ( Radio, Dj’s)

    • .Trillion.

      Completely agree, he is backed by a higher power and has been all along.

      • wow yall be going to deep on these things. The only reason he is getting backing cos he is the only average rapper coming out of New York. Its just a case of radio being desperate for an NY representative. Higher power my ass lol its just a case of right timing plus majority of the masses don’t care or know who he is lol

        • bigfoot2011

          That’s the case we are making. YouTube has made it where the ppl choose the artist these days vs a label forcing someone on us. This dude has zero songs w/ a million views yet the radio is forcing him on us. They didn’t do that with pro era/ joey badass or any of the other new NY guys like Action Bronson. Something is fishy about this situation

          • those guys you just listed are too raw for radio thats why bro. Troy Average is just average enough to get spins and his not too explicit if not at all. Also if you know the power of marketing the reason he gets millions of views is cos his comments are entertaining and people want to see why his a major topic on the TL. So in other words we’ve created his popularity lol

          • DCFLY

            I can’t believe ya tryna go in on the Troy Ave guy..especially with all the trash ass music coming out now. Guess he right…everybody down with the weirdo tight pants movement. I like the dude..I think he has potential and will grow. Clearly he has a buzz and following, I don’t subscribe to the theory that someone is pushing him to the front.

          • What I just said tho..

          • Zen Abdul-Rafi

            You people are clueless on why they are pushing this guy aren’t Ya’ll? lol

      • Red

        higher power?? he’s not the first average rapper to make it off of grind and linking with the right ppl. those other rappers like bronson and joey badass don’t aim for mainstream but its clear that’s what troy ave is going for.

  • wow

    This shit is wavy! great melody!

    • wow

      o my fault just listened to the original… they lifted the melody… cool nonetheless

  • Zen Abdul-Rafi

    Troy Ave and Bobby Shmurda… Is this the best young talent NY has to offer? somebody needs to do some better scouting….Its not that hard..

  • Matthew Morgan

    B$B mann…yall nights is haters troy ave been grindin

  • SK tha Don

    This is trash. Much like 90% of Troy’s songs, minus the remix that Diddy, Mase and TIP outshine him on. Please keep pushing him on us though RapRadar, maybe one day we’ll think he’s dope.

  • eastny

    bobby shmurda stole all his thunder! watch him try to collab with him in 3,2,1.

  • J_Red

    i think its dope how he address the average comments. give him that W

  • Kevin Banks

    I feel like Troy Ave had a buzz with NYC the Album, the album was quality and the music was good, I had watched some of his music from the bricks in my backpack series and thought he had something, not a superstar but you could keep a few songs of his in your playlist, but since then every song and mixtape I’ve heard from him and BSB since White Christmas 2 is poor, and since people really started putting him on I think some one gassed him up because his ego blew up real fast and he started talking too much shit on records with no good music to back it up, and clearly the nigga needs to stop singing too and get someone with a decent voice on his hooks. He also needs to stop trying to imitate 50 Cent because aint nobody became renowned from clearly biting another niggas style. Sometimes I feel like these artists with potential waste their talent by trying to put too much music out in a short period of time and don’t take the time to really master their sound, message and delivery. I guess an artist like Troy Ave needs to keep blasting people’s ears with new music every fortnight because if they don’t people will forget about them, but if dude just took 6 months to work on his craft and his subject matter, and learn how to be humble, he could be something but as for now his songs are getting more annoying with every release.

    • Zen Abdul-Rafi

      Well said my guy. and actually signing with Hustle Gang or MMG will be a good look. Though he doesn’t have to change up his sound if he makes that move, maybe just blend a couple of those MMG type beats in there. He just needs a decent budget…You can buy 2 radio hits. like you said he needs to take 6 months or so to figure out his formula for a whole project. Look at French Montana a few co signs and a good budget can go a long way no matter your talent level.

    • Savimbi

      Amen sir Amen!!!!

    • wow

      your post is full of hate and jealousy my dude… Once Troy doesn’t follow the advice of some of you struggle rapper’s in these comment sections he will be good. You first say he had something and that you can keep a few songs of his in your playlist, then you say he has no good music. Then you bring up 50 cent but if you listen to his catalog “from the bricks in my backpack series” the comparison doesn’t warrant him being called a biter because he has his own thing as well. Then your mad he’s being consistent, is it because you can’t keep up I don’t get it. Finally you close with the Hustle gang and MMG thing but for 1 he hasn’t signed a deal so who knows where he ends up, and secondly if they are giving him the money and platform to “bring ny back” then why not? Your emotions are all over this post. Lots of jealousy etc etc. Get in the studio and make your music so you won’t have to be a another struggle rapper in a comment section.

      • Kevin Banks

        I’m just a fan of good music and I want to see Troy Ave succeed but I feel like his trajectory is currently headed in the wrong direction so I just gave my opinion. It seems your comprehension skills are lacking, I said all the music he has put out since white Christmas 2 is not better than the music he put out before he was a XXL freshman, no jealousy just honesty. How is this song bringing NY back when you compare it to the likes of Nas, the Wu Rappers (GFK, Rae, GZA.etc) Jadakiss, Cormega, Jay Z, Papoose, Lloyd Banks (FNO), Joey Bada$$, MF Doom,Kool G Rap, Notorious BIG?? He said he wanted to be a legend is legendary music? It might pass now because currently the standard of rap is not as high as it used to be but I still listen to 90’s rap mostly because MC’s were really beasting then and if you want to be a great people are going to put you to the test. This is not great music it’s sub standard and the fact that you are defending it means you are either just blinded by fandom or you are probably from NY and what’s hot now is Bobby Shmurda well if that’s the bar then yes by all means Troy Ave is on his way to legendary status but if you are used to driving Rolls Royce’s and Bentleys then riding the bus won’t quite cut it for you.


    Why the hell does the recording sound so poor? This is bad.

    • wow

      This is a stretch… i guess your young guru?

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    Fantastic melody, space, and minimalism 😀