G-Eazy Performs On ‘Seth Meyers’

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G-Eazy made his late night debut 48 hours ago on Late Night With Seth Meyers. Killing two birds with one stone, he performed “I Mean It” and “Far Alone off his debut These Things Happen. Download here.

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  • Who is this kid I kinda liked the performance but his really nothing special lol

  • cA


  • aaaa

    Blacks cannot complain about whites in hip hop. Accept that they can do whatever they want because they have you by the nuts and all you want to do is fit in with them.
    Meanwhile, whites would never let you into their country clubs and they kill your brothers and sisters. Keep silent brainwashed minions. Puppets.

  • The Incredible Creation

    can’t help but think that “they” (mainstream media or the “powers-that-be”) are trying to put “white-rappers” in the forefront of hip-hop… i mean shit, look at Iggy.. she ain’t the best but is being praised like she is in an attempt to put Nicki in the background…? Not trying to make it a “race” issue at all but its so obvious.. -_- http://alltheparticulars.blogspot.com/

  • jsmooth

    Yee! This go! Im finna download. Bay stand up!