New Video: Onyx “TURNDAFUCUP”


Good Shit.

A hit of whatever, causes this fiend to turn up a whole ‘nother level in Sticky and Fredro’s new video. Directed by Rome York and off the duo’s latest, WAKEDAFUCUP

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  • L Train

    As usual onyx does it again! Good shit

  • static

    ayyy this shit raw…. im a cop this for sure.

  • Mike Markidis

    good stuff!!!

  • Jake Zero

    It’s a tricky one for sure. They definitely deserve a shot but hip hop is so fickle man. Where is this song going to be played? And by whom?

    The audience they once had will now be in their late thirties and early forties and are in now way trying to turn the fuccup.

    I don’t know where they can go from here.

    Listening to this song, no one can say that they aren’t keeping it Onyx, but more important than that, I think they need to keep it real… With themselves:

    • Mack

      Thank you internet comment section rap critic…maybe you should just see it for what it is…a good song

    • TeF

      Nevermind the reply comment, your point is perfectly valid. I’m 30, and grew up with these guys and rocked with that slam dance shit. But at this point in my life I’m not stomping in the club with Wakka, 2 Chainz and those cats, I have nothing in common with that. So it’s weird to me that these cats who are older than me are still trying to cater to an era of their lives that is long gone. Decent song, but it does prompt a bit of sadness.

    • This song isn’t for the 30+ obviously. Hence the visual of an adolescent TURNINTHEFUCUP not some old ass nigga LOL Good song for a 2014 ONYX. Period.

      • Jake Zero

        If it isn’t for an ‘older’ head, then the song will definitely be lost in the water because the soundscape is fundamentally outdated. No one will be listening to this track. Onyx need to seriously rethink their approach to what they are making at this point in their lives.

  • el jim chapo guzman

    Fredro ain’t nothing but a fake thug.

    • mack

      Are you sure? and are you also the real El Chapo Guzman, Mexican drug kingpin?..If you are him and not a clown using his name, we appreciate you coming on a rap site to point out who you feel is not a real thug…Thanks for being a guiding light

      • el jim chapo guzman

        You can’t fuckin read you dummy as you can see it not el chapo guzman it with a capital letters EL JIM CHAPO GUNMAN respect it.

  • Goodness Gracious

    I love Onyx, but we need Sonee Seaza to get with the reunion.

  • Cignature Sound LLC
  • Salute to the legends. QUEEN$. #TIMELESS

  • Toni

    Dope track, Onyx latest album had a bunch of dope tracks on it…