Behind The Scenes: Lil Wayne “Krazy”

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Psych Ward Weezy

Tha Carter

Although there’s still no official date for Tha Carter V, Lil Wayne already has videos in the can. Here’s a behind the scene look at his clip for the upcoming short, “Krazy”. Directed by Colin Tilley.

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  • Mike Markidis

    song is weak…drake needs to tighten up his ghostwriting game he keeping the heat for himself

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

      not the best one. U really think Drake Ghostwriting for wayne tho? smh.

      • Teenage millionaire

        Nah his not wayne got bars but Wayne’s 32 …, multi millionaire probably spends time snorting coke and fucking

      • Mike Markidis

        no proof but hes been rapping throw away drake verses for a minute now i thought getting off the sizzurp would help but…..

        • Gullible dummy

          • Mike Markidis

            a true gotham hero of the people would never speak to a citizen in that manner…you have to be a fake!

      • GreenBergs

        cannot b good, when he replies, means what you said has truth to it

    • el jim chapo guzman

      Wayne freestyle all his shit.

      • Mike Markidis

        sounds like it… hova got everybody messed up when he said he dont write,some rappers need to write shit sounds sloppy…theres only one jayz

  • So no influence from Real Slim Shady video as well huh? Ok. Cook.

    Not a Wayne fan but I want to hear what he has to say on #CarterV after a HORRIBLE #D5. Tis why he got more complex with his rhymes schemes (Thug Cry, Believe Me). Whether they are his or not is to be determined LOL I don’t doubt they aren’t. “Seance the ROOM!” – Push #TIMELESS

    • No dumbass, none! I’m almost sure Wayne has smoked & drank the real slim shady video from his memory. If anybody was responsible for any references to it, it be the director Collin Tilley. And I highly doubt he was thinking about that shit either Stan! Stop acting like Em is the holy grail cuz he’s white like you. He’s dope as fuck & one if the greatest just not the greatest.

      • Nigga what? LMFAO You on dust.

        1st off, I’m Black/Hispanic.
        2nd, I’m pretty sure Real Slim Shady 1st video/single off album & Krazy 1st video/single both being in a psych ward aren’t a coincidence & you bring up the director as if the artist has no input on what’s shown visually.
        3rd, I shouldn’t of even put those two in the same sentence but it was just a random thought, silly me.

        • Yeah shouldn’t of done that bro. My bad I thought u was another Stan throwing Em’s name into the convo with no relevance. I also heard even Wayne’s halfway intelligent ass has wrote many video treatments over the years. I still don’t believe it’s influenced by Em’s video though. I think it’s more so influenced by the fact that its called Krazy therefore it’s in an asylum. Which is also very uncreative & unoriginal.

  • Teenage millionsire

    Wow. …. His worst single from this project. … Who are his advisors ???? They must read rapradar and every website that pans his poor music ? I’m worried for his album if this is a single and I’m a fan

    • Donn

      If anybody made business moves based on what some kids say on a message board they go broke. He’s not trying to reach anybody he has a loyal fan base. He will do just fine

  • el jim chapo guzman

    the album will be push back at list 3 time. this krazy shit is garbage Wayne need to come better then that.

  • koa29

    who picked this as his single? Smh…Should’ve fully pushed D’usse with the video treatment and all. That song was hot. Believe Me as well. Krazy just derailed the promo cause it sucks and now they’re shooting a video for it too? Bad choice.

  • The Incredible Creation

    zZzZzZzZzZzZz Do better, YMCMB… -_-

  • Carlos Danger

    not feeling this single if this what carter 5 has to offer he can keep it and i think the guy is nice majority of the time..but he gets lyrically lazy at times.