Big Sean, Fabolous & Troy Ave At EBC Game



Harlem street ball was in Brooklyn last night for the annual EBC Celebrity Basketball tournament at the Barclays Center. Before Wale’s team took home the chip, the game featured performances from Big Sean, Fabolous,Troy Ave and. Rowdy Rebel. Also in the house was Kendrick Lamar. Check out more clips below.

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  • Zen Abdul-Rafi

    Here I am again being forced to Troy Ave lol. Since hes being pushed so hard to the masses, I hope he figures shit out get in the right situation and heats up.

    • wow

      Your a troll son… this blog shit is voluntary. Skip the post and move on. Your in every Troy Ave post with hate.

      • Zen Abdul-Rafi

        You Biased ass nigga. Simple minded taking shit for face value ass nigga. Praying that this nigga can be the great hope ass nigga. Troy Ave isn’t hot. Its not just Rap Radar pushin tho, Its every hip hop platform I see. this AVEage rapper is being forced out there,and im not the only one that feels that way.Tell me why Mickey Factz is from NY and ya’ll don’t support him like niggas do this nigga Average.

        “I Cantroll everything with honesty you bird ass nigga”

        • Bret The Hitman Fucking Hart

          I agree this nigga suck he need to get hit with this Sharpshooter.

          • Kanan

            Fag ass nigga with a fake wrestler page. It’s obvious u had no father figure growing up

    • Selorm Amuzu

      How are you forced to check a rapper on a blog post tho lol

      • Zen Abdul-Rafi

        Fab is one of my favorite rappers and I had to click on some Troy Ave shit due to him being pushed so hard.

        Forreal tho my nigga I rather listen to Cory Gunz..


        • Buc Nasty

          Yayo got some gems.

          • Zen Abdul-Rafi

            Facts. He still type trash though.

        • Smoothg718

          Did Troy Ave fuck your girl or make fun of you win you were little ? Thats what is sounds like…

          • Zen Abdul-Rafi

            “That’s what IS sounds like” huh?
            I don’t understand do you mean win or when?

            You slow Troy Average fans lol.

            And actually unlike the REAL Troy Ave “Haters”, I’ve said before he really just needs to get a better budget and figure out his formula to making above average songs and albums.

            But I’m a hater for saying hes getting forced out to you NY in need of some hope ass niggas.

            I fuck with New York and most of all new york rappers.
            But you niggas reachin hard with this guy when he aint ready.

          • LuckyP

            troy def hit one to some of his bitches. niggas be touched under these posts like the shits mandated

          • Zen Abdul-Rafi

            Yup that’s the reason lol

        • Puppet H

          Fab is my favorite rapper, he helped bring Troy Ave in the game. And Fab brought him out here. You weren’t forced to listen to TroyAve. You can listen to Blanco

          • Zen Abdul-Rafi

            I’m forced to see the name Troy Ave.
            They don’t have a rapper post blocker on this site, I’m sorry.
            Why can’t I leave a honest opinion and yet still have a positive perspective on how he can actually become less average?

            that’s trolling?

            My bad that one word outraged niggas lol

            Same niggas that talk about the imagery and the Illuminati being forced upon us but yet click all the content about it,
            But crucify me for saying hes being forced to the masses to bring back hope. Okay i’ll take the L.
            Stupid niggas.

          • Puppet H

            Bruh, you’re not taking an L, you’re just making something out of nothing. Are you saying you didn’t want to see Troy Ave in this post? If he didn’t perform, he wouldn’t have been shown here. Look at the title, it shows TroyAve name last behind Sean and Loso ‘Big Sean, Fabolous and Troy Ave’. You’re just being a hater for no reason, that’s why everyone is going on you. I don’t even listen to most of his music but if Fab, Pusha, T.I, Jadakiss, Banks, Diddy, Mase etc cosign him, then he’s putting in work. Troy Ave gets L for copping 50 Cent’s flow and he’s a hater. It’s just awkward that you’re hating on him, when the media are doing nothing wrong.

          • Zen Abdul-Rafi

            Bruh I see this nigga way to much on here.
            and I’m not “Hating” when its the truth is he aint that hot and i actually give decent opinions on how he can improve cause he can actually pop a lil bit with the right scheme.

            its not about the media is doing something wrong but he is being pushed way to much tho, some of that focus can be on others.Mickey Factz just dropped a very solid mixtape and hes from NY, yet I don’t see him on here , See what i’m saying?

          • Puppet H

            I’m understanding now, I’m never on RapRadar that much and the only reason I showed up here is cause of Fab. Even on the Related side on the right, I’m seeing 3 posts of Troy Ave. Also I think it’s awkward Troy Ave has the video first on this blog post. I definitely see it now. RapRadar is pushing Troy Ave too much.

          • Zen Abdul-Rafi

            but yeah I’m done. I didn’t really make something out of nothing though.. other niggas that replied to a comment on a post that was lacking comments or any activity made something out of nothing. just look lol..

  • J_Red

    BK should come together n start a movement. They got everybody heating up right now. Troy Ave, Loso, Shmurda etc. They would get nuff backing and support. and it would be dope af

    • Buc Nasty

      Proof that New York is supporting the wrong rappers. Brooklyn got Troy Ave and Shmurda now (lol), talk about falling off. I love NY rap but y’all too dumb to see what’s good music. Y’all are happy with some average shit. New York got better rappers but y’all supporting the wrong ones.

  • Cmon Son

    French was there too showing off his jumper. Shit was lit

  • tipp0183

    I wouldn’t claim these fools even if they were my children.

  • The Incredible Creation

    Nobody was checking for Curtis Jackson Jr. at all lol -_-

    • Zen Abdul-Rafi

      You see how I atleast created what appears to be comments.
      Troy Ave and his the people that are spending money on his promotion needs to salute real quick, while I’m over here getting called a troll and shit lol.

      • The Incredible Creation

        They just need to go back to the drawing board or give it a rest lol he might have been a little more hotter for a lil bit more time if his pops ’50 Cent’ didn’t son him, make a “return” and get G-Unit back together… *shrugs*

  • radio raheem

    Many fail to remember Drake been bodying shit since pre and after throw it in the bang :(…