Childish Gambino Taunts Drake, Kendrick & Schoolboy Q

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Calling Out Names.

Childish Gambino had a “Control” moment at his concert last night in Australia. During a freestyle, Gambino name checked Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and Schoolboy Q. Chances are he didn’t mean any disrespect and was just caught in the moment. We’ll probably receive some explanation before week’s end.


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  • Zen Abdul-Rafi

    Gambino is witty with the pen…but he don’t want problems like that lol

  • raphael

    gambino IS a problem though..

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

      a problem? you’re using the term too loosely

      • Adrian Hernandez

        Isn’t your come up Macklemore? I would love to chat with you about this rappity rap shit whether it be on my show or not.

        this nigga is a problem so chill with the shenanigans

        • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

          My come up? How the hell is Macklemore my come up? Ur reaching for the sake of being cheeky.

      • Raphael

        musically bdot. he is problem. his last project is just as good as those people he named. to me anyways.

        • tits

          Because the internet was trash and this nigga comes with trash raps all the time “you play this song at abercrombie when your work is finished” GTFOH wit dat shit you ninja turtle ass nigga

        • Ghost Of Len Bias

          You’re right, these fake ass purists wanna hate because he’s the face of a movement they don’t understand.

      • Guest

        Jerk. Don’t hate

  • tits

    This cat has like 2 decent songs in his career. Stick to acting with these lame ass sophomoric lines.

    • Ghost Of Len Bias

      He had 5 decent songs on his EP, you crazy bruh

  • Los

    This guy is a clown looking for attention

  • el jim chapo guzman

    GAMBINO go ahead and make a name for self. Fuck that light skin nigga.

  • Donn

    Fuck any nigga talking that shit just to get a reaction

    • Guest


      • radio raheem

        Did you just copy my amen from a android ?

    • radio raheem

      Amen 

    • CocaineGigolo

      Wait my nigga are you serious…Do I need to bring up the fact kendrick just did the same thing

  • johnvincent

    As long as Gambino is part comedian, I’ll never take any of these so-called shots seriously. And I say this as a fan of screen-writing and stand ups, but dude definitely is taking an L as a rapper living this double life.

    • TeF

      Taking an L how, the dude is quite fucking successful, he really doesn’t even need to rap, he’s paper’d up, he does it because he love it. The problem with Hip Hop “fans” is that they are afraid to grow, a talented writer, actor and comedian can’t be taken seriously? Why? Because the game is already filled with actors and comedians pretending to live a life they aren’t built for? When I see rappers like Childish I don’t see a clown or comedian, I see honesty, from what i’ve heard, this cat raps his actual life, and does it quite well, that’s some shit 90% of the rappers who are “hot” right now aren’t giving you. Rappers like Rick Ross get a pass? That’s wack to me. The problem isn’t that Hip Hop ain’t dead, the fans just got stupid.

      • TeF

        *The problem isn’t that Hip Hop is dead, the fans just got stupid.*

      • johnvincent

        Never once did I say this guy isn’t successful. Period. Of course he is. He makes more than most emcees in the game now from his gig as a screen writer and actor. But yes he’s definitely taking an L .. Cause when you mention that you’re gonna take somebody’s head off and then the next day act as an awkward, black guy in a dry-comedy. It makes even harder to take you serious.

        Yes his content is real, but that doesn’t take away the fact that its corny. It might be brand expectation on a marketing stand point, but most of his songs to me sound like an extension of his musical he’s writing.

    • Damien Rome


      • johnvincent

        I don’t know about all that lol I fuck with Bambu heavy and a majority of his content is more revolutionary and about the people.

    • Michael Ibbett

      [email protected] double life….yeah hes a real Peter Parker for performing a few different kinds of entertainment.

      • johnvincent

        Talent wise as an entertainer, he’s crazy impressive. He’s more of a Bo Jackson lol I’m not taking that away from him. But its hard for me to think of him trying to stir up aggressive/beef like content when I’m gonna watch his stand-up and crack up at a joke of a grandma trying to beat him with a walker

  • SpaceGhost

    Dude is super talented. I bought his album on fluke earlier this year and was shocked. I literally bought it only because I wanted give some new a shot, so I went on Amazon digital and saw dude’s album and bumped it for 3 months straight. Of course there are some joints that get no play in the whip, but he was much better overall than I would have imagined. As for him dissing Kendrick…….NO DICE…..Eminem is even shook of him (and he should be).

    • Fistacuffs

      Check at that Royalty mixtape to bump in your whip.

  • Lucky Lefty

    I don’t see the issue. Isn’t that how he’s supposed to feel? I’d be disappointed if my favorite artist didn’t feel like he could bite these rap niggas’ heads off. Only time will tell if Gamb can live up to the talk, but I respect his confidence.

  • TA

    He should stick to writing songs….

    • tits

      He should stick to writing tv shows and leave the hip hop to people who can do it

  • Allah

    All three make sub mediocre music…Hip hop been dead!

    • tits


  • The Rock says

    I see Gambino mixes in some standup comedy during his performances, thats wassup

  • wayne

    whack ass freestyle

  • TeF

    “We’ll probably receive some explanation before week’s end.” Why? I woudn’t explain shit if I were him, Kendrick didn’t have to explain Control. Besides, Bino has worked with Schoolboy and Ab. It was an off the top verse, let him get his rhymes off. I do know this, people need to stop sleepin’ on this cat, son is fearless, and dope.

  • tits

    This nigga Gambino acting like on 3005 he wasn’t doing his best drake impersonation on the hook and kendrick impersonation on the verses.

    • Ghost Of Len Bias

      He been singing chill

      • tits

        That just mean’s he’s been biting

  • jsmooth

    I can see Gambino elevating his skill, but to against Drake & Kendrick.. I just gotta see him reach that level first.

  • Sam Robilotta

    that was actuallly a sick performance

  • jjj

    All of them be pussy niggas lol… PUSSY NIGGA BEEF

  • Muluken Hova

    Well his career is over nice knowing you pal heard burger kings is hiring

  • Moss Da Beast
  • Carlos Danger

    well he not going at nobody like Kendrick he saying he’s better and he’s allowed to think that but he’s gonna get jabs coming his way..but was he on it cause he look like he tweakin lol

  • Dashing28

    UMMM….the internet is funny. It was clearly an off the top freestlye not some preplanned attack, but I’m sure Gambino will take the exposure.

  • DenCO

    This is hip hop. Nobody should ever let up. Everybody should be aiming for the top. Gambino doing just that. I don’t see nothing wrong here, lets keep it moving…

  • radio raheem

    its so sad how Drake is obviously very clearly winning.. attempts like this only make you look dumb lmaooo

  • radio raheem

    I heard he said he was top 5 :(… did he mean on earth ?

  • mars
  • Tony Young

    They said nigga 100 times

  • Ryan Rhodes

    Childish Gambino is not only a better singer than Drake he’s also a better rapper and entertainer. His wordplay is better, his subject matter is better, his flow is better and he’s just better lyrically. He’s funnier he wrote for 30 Rock, has a new show coming out, did stand-up and was on Community.Both are extremely talented but Gambino is better. I will say Kendrick is a better rapper than Gambino but Gambino is more versatile with his music and he’s just altogether better than Schoolboy Q. I’m a fan of everybody he named but he is better than the guy’s he named in a number of ways. Stop sleeping on Gambino he is a problem.