• The Unit coming strong and as much as I hate to say it, if they’re looking forward to doing numbers like they did back in 03 and what not then they’re sadly mistaken, they’ll never be that big again. Great music to my ears though.

    And on an unrelated note, what we DO need is Game and Fif to reunite. They compliment each other well… Like jelly and peanut butter.

    • TRUTH


    • Donn

      Cocaine And Waffles

  • Zen Abdul-Rafi

    G-Unit is setting the bar for this week! Who else gonna drop some heat?

  • smale45

    maaan. this just has that good feel to it.

  • Your Father

    Shit sounds so dated.
    They do know it’s not 2003, right?

    • Dope

      You do know there was much more good music in 2003, right?
      And that 2003 sound is about a thousand times better than that 2014 sound, right?

    • Killyoself Asap

      Who gives a fuck what year it is? Good music is good music. Thats what the fuck wrong with you fools.You think rock bands like Metallica fans only give a fuck bout they new shit lol?

      • bcro31

        Preach man.

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller


  • el jim chapo guzman

    Gggggggg unit ain’t stopping….niggas claim fif is on some 2003. It’s cool keep hating on fif and watch the money piled up.

  • Putdown2pickup6

    This has to be the gayist shit I’ve heard in some time. FACK these clowns.

    • the-Lebron-curse.

      This is the Internet you can say FUCK. Fuck boy

  • LOL

    they are now running this G-Unit reunion to the ground, outdated tracks like this isn’t gonna help either.

    • the-Lebron-curse.

      What the fuck are you talking about outdated?

      • LOL

        shit is boring as fuck dawg, they rap about the same bullshit over and over again. ok nigga we get it your a hustler, but where’s the substance at?

  • ERIQ D.

    Smooth. Good vibe music here.

  • Hot Nigga ’98


    • Killyoself Asap

      Nobody waitin on that weak ass arab but you. Seriously, kill yoself

      • bcro31

        You hurt that Niggas feelings.

        • Theodore Pendergrass


      • Hot Nigga ’98


    • Rumando

      BOBBY SHMURDA is hot off of a old Lloyd Banks song! FOH

      • Hot Nigga ’98


      • Elproblemo Djblast

        you really gonna argue, dude is a little kid, I bet he claims to be Hip Hop but doesn’t know his history. That is the problem with hip hop box heads like this dude don’t appreciate the classics instead they call them outdated. They don’t even want to know where certain songs come from they probably don’t know want a sample is. You don’t hear people talking shit about old rock music they call them icons and legends and if they do come out with a new record and it wasn’t that good they don’t disrespect them because they know what they did for the culture. This generation don’t know shit about hip-hop

        • Kay


    • yeah

      How the fuck did your comment get bumped that many times? Bc shmurda is ass.

      • bcro31

        He keep hitting that little up arrow. Nobody likes French Montana that much, not even Khole.

      • Mylo

        That’s just ms real talk trolling…

        • Balla

          That dumb nigga got about 10 accounts and be on every G Unit post

      • iseerashonal

        Shit like that makes me wanna fqde away from hiphop…i cant be associated with all the fuckery

      • Hot Nigga ’98


    • Joshua Pugh

      Bobby shmurda one hit wonder…bet

      • Dwight Stewart

        cant even call it a hit LOL we’ll see if anyone actually buys that shit

    • Uncle Tom

      Autistic looking nigga I will smack you and make you give me your ebt card

    • LOL

      G-Unit is outdated, but Montana and Shmurda ain’t the cure for NY.

    • 57 guest votes? yall do realize this fuck nigga is fixing upvotes dont be fooled

      • Hot Nigga ’98


        • lol FOH u really think niggas would choose french montana and who the fuck is bobby shmurda anyways im dead serious i have yet to hear one of this niggas songs

    • SmoothG718

      What 60 people would agree with this dumb ass comment ? Are we doing paid upvotes now ? One more question, who made you the streets spokeman, you DJ Khaled ?

    • Get Moneynigga

      Who gave yo pussy ass over 60 likes…it had to be yo bitch ass…Bobby Schmurda got a hit off a G Unit nigga,Lloyd Banks…”Jackpot” in 2012 off V.6 Mixtape lil nigga…do yo homework after you do yo homework you lil fucker

    • LOL dis nigga said shmurda… Im done.

  • Free Slowbuck’s Chain!

    You niggas is slow you got to catch up
    Your business savy you got to step up
    You move like a hoe i dont understand ya
    Til ya eating the cheese ratting on camera

    Slowbucks gonna be feeling some type of way. Gonna be mad subliminals on ig and twitter all day I imagine.

  • SD #ash Tag

    Fuck the numbers. Everything they’ve put out sounds like some vintage unit shit and as a fan that’s what I wanna hear.

    • Zen Abdul-Rafi

      fuck the numbers? I bet you wasn’t saying that when 50 was making niggas pay attention to the numbers when he was shittin on niggas lol. he been putting out good shit tho.

      • Anthony Kelley

        Only dudes moving Units is Em, Pimp Juice and Us, – Jay Z,
        kills me how people talk about 50 like he was the only one talking about numbers. Jay was doing it way before that.

        • Zen Abdul-Rafi

          Jay still doing numbers though. and 50 actually did interviews breaking shit down. Jay just had a couple slick quotes
          Now tell me another Jay line talking about numbers the way 50 used to.

          • Dwight Stewart

            women lie, men lie numbers dont lie

          • Zen Abdul-Rafi

            And he still doing numbers so him and his fanbase dont have to switch opinions.
            and that slogan started getting poppin AFTER 50 made it a trend to go by numbers honestly.

            I also think that was more a jab at Wayne and Birdman about Money numbers not sale numbers.

            Off rip theres a difference between the acknowledgement of doing numbers and actually sitting down on camera and break shit down and breaking other peoples careers down with numbers like 50 used to.

            and every 50 fan was going with it but NOW those same 50 fans saying FUCK NUMBERS lol

            I’m a 50 and Banks fan though, just keepin it real.

          • Anthony Kelley

            don’t matter what you saying point is its ok when other people do shit but when 50 do it its a problem. Jay may be moving units, but to date Jay still hasn’t outsold 50 in terms of total numbers and sales, 13 million out the gate, 10 million, 8 million and on and on, so he has just as much of a right than Jay to speak on that shit.

          • Anthony Kelley

            only rapper who has outsold 50 globally is Eminem, and look how long Fif was in the game, all Im saying dog is it cant be fucked up for 50 to do it but ok for people like Jay

          • Zen Abdul-Rafi

            You’re kinda missing my point that wasn’t even directed at you in the first place lol.

            Thats cool I really don’t care about who started the “Lets pay attention to the numbers” trend.
            I still look at the numbers just on a lower scale.

            I’m just saying alot of 50 Cent fans are now saying FUCK NUMBERS. but when 50 was talking that shit years back it was a different story with these fans, you know the ones saying “fuck numbers” or totally dismissing in reference to 50s last album that just flopped.

            Just pay attention to it.
            If the G Unit album flops, its okay. even if they do less 50k first week. Is that okay for somebody like 50 or G-Unit?

          • Anthony Kelley

            and you are right though about the Baby and Wayne line cause they always talking about bread, but always getting sued for studio time, jewelry bills, wigs (nicki) taxes (wayne) smh. They always talking about all that money and he said they had baby money

  • Cignature Sound LLC
  • PTK

    They make it look so easy.

    • bcro31

      Too easy. Lol

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    G-UNIT = hot music.

  • Rumando

    The doors are open for the unit to make a strong musical comeback. MMG rappers are beefing with each other, Drake is the only rapper making noise in YMCMB musically and rappers are leaving GOOD music left and right. If they keep putting out music they can do their thing like old times!

  • ::(

  • johnvincent

    Let’s continue to cherish the fact that the reunion came out of nowhere and it sounds like they never broke up. They’re giving us FREE dope music. Ya’ll hating too much. Plus I rather take an “outdated” 2003-type of track over a majority of what’s been released in 2014.

    • SD #ash Tag


    • Kay


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Its funny how some dudes on here say this track “feels outdated” hahaha. Yet when MMG makes repetitive music you got no issues with it. G-UNIT is making HOT music 6 straight songs are FIRE. I bet MMG or YMCMB cant do that.

    • bcro31

      That’s there way of saying they don’t like it. Even though this song is flames, 8 of 8. Perfect way to start a Monday.

    • LP1087

      Ain’t that how sposta’ sound .vintage. Living in the matrix/moment ass nie99as,….gon be ashamed once they get older that they entertained this bullish ass era…..brainwashed

    • SD #ash Tag

      At least I know a few peoples brains and ears still work right together. GGGGGGGGG UNIT

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

      Nah this shit fire. Feel good music

    • ok

  • .Trillion.

    This shit is dope, i swear the people hating have forgotten what good new york hip hop sounds like

  • NYC Shawty

    This sounds like them old G-Unit radio mixtapes. I like it.

    • Goodness Gracious

      Hell yeah. I said the same thing. It feels like 2004/2005 all over again.

  • Buc Nasty

    Merrill Lynch-ing in the mall, I’ll blow ya pension. – 50 Cent

  • $₱₳ṝ₭≳.

    50 verse was Reeeeeetaaaaarrrrrdeeeeeed!!!!!!

  • Allah

    Jesus is a rapper !

  • tessa

    this is a good track if it was released in 2003/4. You can use older tracks but this track is too obvious and has been used soooo many times. I personally have liked the songs they have done when rapping over another emcees beats. Gotta get some beats from Drakes producer 40 cause they rapped on it harder than him. I do personally want to see G Unit prosper, even though 50 is so annoying. I rate Young Buck hopefully he can get some interest to release another album and maybe if Lloyd banks stays away from “on fire” type tracks and raps like he does on mixtapes, I would be happy to hear a new album from him too.

    • Dwight Stewart

      “this is a good track if it was released in 2003/4”

      fuck outta here with that shit. if it’s good it’s good. i know you would rather hear em on some southern trap shit but dope is dope. 2003/4 was a hot year for music give me that over 2013/2014 anyday.!

  • disqus_SJNSg4LMQI

    That Merrill Lynch bar though.. First 50 quotable in some time.

  • Afro Mendi

    Is Kidd Kidd officially a G-Unit member ??

    • Dwight Stewart

      obviously. i mean hes been on like every new song they put out. think it’s safe to say hes in.

  • Matthew Morgan

    Yall some young dumb listeners….smh keep dropping hot shit unit

  • LP1087

    Is either a bunch of young ni99as w/ a bad representation of what hip hop due to this era or a bunch ol’ muuughfuckas that’s been brainwashed….due to this era that don’t like this sonically

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Rick Ross and MMG 15 minutes is up.
    By the end of the year Animal Ambition will surpass Rick Ross’ Masterflop sales.

    • MMG Pleather

      its probably wont but that doesnt really mean anything, its all about SKI and the G-Unit album. 3 albums should definitely outsell Officer Ross.

  • HipHopObama

    Sounds like Curtis wants his “Forever King” style back from Troy Ave.

  • Rob Lo

    This shit is ASS….these niggas washed and boring……

    • .Trillion.

      Says the known 50 cent hater lol

      Track is fire and reading the comments on different sites, most people agree.

      • Michi Beck

        Says the known RICK ROSS hater

  • @SxlxJxnes

    Kidd Kidd pisses me off.

  • Michael Ibbett

    So this is an original song then? Their first

    • Dwight Stewart

      their first since the reunion yes

  • @SkiYewNiverCity

    If this shit is outdated ill take it over the now, this shit bangs and niggas just forgot how to listen to music. G-Unit released like what 6-8 single tracks and all of them bang!!!

  • tupa

    HOT !!!

  • Song title is so relevant, 50 fell off in public perception at least, & since summer jam he been making his way right back to where he was at. 6 for 6 with these G Unit songs, Power might be the best shit on TV right now & that Street King deff gonna be fire.

    • Get Moneynigga

      I agree…slowly but surely 50 and G Unit gettin back on they shit remix’n hit records creating a buzz…MMG is doin what? YMCMB still makin noise but they don’t rep the streets…G Unit always made street related music from 50 Cent Is The Future to Return Of The Bodysnatchers

    • Free Slowbuck’s Chain!

      bruh this is like 9th g-unit song since the reunion, so you missed out on 3 of them freestyles

  • Yamzz

    I just can’t respect the unit…these dudes really ain’t shit without 50 and he’s proving that in every song that’s been coming out. He shitted on them then backed up his shit talking with 6 fire songs…he like Lebron to the cavs in 07. Only problem is he be thinking Kid Kid is Kyrie lol

    • Get Moneynigga

      [Sniffing] Dog you smell like a hater…Go kill yourself

      • Yamzz

        Na far from that…you listen to buck and banks? They goin in on every song…but they haven’t been pushin shitttttt 50 came back in the picture and now all of a sudden they want to put out good music…can’t respect them dudes as individuals if they let that happen

  • Moss Da Beast

    Meek Mill – I dont know remix Ft 2pac prod by Honorable Cnote http://www.audiomack.com/song/moss-da-beast/meek-mill-i-dont-know-remix-ft-2pac-prod-by-honorable-cnote via @mossdabeast

  • Carlos Danger

    just a nice joint..everybody went in…50 got a nice verse.

  • Seanblax

    This is the G Unit I like… Killing old school beats with they own swag

  • Goodness Gracious

    Yes!! it feels like 2004, 2005 all over again. Another W for the Unit.

  • blackHippy

    shoulda ended the song wit a jada verse! woulda killed this shit!

  • @OneManBeats

    French Montana & Bobby Smurda Collab? BLANK STARE*

  • hostage

    damn son, I’m feeling better just after a listen. Thanks !

  • mars
  • radio raheem

    PLK !!!!!!!

  • radio raheem

    Enjoy the Free Premiums while its here

  • b r z a

    this is dope

  • My Name is My Name

    I remember 50 said, at the end of some song before??, “when they singing, we’re shootin’, when they’re shootin’, we’re singing” Nice track to ride too. Just keep grindin’, ain’t shit else to do.

  • segun odutola

    Fiya!!! Takes me back to the 90s

  • Gage