New Music: Gucci Mane “The Odd Father Intro”

the oddfather

Bars Behind Bars.

Gucci has just released his latest project, The Oddfather. And from behind G Wall,  he sets the tone with a collect call. Want more? Then download it now.


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  • Carlos Danger

    that boy gucci mane ain’t playin with y’all bitch ass his fans should be happy…this boy goes in..another weezy with the work ethic.

  • Mr. Putdown2Pickup6

    DAMN, surprisingly this was pretty MUTHAFACKIN DIPE

  • el jim chapo guzman

    gucci is on fire like it or night..son lock up and running this shit behind bars..

  • DesiJatt

    guwopp most underrated rapper

  • smoss44

    pollution… this nigga is what’s wrong with hip hop. keeps spewing out garbage making a fool of you slow D+ student ass niggas. tons of songs but their all basura. what’s one song from this trash spittin nigga you remember? so icey? fuckin absolute garbage culture vulture. gucci mane is what has all these dumb black men thinkin they to can be trash, freestyle all on the mic, say shit that don’t sound nothing like english and other dummies will eat it up. here today gone tomorrow

    • Id rather have these lil niglets making dumb sounds on the mic than in the streets actually doing what they claim. Loosen up a bit bro it ain’t that deep.

      • smoss44

        so you telling me you rather a dude be fake on the mic. if you talk about poppin shit, pop shit! foh

        • … and this guy right here people. Is why so many young black men are lost lol

          • smoss44

            I’m lost but you have another MAN as your avi? a man whos authenticity has been in question numerous times? dude seriously stfu! everything about you is lost you fuckin sheep

          • 1. People who call people sheeps are usually the sheep. 2. why you getting aggy lol 3. Im a Ross fan and find it funny to play him on disqus 4. Never said I was any better than you 5. The point was I’d feel much safer on my streets knowing all the niglets are somewhere in a studio chasing a lost dream than have them in the actual streets terrorising innocent people. If thats what you want then you sir are truly the sheep. Amen MMG

    • REALLY23

      U a clown. Gucci makes high quality street music. #Truth

      • smoss44

        aka dumb nigga music. aka I only got Fs and Ds so I can relate music. foh with that high quality bs. nothing he does is high quality except his covers. which are not done by him

        • BEE

          what d fuck u talking bout Fs and Ds, u insecure or wat, boy make some sense.

          • smoss44

            exactly… you too dumb to understand wtf I’m saying unless it was spoken to you. Fs and Ds are grades you inbred piece of shit

          • BEE

            I know wat they are grades, im just saying ur not making any sense u cant possibly tie school grades to one’s perception of good music. You are the dumb dumb shit here dude.

          • smoss44

            slow mafia… you niggas clowns. real hip hop lol ok gucci nut huggers

        • Chronic

          Don’t let all the trolls piss you off bro. What you’re saying makes complete sense but ignorant people ain’t never gonna listen

        • REALLY23

          How is it dumb nigga music? Because u say so… C’mon bro get over yourself…

    • Mark

      This as close to real hip hop you gonna ever hear if you don’t like it turn on the radio and listen to Drake and all the other white washed garbage the industry pushing

    • Mark

      Hip hop always come from the street love or hate Guwop or Chief Keef and the likes at least it real the industry pushing the real garbage and it started after Biggie sold 10 million units and they realized there was real $ to be made off of rap! Then came Nelly and the death of Rap!!!!!!!

    • bruhmane

      Who are you to define hip hop bitch?? Nobody!!!!! Either the way it go he got more money than you ever have and he locked up….do not try to blame hip-hop and the way it has changed on these parents that neglect their children because with everything that is coming on to it television and social media networks you need to be talking to kids anyway about what they see and explain right from wrong the reason these kids are so bad it has nothing to do with what they see on TV or hear in music its child neglect…

    • GreenBergs

      dudes like this, chief keef , bobby shmurda, lil boosie , inspire young dudes to try n rap n get off the streets…

  • dreadhead

    That’s speaker knockerz cover from finesse father wtf

  • Von

    Yo if Gucci did a real deal album like this (Not over the phone) meaning way more introspective.. I could get back with it. State Vs Radric Davis to me is his closest to that.

  • Epul

    Gucci been locked for almost a year and he dropped more material than Jay Electronica.

    • Nasty

      Lol damn son Jay Elec coming now that he has Farrakhan supporting him

  • free Gucci

    Gucci burr hell yea guwop on a roll

  • REALLY23

    Gucci, Boosie, Yo Gotti, Rocko and Scooter should do somethin’ together, but I know that’s impossible…

  • Michael Ibbett

    Lmao at this….sad part is people will like it better cuz its a muffled offbeat, whispering mess…cuz “hes spitting this Shit while hes locked up” ..”real Shit” lol gtfoh

  • The Incredible Creation

    alright, Gucci-Gu.. it might just be a wrap for you, bruh…. trap-rap is fading away..

  • lovehiphopdebate

    gucci is the best street trap artist

    • ahiphopheadsince92


  • BEE

    Greatest tRAPPER Alive

  • Judge Joe Dredd

    Can’t help but root for Radric Davis, even if you don’t like his music. He is who he is….