New Music: Joe Budden x Ransom “Vietnam”


Good Morning Vietnam.

Now that Joe Budden and Ransom have put their differences aside, they put their bars side-by-side on their long-awaited collabo. From Jerz to Southeast Asia, Cám ơn, guys.

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  • evan

    Hiphop period!! Joe goe in cuz aint a battle rapper held his own tho but hollow cant make musik like joe

  • kareem

    That Mood Muzik 2/3 shit!

  • Coby


  • true story no lie

    Would love a mixtape or ep. Respect to joe & ransom they had funny diss records. Now they moved on good shit.

  • Michael Ibbett


  • Zen Abdul-Rafi

    Summer heat!


    Big Homie your corny taglines aren’t the least amusing.

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

      i laughed

      • Judge Joe Dredd

        Cause you buster, are a cornball.

        • Bootney Lee Farnsworth

          Now, that’s funny.

  • Guare456

    Ransom destroyed joe on his own shit tho

  • bryan h

    who produce this beat??


    A-Team!!!! Where is hitchcock!?

    • Kyle Pacheco


  • ERIQ D.

    why do I feel like Saigon was gonna jump on this

  • ERIQ D.

    Okay, Joe loss to! but let Hollow make a record like this! he can’t

  • el jim chapo guzman

    dope shit jersey city on the come up sice hollow got joe budden hot…

  • LOL

    now this is hip hop

  • T-Rink

    If anybody truly believes that hollow made Joe hot, you need to go back to elementary school and re learn everything you have ever learned about life, because you sir are an idiot. Joe gave hollow more shine than he will ever receive for the rest of his life. Hollow is an actor. Joe is a hip hop artist. The difference is truly night and day.

    • Cmon Son

      Lol he definitely made him hotter right now though. Definitely.

  • T-Rink

    People just jump on this site with their sole intentions being to hate on BDot. If you don’t like the site then visit another. There’s thousands of hip hop sites online. You dudes look thirsty as fuck. Get a life, or job, or some form of reason to live. You can’t be so miserable that your excitement is combing through every post on a website, searching for any errors or things you personally don’t like just to run your mouth through a computer screen. Grow the fuck up and as soon as you do, #killyourself.

    • Seriously

      Yo what in the world are you talking about?

      • T-Rink

        Look through every post on here. People troll every single one just to hate on bdot. He can’t post a single story or song without people actin like he smacked their mother. There’s gotta be more to their life than that lol

  • Jake Zero

    I leave em full o’clios like the moon blocking the sun! ©Ransom

  • johnvincent

    This just brought me back to like Mood Muzik, On Top, Triangle Offense days. Damn I missed hearing Budden spit like this.

  • mars
  • jay

    Rans hottest bar was bitten from immortal tech

  • mersy91
  • brittanygerhartz

    i don’t get it. didn’t joe press charges on ransom?