New Music: Metro Boomin Ft. Future x Young Thug “Chanel Vintage”



Over Metro Boomin’s production, Future and Young Thug give us something to pop our collars to. Off the producer’s upcoming 20 & Boomin, but the single is available now on iTunes.

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  • Popularity in the top producers as of right now goes…
    1. DJ Mustard (I feel he has the best chemistry with YG & Kid Ink)
    2. Mike WiLL Made-It
    3. Metro Boomin (He MURDERED the beats that were on Ludacris’ #IDGAF mixtape)

    Now as far as this song goes… I’d rather chew glass than to play this track EVER again. -_____-

  • Balla

    Two of the most garbage ass niggas out there on one track, i knew this was trash before clicking play

  • el jim chapo guzman


    • Killyoself Asap

      Same reason I did mane. Just to hear how terrible it would be. these new rappers are comedians to me

  • Killyoself Asap

    LOL what a joke! So this is whasup now huh? its cool to not be able to rap on muthafuckin beat n shit. All you hipster faggots that jock this weak ass shit need to killyoselves. Now when the fuck is that Gunit tape droppin?

  • smoss44

    blame gucci. two of his biggest spawns yet! that nigga embarrased the game, made all you flunkies eat it up so now when you hear these throw up versions of him you think hmm not that bad. shitty shitty music

  • Viva La Raza

    that production is banging..

    but Ive never heard Future sound so bad..fucking horrible.

  • Bighustle

    Admittedly, it gets better after that first verse. If I was a regular user of designer drugs, dressed in a lot of Chanel, and had a significant amount of money in general I’d probably like this song a lot more