• Michael Ibbett

    feeling this a lot for some reason…this and the budden ransom shit is the best 2 songs on here in a while…..shoulda checked this song sooner

  • Dre

    Dope but I just can’t take Mob Deep seriously anymore after Havoc was hell bent on convincing everybody Prodigy was a faggot n a snitch last year smh…Lox always dope

    • lox

      is the for real? haha i dont remember anything on that

      • lox


  • insight3000bc

    kiss, hav and p went in, beat is dope

  • PTK

    Mobb Deep got another one. Why can’t the lox bring it like this all the time?

  • cain45

    old school ny trying to make a comeback

  • Hussle

    Let’s keep it real. This is weak

  • Theodore Pendergrass


  • Muck Diesel

    Im a die hard Mobb fan but Mobb Deep marketing hella late.