The Breakfast Club Interviews Kirko Bangz


Careless Whisper.

While in New York, Kirko Bangz was back this morning with The Breakfast Club. Before his audio becomes inaudible, he discussed the delay of his debut Bigger Than Me, Drake comparisons, and past relationships. If you can, listen up.

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  • mr tally

    he was spitting some real shit in that new record called rich

  • Carlito R

    You would think a big station or should I say a big show like The Breakfast Club would have a producer watching the vocal levels on the screen so he can signal the artist to talk louder into the mic.

  • This mic volume/untrained mic etiquette problem has been happening for the past 2 MONTHS of interviews, B.

    Get your SHIT together, Power. Make a nigga not even wanna click play. Deadass.

  • 476231

    AND another interview where the audio just isn’t right. Someone train one of these mf’ers to watch the audio levels.

  • Bruh Breakfast club mic techniques make a nigga wanna watch Hot97. Seriously

  • tipp0183

    Thats a big ass Houston Oilers tattoo.

  • The Incredible Creation

    for what tho? let me find out lol… ( -_-)

  • erickkkk

    what shades is he wearing!!