Lil Reese Arrested On Gun Charge

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Lil Reese was arrested last night for felony possession of a firearm and is being held at the Cook County jail on a $50,000 bail. This isn’t Reese’s first run-in with the law. He plead guilt to a 2010 burglary charge. Then in 2013 he was booked on trespassing, battery, as well as auto theft, which was later dropped. This that shit we don’t like.


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  • mello

    i always thought that this nigga had the longest neck in the world….

    • Luh Crim’Menal

      he got that toys r us neck bruh

  • James Dean

    100 post about nothing starts now……

  • Word

    I’m so shocked. There’s no way our law abiding, stand up man of the people Lil Reese could ever be capable of brandishing weapons. Something must be—haha who am I kidding? You guys might as well report on water being wet. These kids can’t stay out of trouble long enough to form a meaningful career. Fuck ’em.

  • Luh Crim’Menal

    these niggas be tryna go to jail before they album drop now… first Meek now Lil Reese cup

  • Michael Ibbett

    Lol isn’t this the dude that beat the shit out of that bitch cuz she said “they ain’t stop making guns when they made yours nigga” haha

  • Epul

    I hate to sound like that one guy but… All that money and he couldn’t post bail on 50 stacks?

    • yeah

      “All that” might be exaggerating a little bit. Keefs net is only 250k and you know Reese hasn’t got it like his big brother soooo..

      • Epul

        Idk if you know how bail works but you don’t pay the 50 grand at once.. Max B posted a 2 million dollar bail and he didn’t even have a record deal.

        • Michael Ibbett

          You dont pay the 50 grand at once? Will you explain what you mean by that

          • Real

            When you pay bail, it’s essentially asking someone to vouch for your return to trial after being arrested (It can be your money or someone else’s money, but you need another person to physically free you).

          • Michael Ibbett

            Lol..I know what it is…but the way he said it doesn’t make sense

          • Yo

            Idk about all states, but as far as I know you can post 10% of the bail up front & get released. 50k = 5k so what he’s saying is, dude really doesn’t have 5k at any given time for bail but expects us to believe he’s rich?

          • Michael Ibbett

            To a bail bondsman…but you gotta have someone with a bank account and a legitimate income cosign for you…im sure he’ll get out…it says he got arrested last night

          • Epul

            You didn’t understand the concept of not paying the whole 50 grand at once?

          • Michael Ibbett

            The 50 grand does get put up at once though lol…your at once, is what I wasn’t sure about

          • spliffffffffff

            your an idiot 50grand bail = 5 stacks. you never pay all that money. the youth today. smh

  • REALLY23

    that nigga neck long af in that

    • ayo


    • [||]

    • cannon

      that nigga neck look like a pez dispenser lol

      • REALLY23





  • el jim chapo guzman

    long neck Giraffe lil Reese just can’t stay out of trouble.

  • This dude was on that Noisey eps talking bout this. Noisey the feds

  • 2dipz

    Free any man tryna better off his fam and stay safe.

    • Kingly_Caracter

      So not Reese…?

      • 2dipz

        Reese fall under that, He’s obviously trying to better off his fam if he’s rapping. Rapping 9/10 is a mode of bettering your family if you a street nigga. Cause 10/10 of niggas in the street don’t give a fuck about where they end up when its said and done. Its all about momma, sisters, cousins, and trying to not be a waste of life nomore thats why we gettin so many gangsta rappers now then in previous years, but do to their past or present they gotta keep guns cause in gang bangin you just can’t say i dont wanna play nomore. Thats not how it works, I know theres probably no sympathy for a man who glorifys murder or glorifys violence at all in your mind but i’m telling you thats it all situational a lot of these niggas did it or are doing it to for survival and are born into it. If don’t learn to be shit you not gon be shit.

  • focus

    lil niggas is stupid,, they made it in music and still doin dumb shit

  • johnvincent

    is it cliche and corny to say that you can take man out of the hood but not the not the hood out of the man?

  • Kingly_Caracter

    This nigga must have had it hard as a kid….Could you imagine NEVER being able to win hide n seek because of that neck. Poor kid. I get why he’s so mad all the time.

  • static

    long neck with short money still locked up… can even post 50k with his long neck peaking out the windows in jail like i guess i am broke as fuckk….

  • The Incredible Creation
  • LOL it’s expected that these niggas gonna carry guns on them. So when they run in with the law they gonna get checked smh

  • Katrina Ewing

    His neck look nasty its too fuckin long