Wiz Khalifa Brings Out Drake In Toronto

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Get Ready.

Wiz Khalifa brought his Under The Influence tour across the border to Toronto this evening. During his set, Drizzy turned up the Molson Amphitheatre with a performance of “Started From The Bottom” and “Trophies”. Looks like T-Dot’s more thanready for OVO Fest this weekend.

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  • ty4

    the 6 is hyped #ovofest

  • ty4

    I wondered why drake kept putting out new music.. he kept dropping free song after song about 2 months after his album dropped I guess now it makes sense so he has a new set list for ovofest..
    won’t hear me complain… keep em coming drizzy

    • yeah

      Yeah he’s dropped songs in the summer for 3 years now. Always look forward to it.

    • Ken

      Realshit bruh that nigga be workin

  • Sina Mailer Daemon Djavadkhani

    Wiz’s music is slowly maturing… Drake is clearly way smarter as an artist though.

  • Sean Power

    it not even an surprise any when drake comes out at toronto show its more of shock when he doesn’t

  • fjjgfjfjgf

    haha wiz so hype nigga be high and feelin all the energy x100

  • Von

    Niggas leave Wiz out the new legend category but he is not to be slept on s far as star power. No he’s not lyrical miracle but the boy is out here… glad him & Drake can rock out. I want more collabs though.

    • t

      Legend? Never.

    • Brian B.Dot™ Miller

      I dont like the term new legend. it’s too much too soon. altho i do Too early i think Drake is on his way. give him another 5 years or so.

      • Von

        Fair enough.. only been 5 years since SFG, I like this transitional period though.. seeing who’s going to sink or swim lol.

      • The term is necassary because without it, the idea of a J.Cole or Drake becoming or having the potential to become a rap legend like a Big L or a Nas (randomly chose two) would be non-existent.

        I think Cole made up the term just to get everyone out of thinking no one will ever touch 2 Pac & Biggie which is a bad mentality to have.

      • zzbat

        gonna have to agree with B.dot… cuz as of now drizzy been in and poppin for 5 straight years…
        you could say the same for Nelly during his run… Ja rule during his.. even 50 cent and The Game… maybe even T.i.
        rap turns to a new face for that rap superstar role every few years…
        exceptions being jay nas eminem wayne kanye
        in a couple of years I do still think drake is gonna be the one to join that exclusive group

      • cannon

        what do you consider a legend?

      • Jake Zero

        The only NEW legend is Bobby Shmurda!

      • Xc

        10 years is being a bit arbitrary. Hov was a legend after Blueprint that was 5 years after RD. Not saying Drake, or Cole etc. are legends, but it dont necessarily take 10 years. One GREAT album after a 5 year run of quality could solidify an artist, tho.

  • Drake is not quite Legendary yet but he’s def on his way. If he continues with quality hip hop and fresh R&B beats, he’ll stay on top, killing the singles http://triggerbeats.com

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