Jay Electronica & Jay Z Cover ‘The Final Call’


Nation Of Gods.

Extra, extra, read all about it. Two weeks after shutting down the Brooklyn Hip Hop Fest, Jay Electronica and Jay Z are front and center on the cover of this week’s edition of the Islamic newspaper, The Final Call. Depending on where you’re from, this ranks up there with having your own street or wing special. You can read the cover story here.

On a related note, Elect called the Elevated Places podcast last Thursday and discussed his affiliation with the FOI and his performance. (59:45 mark)

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  • Cmon Son

    Today’s Mathematics = Knowledge + Understanding & Cypher or Completion.

  • AppleJAX

    What’s this, another dumb religion?

    • Do The Knowledge

      You’ve never heard of the 5% Nation & call something you don’t understand dumb? The joke writes itself

      • AppleJAX

        Ah yes right, the reverse racism religion.

        • marty mcfly

          The concept of reverse racism by Lauryn Hill explains (like many other black people have explained in the past), why the reaction black people have to centuries of slavery, the KKK and lynch mobs, the Jim Crow and Minstrel Show era, the civil rights era, the unjust practices of american culture from the prison industrial complex to the manufactured war on drugs to social injustice, etc… Is not reverse racism. Black people actually have a long list of reasons for feeling some kinda way towards white people and it would be unintelligent to know your history, look around and see whats going on and actually live the effects of what the conditions of generations left before you have left and you think everything is just all good. Not even white people are raised like everything is just all good between white people and black people. That to a significant degree is just not realistic.

          • AppleJAX

            How about, get the fuck over it!!

          • marty mcfly

            Because since thats your attitude thats why I dont “get over it”.

        • Sad World

          Wow please tell me that you’re under 18yrs old.


    I’m not a Muslim but Hip Hop is soooo Powerful world wide that the artist that are $ucce$$ful could be doing a hell of a lot more to make society in general a better place!!! Young kids now days will not listen to their own parents & Grandparents but believe whatever comes out of their favorite rappers mouths as REAL & The Truth no matter what it is that’s being said!!!!!

    • cannon

      Real talk

  • Zen Abdul-Rafi

    “My momma introduced me to the scripture
    The channel 4 news introduced me to that shit that produced Hitler”

  • And this is news now? Welp!

  • cannon

    why hasnt jay z made a real conscious album? we deserve that from him. i see he diggs conscious rappers like jay electronica and dead prez (supporting the movement) but yet he doesnt make one full album about real shit. when he said “If skills sold, truth be told, I’d probably be lyricly Talib KweliTruthfully, I wanna rhyme like common sense
    But I did five mil, I ain’t been rhymin’ like common since”
    dope line real slick ill admit but then its like hol up??? you know the difference between right and wrong and yet you support the evil? hmm

    • winner

      American Gangster is fine enough for me

      • cannon

        Oh and to me american gangster was not that good I think kingdom come was better than AG personally.

    • marty mcfly

      Jay z has made more conscious songs then 95% of the rappers in Hip Hop culture. Start from Reasonable Doubt and stop at Magna Carta and look at how many songs are “conscious”? You say Jay “supports” evil? “Support” is the perspective you see it from. Id say Jay is only responsible for his own actions and others are responsible for theirs. I have never heard Jay once “support” evil in the his entire career. If he talks about him being a hustler, that would be him talking about his personal life. Thats not necessarily “supporting” evil. From the start of Reasonable Doubt he talks about the life of a hustler and in almost every verse he gives you a sense of having a “conscious”… People think these kids out here hustling are just pure “evil” with no conscious? No, these are actually people too and they have families and have life experiences like everybody else thats good and bad. Jay for the most part has made that case better then most. Like the other comment directed at you, speaking on American Gangster. Thats not just an album of mindless gangsta music, this is somebody who’s actually intelligent explaining to people the inner workings of a hustlers mind. That in itself is “conscious”.

      • cannon

        Your right brah Jay z paints the picture of a hustler he goes in depth about the streets and I respect how he tells it…shit hes the best rapper alive! but theirs more to life than hustling. I guess the perspective of consciousness I was talking about was talking sense into this generation (like mos def or dead prez)getting these kids hip to the world and maybe even current events that are happening now at this moment. Ive heard enough bragging of jay z being a great hustler lets hear more cuz I know jay knows some shit we dont know anyways wit his rich illuminati ass lol

        • marty mcfly

          But there is and has always been more there. When people say Jay only raps about hustling? I question if they even really listening. I get what your saying but there is sense in what Jayz is saying on records and alot of times when you try to talk sense into kids in the streets and you say hey ya’ll should do this and that… and they say yeah but how much paper you got? The reason they ask that question is because if you trying to preach to them, they want to know if you have reached some kinda level of success. In their mind success equals alot of money because to them alot of money equals freedom. Jay’s perspective reaches people in another way cause its from the perspective of being in their shows at one point. Its not like Jay was the preachers son.

          • I hear what you saying and agree with most of it. I peeped almost every jewel Jay dropped & for that matter Nas as well & I’ll never be ashamed to say that these two educated to me through music. I say that to say although you’re right about what I’m speaking on is more something of Jay Electronica’s nature if Jay Z were to do it it would reach more people which is why its needed. I feel Jay is so smart he could make a club record that’s as conscious as one of Jay Electronic’s best conscious songs.

            All I’m saying is I know its unlikely that Jay would drop a super conscious album but it would be nice to see. American Gangster still one of my favorites though.

          • marty mcfly


          • Konshens The Mc

            this has been the most intelligent conversation ive ever read on any post between two people. Thats dope… #respect and I agree with both of you @disqus_5WLJUfoXxE:disqus and @disqus_2BbHxlLwB1:disqus #peace

        • marty mcfly

          Id say people should tell Jay Electronica to hurry up and deliver the kinda conscious music you looking for. Jay Z at this point has spent a quarter of his life making not just gangsta rap but “conscious” gangsta rap. He did his job for Hip Hop already and when you listen to shit like Oceans from the album he just released last year. There is a very in depth level of consciousness still present in Jays music today.

          • This is Jay Z we’re talking about. He has a few conscious songs in his catalog like “Say Hello” or “Black Excellence” (chose randomly) but he can & should make a whole Conscious album esp with all that’s going on in the world today. Not saying it has to be a gloomy ass album but hes smart and a great lyricist he can do it and still make it be great.

            Hip Hop is different from when he said

            “Ya’ll niggas got me really confused out there
            I make “Big Pimpin” or “Give It 2 Me”, one of those…
            Ya’ll hail me as the greatest writer of the 21st Century
            I make some thought-provoking shit
            Ya’ll question whether he falling off”
            Hip hop is ready for that.

          • marty mcfly

            Yeah but the “consciousness” level of an album is based on opinion. I could say American Gangster or Magna Carta is a “conscious” album and somebody else could just say no its not. So its all based on opinion. Jay has made alot more then a few conscious records in his catalog. The reason he may make something for the club is because those are people too and they have supported his career. Is somebody studying rocket science more deserving of Jays attention then the person going out to the club tonight? Not necessarily. However the American Gangster album keeps getting brought up because it is a whole conscious album. Is it not? I’ll be back later….

          • marty mcfly

            And again, I think what someone such as you are looking for is along the lines of Jay Electronica. Jay Z speaks for the hustlers for the most part because that is who he is at his truest essence. Im sure he could drop more knowledge about what he means by “chasing Yakub back in the caves” but just by him opening the door to certain things, he’s leaving you the key to go through it whenever you want.

          • marty mcfly

            Jayz – “Im the true and livin, book of Hov, new religion, 8th wonder of the world, alien superstition”… He’s leaving you jewels fam

      • Shizuoka

        Most deff just listen to Beach Chair.., one of his most conscious records

    • BruhPlease


  • poetmm .

    Jay E and Jay Z on the cover of final call. SMH whats next Kim K and Kanye west

  • .Trillion.


  • Jake Zero

    I need me a copy at once!

  • el jim chapo guzman

    True story 98 percent of black Muslim brothers In the United states converted to Islam in prison.

  • Allah

    Jay Z is the most conscious rapper out…Its about the total, complete song not certain bars…Listen to “Lucifer” off black album…none of your so called “conscious” rappers are fucking with that…

  • Allah

    Fard Muhammad is not Allah…Nation of Islam is fraudulent…

  • Allah

    Elijah Muhammad is not the ‘apostle of Allah’…Nation of Islam is a scam…



    Depending on where you’re from, this ranks up there with having your own street or wing special.



    ………..HA!!!! YOU EAT PORK, NIGGA!!!!